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Eva realized her mistake at this moment. She had been too tempted by her wish to one-up Draco for the humiliation she had suffered these past few months, although Riveting Night and Young Girl Eva had warned her against it.

In fact, this feeling of humiliation stemmed more from her Amaterasu side than her Eva side, as the Goddess had her nose up to the heavens. She never really did kinky shit with Lucifer unless she was asked for permission beforehand.

As we all know, Draco doesn’t ask for permission, and Eva doesn’t care anyway. However, Amaterasu did, and therein lay the problem.

Now that she was vulnerable and about to have her asshole penetrated by a donger bigger than an industrial PVC pipe, Eva was clear-headed. She had seen through all her faults and understood the cause and effect of her actions.

At this moment, Eva desperately wanted to beg Draco for forgiveness and explain everything, but this Time Deceleration Domain prevented her from doing so. Also, that evil look in Draco’s eyes was testimony that that fellow wouldn’t stop anyway.

Eva trembled spiritually when that giant thing was pressed against her small hole. Luckily, her Tier 5 Body of Godliness allowed her muscles and various canals to stretch endlessly without causing pain, though Draco was still considerate enough to conjure lube.

“Eva, I know that this isn’t you. It’s the Amaterasu in you that’s doing all this.” Draco stated with a serious expression.

Eva was shocked, astounded that Draco had identified the problem so quickly. That’s her Soulmate for you!

Now, since he knew the truth, he should be sparing her, right?

“However, I know no other way to purge her evil from your system except through this, so you have to hold on!! Also, try to survive this without going mad.” Draco added with a smile as he pulled his hips back.

Eva cursed deep down, knowing her fate was sealed!

She could only brace herself, for something far bigger than winter was coming.

Nothing in this world… no, in this universe, could have prepared Eva for the moment that Draco thrust his hips forward, penetrating her butthole all the way to the brim, even coiling her large intensities around.

Draco had specifically released Eva from the domain’s effect. As such, Eva felt the raw sensation that was delayed smash into her at once, and her body began to shiver.

The fellow, meanwhile, remained still, his 3x boosted dick getting repeatedly squeezed by Eva’s unwilling canal in its futile attempt to push it out. Eva continued to twitch and shiver greatly for about a minute nonstop, until her body eventually became lax.

Her eyelids drooped like those of a high stoner, and her tongue rolled out as her saliva leaked. She looked no different from an overdosed vegetable patient.

From her canal came a gush of her ‘nectar’, which was – as usual – just pee. Eva remained like that as she continually sprayed out her ecstasy, lasting about 2 minutes.

Draco did not move or alter anything at this time. He wanted her to complete her orgasm and rest for a bit, rather than prolong it with thrusting. Once his Soulmate showed signs of having recovered a bit, he pulled his hips back and pushed in with a mighty movement.

This was enough to forcibly wake Eva up, as her eyes bulged and her teeth clenched. She gripped the soil tightly, as if holding onto it would grant her a new lease of life.

Draco moved slowly for this part, making sure to match his speed and force with every thrust, which was easy with his control over his body. Eva shook every time he reached the depths of his thrust, and relax when he pulled out to the entrance.

Like this, he didn’t have to wait long before her eyes dropped once more and her expression became silly, her vulva twitching ferociously as she released another spray that lasted slightly shorter.

Once again, Draco patiently waited for her to be done. When Eva was panting, her mind frayed and put under load from the sensation, he continued.

This time, Draco used a medium tempo, one that was moderate in strength and speed. It was the average speed most males used during sex, and the effects on Eva were much better.

Her eyes bulged, and she gripped the soil for sure, but with every thrust came a strange throaty cry from her lips. It should be known that under the pressure of the sensation, Eva couldn’t even speak, much less think.

It only took a minute at best to have Eva spray out her climax once more, the volume and duration reduced significantly this time, as she had already released twice before.

Draco gave her time to come down from it and catch her breath, something Eva was – shockingly – grateful for. Then again, such was how the human mind worked under stress. There were many cases where one would genuinely thank their oppressor for ‘kindness’ shown after suffering extreme abuse.

For his next session, Draco used fast movement. His speed and strength were high, and the slapping sounds make from when the flesh of his thoughts hit the flesh of Eva’s own was loud and sensual.

The slick movement due to the lube and the pulsation of her anal walls too made an interesting sound, which her soft and round ass began to tremble from the strong movements, bouncing up and down.

Eva was sexy for sure. She may not have the huge, fleshy mounds of Zaine or Hikari, or the round, perfectly shaped buns of Roma, but her shape was not to be underestimated.

It was mostly due to her height in proportion to her body. Eva was the same height as Draco, and she had a slim torso that was lined with a 6 pack. Coupled with her hips that were slightly wide for her height, this created a shapely curve of her body that would tempt most men into slim girls.

Of course, as stated earlier, Eva’s sexiness will always be suppressed and overshadowed by her beauty, which made one not want to profane her. Only Draco could look past it and lust after her so despicably.

Now, the fellow was thoroughly enjoying himself with her canal, starting to feel the bite as well. Draco was surprised he would be so aroused using this method, but it seemed like he could only last one more round before busting.

As for Eva, she did not last 30 seconds of this quick tempo. She once again released a spurt, though it was only one shot and just a lot of twitching from her clitoris and vulva instead of the usual showers of mercy.

However, despite that, her climax actually lasted longer overall now that she had no liquid in her bowels. Draco noticed she only came down after 5 minutes, and this time she almost didn’t seem to be able to recover.

Eva was on the brink. One more round and she might end up mind broken, which was not what Draco wanted to see. However, if she used her control or bloodline, she would recover back to perfect shape immediately.

That begged the question; why didn’t she?

Well, it should be obvious, shouldn’t it? Draco and Eva were not called two sides of the same coin, Soulmates, or the Evil Duo for nothing. Their synergy and synchronicity were unmatched in any universe.

They would do ANYTHING for each other and could understand each other easily. How could Eva have fallen for such a trap? Was there not a way to easily read Draco’s mind and know what he was planning for her?

Not to mention, what Time Deceleration domain?

How could such a thing stop Eva?

If Eva really wanted to break out of this, it would be child’s play.

Likewise, Draco would not be 100% averse to letting Eva have her way if she wanted.

However, rather than allow his Soulmate to peg the shit out of him, Draco would rather just use gender swap potions on both of them if Eva really wanted a taste of being a man during sex. It was less gay that way.

Naturally, Eva was ‘suffering’ under this ‘punishment’ from Draco.

Oh how ‘terrible’ and ‘repentant’ she was!

Drooling like this, Eva’s mind was about to be ‘broken’ and ‘shattered’ for real!


Draco smirked and placed a hand on each of Eva’s firm buttcheeks, rubbing both of them gently. He then pulled back slowly, and got ready for the final round, in which he would go at ludicrous speed.

When he thrust forward, he pulled back so fast he almost left an afterimage before plunging in again. Draco was now pumping his hips at the speed of a man who was about to finish, but he was only getting started.

Eva continued letting out strange sounds with every push, that could only be described as a cat’s attempts to speak the human language angrily. Draco himself began to sweat as he was beginning to really feel it this time.

Eva was clamping on his rod super hard, and he was enjoying both the sight of her tiny hole taking in this oversized member as well as the sensations coming from his donger as he defiled his soulmate.

Draco’s veins began to show on his neck as he raised his head to the skies, his thrusts starting to become disorganized as he felt the pang in his abdomen. Heat was rising from within, the special liquid slowly and snakily climbing up his shaft until it came near the exit.

Once it had aligned itself satisfactorily, it burst out like a python pouncing, spraying from Draco’s glans like a water jet.

“Hnnnggg!!” Draco moaned slightly as he blew his load sequentially, heavy volumes pouring into Eva with each convulsion.

Eva herself twitched with each load that poured into her rectum and colon, the heat and the potency of the semen triggering her ovulation despite not being in the right area.

This was the terror for Draco’s semen. Even if you weren’t fertile or ovulating, that tyrannical sperm would beat your womb up until it spat out a satisfactory egg for it to impregnate.

Draco finally came down from his huge orgasm and panted, slowly pulling his dick out from Eva’s canal. The moment he did, a wealth of whitish fluid came speeding out of her ass and pouring onto the ground below, causing the grass to become greener and grow higher in length.

After all, it was a mix of the genetics of Dragons, Demons, and Devils after all. The kind of vitality contained within was even able to make random weeds experience evolution.

Draco panted and returned his donger to normal size while he admired his handwork, which was Eva’s hugely gaping hole that was shuddering. It was big enough for him to fit his arm through, telling of how much Eva had been played with this time.

Soon, Eva’s hole returned to its normal size as semen still leaking slightly, but she was able to recover and push herself up from the ground. With wobbly legs, Eve rose to her feet and wore her robes once again.

She glared at Draco who shrugged arrogantly, then snapped a finger. Immediately, the Time domain crumbled and released all those within. Qiong Qi and Luxia were still fighting, Clarent was still face down, ass up and the two Elders were looking on silently, wondering if they should interfere.

When they saw that Eva, who had been previously charging at an incapacitated Draco, was now standing opposite him, they trembled. They instinctively knew that something had happened in this time, but not what.

Qiong Qi and Luxia stopped their fight when they realized that Draco and Eva’s situation had changed, but they were at a loss at who won and who lost.. Draco simply smiled without revealing anything, deciding that its best to let these fellows continue to wonder what had happened in futility.


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