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Guild Wars – Chapter 689: (2/2) Does Cultivation Never End?!? Bahasa Indonesia

Without any suspense, they easily broke through to the Tendon Refining Realm. This was done by consolidating all the improvements made to their muscles at once, finalizing the cultivation of it.

Picture it like this, it was like a clown at a festival wrapping up balloons together. Level 1-10 of the cultivation realm is like taking a new balloon and weaving it around the other.

Breaking through is like when the clown pulls two ends, and the things suddenly tighten and become its final shape, a nice little horsie.

You could also use string to picture it, like tying a knot.

They were technically still in the 10th level of the Muscle Tempering Realm. Cultivation was not automatic, but a manual process. Until they actually put Qi into their tendons using the method they had, they had not begun ‘Tendon Refining’.

But for all intents and purposes, you could say that they were at Tendon Refining Realm level 1. Now, though, it was time for the Evil Duo to baptize themselves again.

This time, their Martial Spirits fired 2000 gobs of Origin Essence, reducing all Serpent God/Goddess of Light Inheritance costs by 20% and increasing all power by the same amount.

In just a month, the Evil Duo had achieved a total of 30% cost reduction and power increase on their most important bloodline Inheritances, and this applied to the real world too!

This was essential, as the lower they could reduce it, the more likely Draco could use Nuwa to create the Qi Stones. Right now, the costs were too high for him to even create a feather.

Heck, he could hardly manifest even his Advanced Techniques of the Inheritance, stuck with the basic ones for so long. But this would change everything, allowing them to be more powerful before breaking through to Rank 4.

As such, they continued cultivating right away. Draco had many things on his plate, like learning the specific crafting alchemy and other Tradeskills of this world, so he could replicate them in Boundless and then replicate them on Earth, but he dared not leave the cave.

They had to absolutely use this chance to raise their realms and enjoy the bloodline benefits because it was more important than anything else. Those side things could be acquired on later floors, as the storyline would continue until Floor 40.

So, like two endless black holes, they sucked in Qi from 9th grade Qi Stones piled like a mountain. Draco occasionally had to use Refinement to create more of them using the Inner Universe, they would bring them out.

Of course, he kept a few behind in case they could not replicate them in the Western Fantasy section. However, that had little importance as his Inner Universe was disconnected from the Western Fantasy rules.

As usual, the ratio was 50% to fortifying the Martial Spirits (after recovering from the Origin Essence expenditure), 30% to consolidating their dantian, and 20% actually doing tendon refining.

Draco and Eva had nothing to do since their Cultivation Methods worked through their Martial Spirits, and they worked autonomously. As such, the Evil Duo, while seated cross-legged with their eyes closed, had used their psychic abilities to create a mirage realm in their heads to pass time.

However, rather than what you’d expect, the Evil Duo were simply lazing about idly. They had been doing this since day 1 that they had created this realm, not moving an inch from their comfortable postures as they rode on cloud-like hammocks.

The only sound they made was moaning with pleasure when they shifted positions on their bedding, its softness, coolness, and general texture like being caressed by angels.

They stayed like this for the next 3 weeks, until they finally felt their real bodies having reached the peak of the Tendon Refining Realm. Like before, they came out and went through the breakthrough process the same way, metaphorically tying the ‘knot’ of their cultivation.

Once they entered the Blood Pulsation Realm, they underwent another Origin Essence refinement by their Martial Spirits. This time, 4000 gobs of Origin Essence were shot out, meaning 40% cost reduction and 40% power boost, totaling 70% in both so far.

Their masters congratulated them, saying that they had finally reached a suitable cultivation level to go out.

“Brats, you can now frolic out there in relative peace. You aren’t strong enough to take on the world, but the sect will naturally provide you protectors.” The Dragon Ancestor revealed with a smile.

“Your power should make you invincible in the Human Stage. However, to be safe, we will assign the Second Elder and Third Elder for your protection, as they are peak Integration experts.” The Phoenix Ancestor added with a nod.

Hearing this, the floor suddenly began decomposing rapidly, the two old fogies turning into pixels as the world became blank. Then the floor completion screen came up.

「Congratulations on completing: Tower of Babylon Thirty-Fourth Floor

Time elapsed: 1176:33:19

Objectives complete: All

Assessment: EX+


38,000 Score Points

1 Treasure Selection Reward – Peak Silver Grade」

Even though it felt like they might have taken a long time, so their score should be cut, the truth of the matter was that time did not matter. When a mission gives you a deadline where everything would end anyway when that time came, there were no time bonuses, only objective ones.

And in terms of objective, Draco and Eva had achieved the hard level objective that was put there as an aside in case a super talent wanted to complete the floor without wasting their time.

Seeing their rewards, Draco and Eva were satisfied as they were returned to the castle, in which they retook their true bodies. Now, being so old and tall, they felt kinda out-of-place having spent about 2 months as their 10-year-old counterparts.

Whatever the case, they jumped into the next floor to continue their crazy cultivation spree, having become addicted to the benefits it brought.

When they appeared, they noticed that they were standing at the Sect Hall, with all the Elders arranged before them just like the discipleship ceremony day, only that the other disciples were absent.

The Evil Duo reverted to their arrogant state as they looked around pompously. The Sect Master and all the elders rose to their feet and bowed before the Evil Duo.

“Sect Master Dongfang Wang, Grand Elder Tuo Fan. Elder Granny Ji…etc, greet the Dragon Son and the Phoenix Daughter!”

Draco and Eva were not surprised. They had long learned that this Dragon and Phoenix sect was basically like a shell company for recruiting candidates to replace the actual Dragon and Phoenix Ancestors.

Even though the sect was still super strong without them, it was their presence that defined the sect and fortified its legacy. So Draco and Eva who were being groomed to be the next Ancestors were of a different status from everyone else, even above the current Sect Master.

“You may sit.” Eva stated with her arms folded.

The Elders sat down respectfully and waited on the words of the two Little Ancestors here. Draco looked around and saw the floor details come up.

「The Thirty-Fifth Floor – Divine Quest

Description: You are in the World of Martial Spirits! Here, children at the age of ten undergo an awakening ceremony to unlock their hidden Martial Spirits and embark upon the path of Martial Arts!

After reaching the Blood Pulsation Realm, you have been allowed to go out and experience the world through a sect mission.

You are to achieve two of three targets;

1. Clear a Combat mission,

2. Learn a Tradeskill

3. Reach the Bone Cleansing Realm

Limitation 1: Magic does not exist in this world, only Qi and Martial Arts!

Limitation 2: You may retreat from the floor at any time, but upon re-entry, you would have to resume from the exact situation you were in at the time.

Limitation 3: You cannot use any class-based skills or abilities, as well as your equipment.

Limitation 4: This world is ruthless, dog-eat dog in the truest sense. There will be no mercy or pity.

Provision 1: You retain your power from outside, but only in terms of stats and only after you awaken Martial Spirits.

Provision 2: You may freely use any healing items and consumables in your Inventory.

Provision 3: You can use any and all of your Tradeskills at will.

Rewards: Score Points, 1 Silver-Tier Reward Selection.」

Hmm… seeing what they were tasked to do, Draco went forward. He gazed at the Sect Master and said: “Second Elder and Third Elder will follow us for protection. We will be taking on a sect mission to gain some experience while out there.”

The Elders chatted amongst themselves, unsure if this was wise. After all, those two were only kids in the Blood Pulsation Realm, and even with two Elders, what if something went wrong?

Seeing their hesitation, the expression on Draco and Eva’s faces became thunderous. With a roar, their Dragon and Phoenix Martial Spirits came out and spread their power over the area.

Immediately, all the Elders felt a pressure from their own Martial Spirits that made it hard for them to breathe. They had the two Little Ancestors beaten in terms of realm, but they had the elders beaten in terms of quality and rank.

“Since when have we needed you to discuss our decisions? Make it happen!” Draco roared with anger.

Despite feeling aggrieved, the Elders could only shut up and obey.

The hierarchy was strict in the sect and ever since their acceptance, the young disciples would be heavily brainwashed about the sovereignty and absolute nature of the two Ancestors the sect was named after.

These Elders had naturally undergone the same brainwashing when they had been younger, so they could not oppose. You could say that this Dragon and Phoenix Palace was basically one big cult for the generations of the Dragon and Phoenix Inheritors.

The Second Elder was an old man with a sharp grey goatee and a bamboo sword on his waist. He bowed to Draco and stood behind him, while the Third Elder was a middle-aged woman with a relatively normal body, who had above-average features.

She bowed and stood behind Eva, but the contrast between the two made the 5.5/10 Third Elder look like a 2.

Seeing this, the Evil Duo were satisfied.

“Which mission do you wish to take, Esteemed Ones?” The Sect Master asked curiously.

The lots floated over to Draco and Eva, who read through casually. Eventually, their eyes stopped on a mission that was rated at 5 stars, the highest, and marked with death flags all over.

While Eva’s eyes showed dread trying to stop Draco from speaking, the fellow’s eyes were already glowing, and he announced his death-seeking tendencies.

“We’ll do the Demon Nest Subjugation Mission!”


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