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Guild Wars – Chapter 664: Boundless Origins – Warm Spring Bahasa Indonesia

It was the 16th of October 2065, and Xela Stone exited the pseudo-pod with the other local core members like Justin Davis. She noticed that he and his sister seemed to be talking about something important, so she decided not to interrupt and leave.

Xela left the building and headed to the side of the road, waiting for a bus at the bus station. Since it was mid-morning, the bus was rather empty so the teenage girl sat in the front row.

Xela looked up casually to see a mirror placed near the handrails of the bus’s front door. She came face to face with herself, and was startled at her reflection.

The last time Xela had looked into a mirror, she had seen a cutesy and short lass with round-rimmed glasses, seeming nerdy to others and even to herself.

Xela’s only good point had been her extremely gorgeous face, she had been blessed with lovely cyan irises and short but neat auburn hair, adding onto her youthful sweetness were a small dash of freckles on her cheeks.

Unfortunately, the rest of her had been practically barren on all sides and her figure was straight as a pole, which had caused her quite the distress. She had often been told to wait for a growth spurt, yet it had only come in the height department, ignoring all other areas.

Now, though, her reflection was that of a slightly more mature young beauty with silvery-white hair, cyan eyes that looked to contain white stars in them, and a face that was smoother than the skin of a baby.

Her pale pink lips had become redder, like her Big Sis Eva’s, and her formerly flat body had filled out to slightly above average levels now.

She hadn’t noticed it due to the mental fatigue, but the clothes she had worn for years had actually become tight, and she had suddenly noticed – much to her discomfort – that she was receiving strange looks from the few men and boys on the bus. Even the driver stole a glance in his mirror every now and then.

Before, they had all gazed at her with pity or mockery for her form, only feeling that it was too bad that such a cute girl was so… plain. Now that it was gone, coupled with her now even elevated prettiness, it was natural that those who had scorned her before would find themselves attracted.

Xela had gotten used to people reacting a certain way, something she had long since stopped minding, yet the sudden change in the status quo made her feel uncomfortable.

She only observed herself for a little longer before lowering her head. To be frank, she was quite tired deep down after the brutal Raid they had just gone went through, but at the same time she felt endlessly energetic after obtaining had Tier 2 Control.

She expanded her mind and felt her VoP cover the entirety of the bus and beyond. Since she was moving and not standing in one place, the things within her sensory range changed rapidly, but they did not confuse her.

After all, she had used this VoP to track Draco when he had been attacking them, and the speed he had moved at was far faster than any brain could easily follow. This mere detail change could not overload her.

Xela was a young girl, barely old enough to be allowed to play Boundless World, so unlike Justin Davis and Sheila Banks who were older and reserved their Control for protection, she actively used it to investigate the world around her and experience this novel feeling.

She eventually ‘saw’ her home when they were effectively three blocks away, and opened her eyes while retracting her VoP. She smiled warmly as it came into view, getting down at the bus stop nearest to it before practically skipping home.

Eventually, she arrived before the slightly aged building that read ‘Central State’s Home for Lost Children’, she smiled and pushed the door open. Immediately, she was admitted into a small foyer where some snot-nosed brats were playing around, chasing each other about.

They wore shabby clothes that were thatched, but it couldn’t hide the brightness in their eyes. As soon as they saw who had come in, they all stopped what they were doing and rushed over towards her.

“Xela! It’s Sister Xela!!”

They all cried out with excitement, hugging the teenage girl’s legs with joy. Xela smiled gently and knelt down, rubbing their little heads with a loving expression.

“Jeremy, Sasha, Justin, and Helen, you four are always running about. Since you have so much energy, come with your Sister Xela to play a new game I got for you.”

The kids were terribly excited by the mention of a new game, wondering what their beloved Sister Xela got for them. She led them to the living room, where a bunch of other kids sat, some as old as 13 to 14 while some were still waddling around while laughing cutely.

Watching over them were three older women, all of them relatively young and beautiful. They wore spotless black aprons over their plain white dresses, along with a practical but attractive mob cap, made of linen.

The one in the middle was the oldest, about 35 years of age, the one on the right 27 and the one on the left 24. They were all different in terms of looks, but bore the same level of attractiveness that Xela was now experiencing.

They were gently and quietly watching over the kids until they saw Xela come in with her four juniors. They exclaimed slightly and smiled, happy to see this beloved daughter of theirs.

Xela rushed up to hug the woman in the middle, enjoying her soft touch and lovely lavender smell which was imprinted on her mind.

“Hauu… I’ve missed you, Sister Rita.” Xela said from her heart.

Sister Rita rubbed Xela’s back with a smile. “So have I, my darling Little Angel.”

Xela then broke the hug and went to embrace the woman to the right. “I’ve missed you as well, Sister Jenna.”

Sister Jenna giggled and squeezed Xela’s back. “My beloved Xela is back. How can I not be happy.”

Xela then held the final woman around the waist, rubbing her cheeks on hers. “Sister Moira, you are still as beautiful as ever.”

Sister Moira rolled her eyes and gave Xela a light peck on the cheek, before smiling gently. “You, Xela, are always taking advantage of me. If it wasn’t because you are so lovable, hmph!”

The three laughed gently. Many of the kids rushed over to greet Xela and hug her, to which Xela responded with just as much passion. After that grueling battle in the VR world, she felt like her soul was being cleansed just by seeing all these faces.

Soon, Sister Rita couldn’t help but look Xela up and down then ask: “Is it just me, or do you seem so different?”

Xela smiled. “I don’t know much either, but it has to do with that game I’m playing.”

Sister Jenna seemed startled. “Oh right, that Boundless World. I have been hearing much about it in the news. It seems a bit dangerous, no?”

Xela nodded. “It really is. If you aren’t strong, it can be hell for you, but if you are strong and skilled, you will live like a king.”

“Wait, I remember you’re working for a company that plays that game, right?” Sister Moira inquired as she recalled the last conversation she had with the lass.

“Yes, and no. I’m part of the number 1 guild in the game, and one of their top members, so they sponsored us to get our own unique office for playing.” Xela explained in a way she felt her sisters could understand.

“Wow, so cool! I want to play too!” A 13-year-old boy exclaimed as he listened to Xela.

The other kids also began clamoring, wanting to play as well. Xela wasn’t overwhelmed as she smiled lovingly towards them.

“Unfortunately, you can’t play, yet. The current edition only allows those who are 16 and above, but soon they will release a way that allows even babies to play without any harm or danger.”

The kids awwed with sadness, making the three Sisters giggle with amusement. Xela then turned to them and spoke.

“Soon, I’d want you three to join me in the game. I have a way to make you strong, not to mention we can earn a lot of money the game, enough to not only renovate but also upgrade the home!”

The Three Sisters were startled by this. They knew this lass Xela was one of the orphans who cared about the orphanage that raised her dearly, so they had been very surprised when she had started becoming distant by playing a game, but assumed that it was her new passion.

Most of the older kids above 15 usually took up jobs and helped upkeep the orphanage. Xela herself had been a particularly hard worker who had taken multiple jobs to ease their burdens.

There were more like Xela, but they had already headed to their workplaces this early morning.

However, hearing from her that this game could make them enough money to take care of the orphanage intrigued them. By this point, almost everyone knew about the Boundless trial, which was why Sister Jenna felt it was dangerous due to what had been revealed.

However, another thing that people knew was that it was possible to make serious money from that game. However, not everyone could afford the now very expensive helmets or beginner packages, nor did they have the time for such luxuries.

The Sisters here were in that situation. Even if they would like to play that game, who would look after their beloved snot-nosed brats in the meantime? They couldn’t bear to abandon them for too long.

Xela knew this, but she smiled. “Soon, there should be-”

She was interrupted by a loud knocking on the front door. A gruff and hooliganish voice echoed out through the foyer.

“Oi, Rita, your hubbies are here~”

Then, more voices similar to the first snickered as they laughed uproariously. Immediately, the room within became tense and uncomfortable, some younger kids crying a little.

The eyes of the three Sisters dimmed greatly, Jenna and Moira getting up to herd the kids away while Rita took a deep breath before putting on a fake smile, walking towards the door.

Xela frowned and followed her, her heart trembling with repressed anger she had carried all her life. She clenched her fists as ferocity radiated from her, but Rita did not notice this in her distress.

She simply opened the door and allowed five young men in. All of them wore black suits that were fitting, one or two of them actually handsome while the others looked decent.

However, that sleazy look on their faces ruined whatever goodwill their handsome visages might bring any woman. After they entered, the blonde-haired pretty boy in the lead walked up to Sister Rita and smacked her bum rudely.

“Haha, Rita my dear, it’s good to see you again. After your work last night, I haven’t been able to feel good just walking around and knew I had to come back for more.”

Surprisingly, Sister Rita did not get angry nor did she smack the hand of the young man away. Rather, she smiled demurely and replied.

“I thank you, Sir, for your kind words, but as you can I’m not at that job right now. Currently, I am taking care of my beloved children here.”

The blonde-haired pretty boy was surprised by this and took his hands off her, finally looking around at where he was. He seemed to understand everything as he folded his arms and couldn’t help but tsk.

“No wonder! I was wondering why a woman I would not hesitate to marry myself would be engaged in such work, but it seems you’re doing this to take care of the bills for this establishment.”

Xela’s face became ugly, while Rita simply smiled. This was the greatest shame of all the adult orphans of the orphanage, and why the teenagers worked so feverishly to alleviate the burdens of the orphanage.

The woman they had long taken as their mother was being forced to engage in questionable acts in the dark side of society just to raise enough to keep them afloat and out of poverty.

Rita worked hard and had recently taken on such things so that Jenna and Moira, who were younger and more beautiful, wouldn’t have to. She wanted them to find love and get married normally, then have children of their own.

As for her, with her past, there was likely no man that could stomach marrying used goods like her…

However, Sister Rita had accepted her fate. As long as her beloved children could grow up to be the best they could be and have an upbringing devoid of suffering, it was enough for her.

The blonde-haired young man licked his lips. “To be honest, this changes everything. I only thought you were a particularly exclusive and beautiful worker, but knowing that you are a gentle mother and a noble soul adds this element of excitement I cannot fight back.”

He laughed sinisterly as his men fanned out. “How can I say this, it’s like I’m in a porno, but in real life. This is the kind of scene I have whacked off too many times when I was younger, and now it’s before me in real life. How can I hold back?”

Sister Rita retained the smile on her face, but it was no longer pleasant. “Good Sir, I cannot do what you hope me to as this is not my other work environment. I would ask that you wait till I come to work tonight before fulfilling whatever demands you might have.”

The young man nodded. “To be honest, that is better. I’m not usually one to force myself on others, so let’s do this? My gang will fully support your orphanage for renovation and allow you to expand. All you have to do is become my woman, you alone.”

The young man shrugged. “A woman like you who can go this far for others is definitely wife material, and with how many shitty and self-serving women I have seen in our side of life, you are like an angel.”

Rita was surprised by this, and smiled pleasantly. To her, this was a deal she could not refuse, for it would make her dream come true. Just as she was about to agree, Xela stepped forward with a cold glance.

“There’s no need! I have come back today because I have earned enough money to do what you offer and more, so your deal is not lucrative!” Xela stated coldly.

The pretty boy frowned and gazed at Xela before his eyes lit up. “Heeyyyy, you’re pretty good yourself.”

Xela was left speechless, but she gripped her fists and said. “Sir, please come back later. Give us time to discuss your offer and decide what to do next.”

The young man’s eyes narrowed. “Nope. This is a once-in-a-lifetime deal. If I leave today, I will not only cancel this opportunity, but whether this orphanage can continue to run in peace will also be up in the air.”

Rita trembled, while Xela became even more furious. “Get out!”

She did not fear whatever these men represented because her backing was stronger. She was the Little Sister of Eva, the strongest woman in the world! Who dared to offend her if she told her Big Sis?

Being told to get lost by a little girl made the men’s face turn ugly. Before the blonde pretty boy could say anything, one of the other guys stepped forward with a dangerous smile.

“I have been quiet all this while, but I think I will take you for myself, whether you like it or not. Now come over here!” He demanded as he grabbed Xela rudely.

She only glanced at him with disdain and moved like a blur, striking him in right in the chest. The fellow then flew back, crashing through the open door and landing badly on the pavement outside.

The room descended into silence as they all gazed at the twitching fellow whose face was buried in the pavement while his ass was stuck up in shock and confusion.

Xela then rushed forward and struck the other four out of the place, including the pretty boy. However, he was lucky that he had the soft bodies of his lackeys to cushion his fall, so he was relatively intact if a little dazed while those beneath him would require hospital care.

The blonds haired pretty boy then recovered and gazed at Xela with anger. “You dumb bitch, do you know what you’ve done? Do you know who you’re messing with? You’re dead, you and all those bitches in there are dead for messing with me!”

Xela gritted her teeth in anger, wanting to teach them a bigger lesson, but suddenly showed surprise, then pity. The blonde-haired young man continued rambling about how he would kill them, but was cut off by a burly hand that yanked his shirt, lifting him up.

He then came face to face with a man that was not ugly, but could be considered handsome in a gruff way. He puffed the smoke of his cigar into the young man’s face as he asked coldly.

“Who are you then? Since you think you can threaten the Lady Boss’ Little Sister, I want to know how you got the guts.”

“Hiii!! Y-you’re A-Akianu… Leader of the Sanguigno Brothers…!!” The young man cried out with fear, his whole body sweating.

“If you know that much, then scram! Don’t come within a mile of that girl or her home ever again, because it has our backing!” Akainu roared into his face, tossing the young man away.

He quickly nodded and fled, leaving his men behind who could barely move. Akainu ignored them and walked over with Sanji and some Sanguigno Brothers who began disposing of the incapacitated fellows.

“Big Brother Akainu, you’re here.” Xela greeted him with a smile.

Akainu nodded. “You requested a loan to renovate your home, so I came, but…”

Akainu couldn’t help but rub Xela’s head with a soft smile. “Silly little lass, do you not know how rich you are now? You don’t need a loan from us, all you needed to do was just say the word.”

Xela blushed. “I-I just thought…”

Akainu laughed. “Don’t worry about it. When I put in the request for a transfer, the Lady Boss simply told me to bill it to her. So, whatever you want to do is being handled by her.”

Xela heard this and was greatly moved, tears coming to her eyes.

‘Big Sis Eva, you truly are the best!’

Author’s Note: 2 days worth of chapters missed, I am sorry. I had to write this one bit by bit over the past 2 days so it might seem like the tone shifts at parts.

I’ll try to write more when I feel better during each day, and can promise 1 half GW and 1 half DS chapter at best each day.

Thank you, Almighty Essence Stalker and AP_Berserker for the donations.. It was actually what gave me to boost to finish.


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