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Guild Wars – Chapter 654: Nine Hells 4 Bahasa Indonesia

After having an extensive amount of fun with Eva and Zaine, Draco finally returned to the Nine Hells with the stoic Celestial Beauty in tow. They arrived in the familiar first level, Limbo, which hasn’t changed from being a barren place with no real establishments or landmarks.

When they arrived, they were immediately met by Belial, who acted far more humble than the last time he had met Eva. He was quiet and very subservient, having learned his lesson.

This made Eva raise an eyebrow as she wondered just what Draco had done to change the behavior of this outrageous fellow, but then she wisely decided that it might be for the best if she didn’t pry.

“Greetings, my Demon Supreme. I, Belial, am the Demon Lord presiding over the first level of Hell, Limbo.” Belial introduced himself officially.

“Well met, Lord Belial. I’m Draco Morningstar, the current inheritor of the Lucifer bloodline. You know me as a Demon Supreme, though I’m actually above that, I guess it would be more appropriate to call me the Demon God of this world.” Draco also introduced himself, revealing the shocking truth.

Immediately, Belial’s face changed as he took two steps back in shock. He couldn’t believe what Draco was saying! If he truly was the Demon God, then they were thoroughly fucked.

There could be any Demon Supreme, sometimes even one among the Demon Lords could be chosen. It was a position granted based on strength and bloodline quality.

But there was only one Demon God, Lucifer himself!

If Draco was an incarnation of Lucifer or a version of him, they had actually dared to rebel against their Demon God!

“Here, let me prove it to you.” Draco offered with a smile. Immediately, he burst out with his full bloodline power, allowing his energy to leak and submerge the Demon Lord.

Once Belial felt it, he immediately fell to his knees, a look of primordial dismay and deep regret in his eyes. He kowtowed straightaway, screaming:

“Disobedient servant Belial greets the mighty Demon God! Please forgive me for my transgressions earlier, O’ Great One!”

The Demon God was supreme. After all, it was equal to Eva’s position as Goddess of the Seven Heavens. The same way the Angels revered and worshiped her was the same way the Demons should revere and worship Draco.

That was why Eva had been utterly puzzled when they had first come in and Belial had dared to run his mouth. The Celestial Beauty had almost started to believe that Demons might have a different system for revering their one true leader, but it turned out the problem was from Draco.

It was essentially the difference in personalities. Evaterasu was Riveting Night’s darkness, young girl Eva’s innocence, and Amaterasu’s benevolence mixed into one. She commanded respect and authority, so she always subconsciously radiated her bloodline aura, which was why everyone felt she was majestic.

Draco had three thoughtstreams, the pragmatic thinker which only came out when he was in a battle of wits, like when he had first swindled the Tower, when he had held his auction yet the Tower had played him, as well as most of the time while he had been dealing with Norma’s situation as well as crafting.

There was the edgelord, the old Draco who represented his cruelty, malice, and will to hurt for no other reason than he could. He had been suppressed by the other two thoughtstreams ever since Draco had reached Tier 3 Control when he had sworn to save Jada and Jade from the former gang that owned his IRL Castle.

Then there was the fellow who was most known because he was the one out 24/7, nice guy Draco. He was the shameless, funny, and troublemaker thoughtstream, willing to love, understand and help those he cared about to insane degrees. It was this fellow that pampered the members of Umbra so much, among other things.

It was also this fellow who treated Zaine, Hikari, and Roma so well, and even treated his concubines so well. Initially, Draco had planned to get rid of the three after his relationship with Eva was perfected, or anytime his Soulmate willed it.

Even looking back, the way he had ‘collected’ Roma, Zaine and Hikari had been devoid of romance, mostly due to circumstance and force. However, nice guy Draco had fixed all that in time with his actions, eventually playing around often with Qiong Qi and Clarent, not always funny skits.

This fellow was the least in tune with his bloodline due to his nature, so he never radiated anything at all. Even that problem he used to have where his Dark Angel Inheritance was making women wet everywhere he went had disappeared gone, turned off.

If he didn’t let you know, you would never sense his bloodline aura. This is what had caused the issue. Even when he had taken on his Horned Demon True Body, Edgelord Draco had hardly radiated the bloodline aura and had just used the power to beat them up.

Oh yes, that evil fellow knew how they would react if he did, but that would ruin his justification for assaulting them as well as for defiling Paimon in front of everyone, so how could he allow that?

Draco looked down upon Belial and smiled coldly. “It’s good that you know. Rise for now, we’ll pretend this matter never occurred. Give me a rundown of Limbo immediately!”

Belial rose to his feet and remained with his head lowered, no longer daring to stare Draco in the face even if the other was in human form.

“Yes! Limbo is the first level of Hell where the souls of those who denounce the Goddess or any religious belief come to. It’s not a realm of suffering and punishment, neither is it one of pleasure and relaxation. It’s neutral, and most souls of righteous pagans, non-believers, and monks appear here.”

“They’re free to stay here as long as they wish until they choose to reincarnate. Their new life in the world of the living will have better specs than before depending on how much merit they’ve accrued during their stay.” Belial added.

He then shook his head. “However, because there is no suffering to be had here, the rate of merit acquisition is super slow. It takes an entire century to accrue a single merit.”

Draco and Eva raised an eyebrow. That was harsher than even Eva’s first layer of Heaven. There, all souls that had led neutral lives would spend their eternity, in a world of neutrality and averageness that was neither grand nor destitute.

It was the largest layer and was similar to a normal society, only that those souls that came there were not allowed to have a body. They would exist in wisp-like forms able to move and retain basic sentience, but almost indistinguishable from each other.

Here though, one would have a body, but nothing to really do with it. Eva’s Afterlife had buildings, cars, food, and the like, but the people had no bodies to enjoy them. In Limbo, one had a full-body, but no buildings, cars, or food.

“That is it for Limbo. As for me, my Demonic Power is the ability to summon familiar of different kinds into battle. My Demonic Nature is to make pacts with mortals to allow them to summon demons as familiars in exchange for their souls.” Belial explained humbly.

Draco looked around the dull Limbo for a bit and nodded. “Good job. Do any of the lower rank Demons serve under you?”

Belial shook his head. “That is why my Demonic Power is the ability to summon familiars. Due to the nature of my layer, no Demon Duke, Prince, or Noble would bother to subscribe under me.”

Draco nodded with sympathy. After exploring Limbo for a bit, he went straight to the next level with Eva.

It was a windy and stormy place, with wings cutting into one skin and preventing two entities from being able to stay in contact for long. Draco and Eva were immune to this, but any soul trapped here would likely be tossed around without being able to touch another.

Draco teleported to the main landmark of this level, a stormy castle that was built with Hellstone in the center of the realm. At its doors was Zagan who had been waiting patiently for Draco’s arrival.

When he saw Draco, he immediately bowed respectfully, none of his former angst and hatred present at all. “Greetings, Demon Supreme. My name is Zagan, and I’m the Demon Lord in charge of the second level of Hell, Lust.”

“Hmm, well met Zagan. As I have already told Belial, I’m Draco Morningstar, the Demon God of this generation as well as the true inheritor of Lucifer.” Draco casually revealed.

Zagan was shocked and horrified, immediately falling to his knees as Draco buttressed his revelation with a flow of his aura. Zagan was overwhelmed with fear and horror at his earlier thoughts and actions, sincerely thanking Baal for correcting him in his heart, otherwise, he might not even know how he died.

“Great Demon God, I humbly beg you forgiveness for my earlier-” Zagan began, but was cut by Draco.

“Yeah, yeah, don’t worry about it. I already punished you lot, so we’re back to square one.” Draco told him nonchalantly.

Zagan sighed with relief and rose to his feet, maintaining the same posture that Belial did, not even daring to look at Draco in the face. Draco was pleased by this and naturally asked Zagan for an explanation of what the second level was about.

“Lust is the second level of Hell and the place where all souls that were controlled by their desires end up. Rapists, molesters, defilers, and worse are near the center, where they’ll be tormented by the cutting wind day in day out, being endlessly tempted by wind sprites conforming to their peak sexual desire but never being able to touch them, though always being so close.” Zagan began gesturing to the wind surrounding the castle.

“Oh, and they are also constantly defiled by whoever they attacked in the past, with the situations switched but the sensations remaining the same. If one molested young girls brutally, he would become a young girl himself and get molested in all the same ways he did to them.” Zagan added as almost an afterthought, though Draco and Eva shivered at that.

The second level was clearly where ‘Hell’ began, as in the punishments that would make any mortal repent for sure and pray to never end up here.

“As for those moderately lustful, they stay near the middle parts. Among them are those who engage in incest, bestiality, and homosexuality. They are not cut apart as cruelly, but they are constantly tempted by the objects of their desire only to have it switched to the opposite.”

“In other words, an incestuous person would be forced to have sex with beasts, those who engage in bestiality would be forced to have sex with their relations and those who engage in homosexuality would be forced to have sex with the correct sexual orientation.” Zagan added.

Draco frowned. “I agree with incest and bestiality, but why homosexuality?”

Zagan shrugged. “It was the previous Demon God who set it this way. I dare not question his logic.”

Draco flung his sleeves. “Well from now on, exempt them!”

Zagan seemed surprised, but nodded. “Yes, Lord Demon God.”

Draco didn’t do this because he was an advocate of whatever human rights, it should be obvious he gave not a single fuck about anything besides the right to defile booty.

However, his homeboy Cobra would be sent here to suffer under these rules, so he had to make an exception!

“As for the outer level of Lust, it is for those who engaged in excessive masturbation and self-pleasuring, as well as those who were simply too horny. It’s the mildest, with no cutting winds nor tempting spirits, but one would constantly be seduced by the least attractive person they fancy sexually and have to fight them to resist their advances for as long as they remain here.” Zagan concluded.

Draco nodded. “A fitting punishment. How can you not control your lust? Are you a child? One should remain pure and clear-minded, not chasing after sexual pleasure all the time!”

Eva simply glanced at Draco for a second then looked away. Draco noticed this and was unhappy, complaining. “What? Did I say anything wrong? It is simply the truth!”

Eva glanced at Draco once more, then looked away, not even uttering a word. Draco’s face became ugly as he smartly decided not to pursue this matter anymore.

Zagan was then prompted for his own power, which he explained.

“My Demonic Power? It is False Transmutation. I have the ability to turn stone to gold, water to wine, oil to water, and more, but those are only temporary. After a while, they would revert to whatever they originally were.”

“My Demonic Nature is to make deals with mortals and give them riches for the souls, when those riches would actually turn into what they were made from soon after.”

Draco was initially interested due to his own Refinement, but lost interest when Zagan showed him how it worked. It was less of a transformation and more of an illusion.

After exploring the second one a bit more, the White-Haired Duo moved on to the third level, which was an icy and wintry world full of icy slush. It was cold and very uncomfortable, but it did not affect the two who were here on a casual tour. Draco took them to the icy castle in the center of the realm, where they were met by Balam.

He also greeted Draco and introduced himself. “I’m Balam, Demon Lord of the third level of Hell, Gluttony.”

Draco greeted back and revealed his true identity, which spooked Balam into reacting how Belial and Zagan did. Draco eventually got him on track, as he asked for the details of this third level.

“This level is for those who were obese and overfed when they died. The central area is for those who had become too obese to even move. They are forced to chase after a mirage of food for eternity, never able to taste the most delectable dish which had the most tantalizing smell to them. Even worse, their fat eats away at their body, causing them endless torment and hunger as they continue to chase after the meal.”

“The middle area is for those who were overweight and overate. They are forced to chase after food for eternity, but their fats do not consume them and so their hunger remains a constant mild pang, instead of roaring craving.”

“The outer area is for those who overate. It is good enough to eat until you’re full, but to go on after that is extreme when there are fellow mortals that hunger. Such fellows would be forced to sit at the side watching fat demons gorge themselves on the best delicacies, only able to watch and never partake.”

Balam held nothing back as he revealed the cruel nature of this level. He even added that no, no matter how much you ran or moved, you would not lose an ounce of fat you came with and would never become ‘fit’.

So at any point, if you got tired, you would continue moving by force, that feeling of tiredness and fatigue agonizing you as you gasped for breath.

Tsk, tsk, no wonder they said the gym was the church of the body. Turns out that even something as relatively harmless as this had severe punishments waiting for those who transgressed.

Draco shook his head and asked Balam about his personal power.

“My Demonic Power is Truth. When asked a question about something that occurred in the past, present, or future, I can give the correct answer, within a range of limit of course. My Demonic Nature is to answer the questions of mortals in exchange for whatever valuable item they might have for me.” Balam revealed with a smile.

“Oh? Then who is she?” Draco asked, pointing at Eva beside him.

Balam gazed at Eva and noted her beauty, but didn’t dare have thoughts as he assumed she was a woman of the Demon God. When he began to use his power to look into her, he suddenly jerked back, flying into the castle walls behind him as he dented it severely.

The fellow coughed four mouthfuls of blood and gazed at Eva in horror. Eva simply smiled cryptically, making Balam not dare to reveal what he had gleaned.

“Well, that was interesting. You’ll be hearing from me later about many things, so make yourself useful until then.” Draco remarked with an amused grin.

“Y-yes, Lord Demon God!” Balam answered respectfully as he recovered rapidly.

Draco left this level with Eva in tow and arrived at the fourth level of Hell, this one misty and gaudy, with mountains of gold, silver, and other lovely trinkets all over.

They appeared near a golden castle that was fancier than any other, in which they met Vine who was dressed quite nicely, but the buff arms and legs ruined her traditional femininity.

“Greetings, I’m Vine, Demon Lord of the fourth level of Hell, Greed.” She wisely greeted, gazing at Eva strangely but not daring to make a comment.

When Draco made the big reversal, Vine was so scared she almost fell over. He then reassured her that the accounts were balanced, leaving the female Demon Lord somewhat comforted.

However, she then regretted looking like this, wishing that it had been her the Demon God had defiled as his trophy of war!

God, how magnificent would that be? The one and only Demon God choosing her to receive his seed! She would likely go mad from glee just by the thought alone.

She could only feel thick envy towards Paimon, who she had previously pitied and whose fate she had looked down on.

That bloody softskin seductress was now going to benefit exponentially with the truth revealed!


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