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Kiran roared as his energy climbed higher. Even Essence who was in Dragon form was suppressed much to his shock. But it wasn’t without reason that such a thing had occurred.

After all, Kiran was imbued with some power from Draco. You could say he was in a Super Warrior 2.5 state, so Super warrior 2 Grade 2. That ‘M’ on his forehead was actually a seal that released power into his body, not just there for decoration.

Draco initially wanted to make it a ‘D’, but he felt that this would be more fitting since this Kiran fellow like to overdo his copyright infractions. Since almost everything about him was a crime, why not add another one?

The other members of Umbra were frustrated. Kiran also had BoG and VoP tier 2, so it was hard for them to suppress him when his power was markedly higher than theirs.

Draco then Apported behind Uno, who was trying to shield Essence from Kiran’s attacks long enough for the others to take him down. They had shifted their plans from waking him up to killing him.

He stretched out a hand to touch the fellow’s head with a smile. However, Uno’s eyes glinted as he roared.


Immediately, all the core members who had been charging up attacks to strike Kiran all targeted him even Essence. Essence used a spatial binding ability which Draco could only escape if he used a higher form of energy like Destruction.

Hundreds of attacks landed on Draco’s body, all of them being top-tier Legendary skills enhanced however they could by Tier 2 Control. The fellows had given it their all, and the area where Draco stood had been turned into a valley of death.

However, they knew this would not be enough to finish their guildmaster, and they were damn right. When the dust cleared, they found that Draco had spawned a psychic barrier around him that was deeply cracked, his hand gripping Uno’s head as the fellow roared in pain.

“Not a bad attempt. You guys read me and waited perfectly for the right moment, but you forgot one thing.” Draco said as a ‘D’ symbol formed on Uno’s forehead.

He then let go of the fellow who reacquainted himself with his new goals, a blue light shining from his eyes as he rushed towards Kiran to assist him in killing the rest.

“However, I told you that this isn’t the same as my Dark Angel Form. In that one, I am limited to the powers of my Inheritance. In this stage though, I can use the full psychic range of abilities, though the others come at a weaker effect.” Draco explained as he tapped his forehead with the same expression as Cell.

Telepathy meant Draco could read their minds at all times, so how could their little plan escape him? He only went on with it because he wanted to see the strength of his psychic power.

Even though he would not tire like the real Draco, the 50% combat power limitation meant that he had to know what his limits were lest he get beaten down.

Draco understood that if all 970 of them attacked in concert, they could break all his defenses and deal significant damage. So it was imperative that in every round, he kept their numbers down and divided using his current tricks.

As such, the rounds last for a total of 5609 before he was eventually defeated. How this occurred was due to the 970 fighters building a resistance to psychic attacks continuously over the source of the battle, not through physical might but by adapting their VoP.

This stage lasted a straight 2 days, and the crowd had to be shuffled out twice. So far, since the raid began, they had come and gone almost 7 times, but none of them ever not came back.

They were entranced by the AI’s work and ended up not even telling those close to them what they experienced during the raid. Draco and the AI had already decided on how to handle the rest of the world after this.

Now that the Dark Angel Inheritance stage was over, it was time for something even worse, the Horned Demon Inheritance stage.

Draco directly transformed into his Horned Demon True Body, moaning as he felt the power coursing through him. Reddish-black demonic energy exploded behind him and covered half the stage, ruining it thoroughly.

“God, this is it! Man, I really wonder how this raid is supposed to end.” Draco gasped as he laughed.

He then gazed at the solemn 970 fighters with a smile. “If you don’t know, Draco and I suck at using the Dark Angel Inheritance. That can easily be seen by the fact that I can’t even adopt the true body of that form and could only manifest the wings. Yet it took you 5000+ rounds to kill me like that.”

“And now, I am in this form, which I am arguably more experienced with than any other.” Draco stated as he took a single step forward.

As one, the entire army of top players opposite took a step back. Draco took another step, and they took a step back, cowed by his words, his confidence, and his aura.

The idea that he was unbeatable and beyond mortal means had been beaten into them over the past 3 days that this raid had lasted. They were weak in will, but strong in heart.

They wished they could forfeit, but didn’t dare to for they knew Draco would never forgive them. They were like rats cornered and forced to fight, so the only thing they could do was go red in the eyes and attack in order to find a path of survival!

Draco then punched himself upon them, coming like a Demon King upon a weak mortal army, tearing through them like they were paper.

This section lasted 15,430 rounds. At a point, Draco had to stop and let the fighters rest after 5,000 odd rounds each. Even the crowd felt tired on behalf of the fighters, feeling like they had experienced many years of suffering in one.

What saved the group was that Essence Stalker, Kiran, Tunder, Cobra, Bella, and the little fellows of the Lucifer Lineage all broke through to Tier 3 Body of Godliness after the 14,673rd round.

Tier 3 Body of Godliness begot one the ability to slightly control blood within their body. It could be used for accelerated healing, increased offensive power, and markedly increased defensive power.

With these fellows leading the way, they eventually managed to defeat Draco as they mastered Tier 3 BoG with every round. Soon, they were able to counter his great Strength even if just a little, especially that Lucian fellow.

The members of Umbra slumped into a heap after the last but one round was done, feeling as if they had gone through something profound. Since this stage was purely physical, it was what helped Essence and co breakthrough.

Now, they needed to bringing their VoP to the next tier as well.

“Tsk, tsk. 15,000 rounds? Change that to the currency of some third world country, and that probably what some pitiful author makes after writing furiously day by day for an entire month.” Draco commented with amusement.

“Hey there, stop sleeping. There’s only one more round left and the raid is over! It’s the easiest round, I swear! All it entails is…”

Draco began shifting as his body enlargened and elongated, his body the same as when he used the Dragon Form, although there was a slight difference in the aura he radiated.

What was worse, a portal opened up beside him, in which another fully-formed Black Dragon walked out, standing side by side with Draco, its blood-red eyes looking down on the players arranged here with disdain.

“… dealing with two of us hehe.”

The 970 fighters were speechless. Beating the Black Dragon in his Dragon Form had been hard enough, but they were supposed to fight two of them with the same amount of power now?

Ayo, Game Master, can you please be fair? Do you think we won’t smash your dice if you keep messing up?

「Name: Black Dragon (Avatar Draco) – Major Rank Adventurer

Level: 100

HP: 5,000,000/5,000,000」

Draco and his Black Dragon flapped their wings at the same time, launching themselves towards the members of Umbra. They could only share looks of pain, knowing that they were going to suffer once more, before adopting defensive postures and roaring.

They charged at the two Dragons valiantly, clashing in the middle as a black light exploded all around.

This round lasted 2309 sets. It was shorter compared to the ones that came before because the members of Umbra had various means to surprisingly deal with Destruction Energy like they had done against the Dragon Form.

Fitter also played a huge role in this bit. Essence and Kiran had to tank both Dragons using 200% of their power, and luckily, they were able to break through the 3rd tier of Void of Perfection.

Tier 3 Void of Perfection gave them small psychic abilities, basically an elementary form of telekinesis, telesthesia, telepathy, etc. This was key in helping them manage these behemothic foes.

Finally, the raid was over! Each fighter who had participated had come out completely reborn, achieving levels of power that would completely change their statuses in the game and in real life!

They were ecstatic, tired, and felt like shit, but inside, they felt on top of the world!

They had survived ten rounds against the almighty Draco, even though he was weakened by half. This was an accolade they could carry with pride for the rest of their lives!

Author’s Note: Well, I was supposed to write more today, but I saw the monthly income for GW and it was somehow way less than last month, despite writing every day nonstop this month.

Took a bit of a blow to my motivation, so the chapter was done late and might be a bit rushed. Sorry about that.

I’ll continue daily releases, but I might need some time to regain my groove.


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