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Hikari glowed with a resplendent light even as she caused a mini storm due to her horrific suction of energy, which far surpassed Roma and Zaine combined.

Zaine went on for roughly 6 hours non-stop, causing a small whirlpool to form above her head. Roma went on for 6 hours and 45 minutes, and she had a slightly bigger whirlpool above her head that also took on Aetheric Energy only.

Hikari was only done a whopping 12 hours later, shocking Draco who was witnessing his wives’ Rank Up for the first time in person, but Eva had seen them go from Rank 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3 already, so she was used to it.

Once they settled down, their bodies released a slight shockwave before they opened their eyes and checked themselves out. There were no visible changes on them, but they felt much more powerful than before.

Eva patted Draco on the back with an amused smile as the fellow’s mouth had dropped to the ground. She then turned to Zaine and nodded.

“As usual, we’ll start with you Zaine.”


Zaine smiled and displayed her character sheet through the Clan Party System before explaining the changes she had made to herself.

「Name: Zaine – Rank 4 Royal Devil

Level: 150

Exp: 0%

NPC Str: 10 –> 25

NPC Dex: 10 –> 20

NPC End: 25 –> 40

NPC Int: 300 –> 310

NPC Spr: 10

NPC Cha: 100

NPC Lck: 10

Active Skills: Psi-Blade, Psi-Barrier, Psi-Restoration, Psi-Clone (new), Psi-Blink (new), Psi-Control (new), Indenture.

Passive Skills: Seduction, Mega Telekinesis, Mega Psychometry, Mega Telesthesia, Mega Apportation, Mega Transvection, Advanced Lightning Control, Mirage.」

「Psi-Blade – Active Skill

Effect: Slash out with purified Mental Energy condensed into the form of a blade that severs all thoughts and sentience. This deals 150% –> 200% mental damage and incapacitates a single target.

Duration: 4 minutes –> 5 minutes.

Cooldown: 7 minutes –> 6 minutes.」

「Psi-Barrier – Active Skill

Effect: Create a protective shield of purified Mental Energy around the caster that negates 100%–> 110% of all mental damage while reflecting 50% –> 55% of the damage back, as well as negating 70% –> 75% of all physical damage.

Duration: 3 minutes –> 4 minutes

Cooldown: 5 minutes –> 4 minutes」

「Psi-Restoration – Active Skill

Effect: Concentrate purified Mental Energy to restore stamina, mana, and health of the user in a pinch. Regains 40% –> 50% of all of these attributes.

Cooldown: 1 minute –> 50 seconds.」

「Psi-Clone – Active Skill

Effect: Summon a clone of yourself made of Psychic Energy that possesses 30% of your total power and can fight in tandem with you during combat. It is invulnerable to all but mental damage during its lifetime.

Duration: 1 minute.

Cooldown: 10 minutes.」

「Psi-Blink – Active Skill

Effect: Instantly teleport yourself from one place to another within a range of 1 kilometer. You can only move teleport yourself and are invincible during the travel.

Cooldown: 30 seconds.」

「Psi-Control – Active Skill

Effect: Enhance all of your other skills by 30%. This has no effect on techniques.

Duration: 30 minutes.

Cooldown: 1 day」

「Indenture – Active Skill

Effect: Force any target(s) to obey your commands unconditionally and willingly.

Note: This is effective on monsters weaker than the user. There is no limit to the number of monsters that can be charmed save for the user’s mental limit.

Duration: none.

Cooldown: 1 hour –> 50 minutes.」

「Mega Telekinesis – Passive skill

Effect: With your Mental Energy, you can control external objects of various sizes at will with ease.」

「Mega Psychometry – Passive skill

Effect: With your Mental Energy, you can perceive the emotions and raw feelings of those around you and can absorb it for nourishment with ease.」

「Mega Telesthesia – Passive skill

Effect: With your Mental Energy, create a permanent void around your body which your mind fully controls with ease. This domain is always maintained and can assist your other psychic skills in interesting ways.」

「Mega Apportation – Passive skill

Effect: With your Mental Energy, you are able to move your body through folds of space at the speed of thought, appearing wherever you need to be with ease.」

「Mega Transvection – Passive skill

Effect: With your Mental Energy, you are able to move your body through the atmosphere, achieving levitation and flight at will with ease.」

「Advanced Lightning Control – Passive skill

Effect: You can freely and willfully control all forms of lightning energy to attack, defend or imbue.

Note: You can now summon Yellow/Body Burning Lightning.」

Zaine shrugged. “There wasn’t much for me to do this time. Since I have already removed most of my useless skills during my previous Rank Ups, I focused on manipulating the energy to empower my current skills and I accepter three new skills since they were useful.”

Zaine flicked her fingers as she numbered them off. “Psi-Clone is useful for battle, Psi-Blink is useful if I want to get away from somewhere quickly as Apportation takes time since I have to tweak it manually, and Psi-Control just increases my mental faculties all around, which in my opinion is the best new skill I could have received.”

“I directed most of the energy into Psi-Control in order to lower its cooldown, but the most I could do was 1 day. It was originally gonna take 3 days, so this is much better.”

“The rest went into my passive Psychic skills, raising them by one tier from Ultra to Mega. This should greatly increase their power, and more importantly, greatly reduce their cost.” Zaine finished with a smile.

Eva gently helped Draco pick up his jaw and fix it back in place for him while turning to the gypsy.

“Your turn, Roma.”

Roma nodded and displayed her changes as well before explaining what she did.

「Name: Roma – Rank 4 Mystic Seer

Level: 150

Exp: 0%

NPC Str: 10

NPC Dex: 10

NPC End: 10

NPC Int: 300 –> 330

NPC Spr: 115 –> 135

NPC Cha: 10

NPC Lck: 10

Active Skills: Dark Hands, Chaos Spirit, Chimera Summoning, Silence, Life Drain, Final Blast, Mystic Resurrection, Elemental Corruption, Soul Warp (new), Banish (new), Cauldron of Evil (new).

Passive Skills: Perfect Control, Pinnacle Insight, Precognition, Flexibility, Mirage.」

「Dark Hands – Active skill

Effect: Summon a plethora of undead arms from the earth that trap all enemies within 1 mile –> 3 miles and rip them to shreds.

Duration: 2 minutes –> 3 minutes.

Cooldown: 30 seconds –> 25 seconds.」

「Chaos Spirit – Active skill

Effect: Summon a soul tainted by chaos energy that infiltrates the minds and bodies of others, warping their very essence into something random.

Duration: 1 minute –> 2 minutes.

Cooldown: 10 minutes –> 9 minutes.」

「Chimera Summoning – Active skill

Effect: Call forth the existence of a Chimera from the Mystic Plane, which can attack and defend for the duration of its existence.

Duration: 5 minutes –> 6 minutes.

Cooldown: 8 minutes –> 7 minutes.」

「Silence – Active skill

Effect: Place a curse of silence on an enemy which prevents them from using any skill or spell and removes all buffs and as well as positive characteristics.

Duration: 1.5 minutes –> 2 minutes

Cooldown: 3 minutes –> 2.5 minutes」

「Life Drain – Active skill

Effect: When in physical contact with any enemy, drain their life at a rate of 1% –> 2% per second and restore yours by the same amount. If at full health, drained life is converted into stat points for END.

Cooldown: None」

「Final Blast – Active skill

Effect: Fire a concentrated beam of Mystic Energy that deals 1,000% – 1,200% Mystic Damage to a single target and cause their defense and resistance to drop by 60% –> 70%.

Cooldown: 12 hours –> 9 hours」

「Elemental Corruption – Active skill

Effect: Corrupt the natural elements in any area with Soiled Prana and Mystic Sludge, making it 50% –> 55% harder for magical casters to use spells, and the power of their spells reduced by 70% –> 75%.

Duration: 30 seconds –> 1 minute.

Cooldown: 30 minutes –> 25 minutes.」

「Soul Warp – Active skill

Effect: Send out an intangible wave of Negative Soul Energy that targets the souls of an enemy, turning them into a random Mystic Species for a time.

Duration: 5 minutes.

Cooldown: 12 hours.」

「Banish – Active skill

Effect: Open a portal to the Mystic Realm and send a target into it, temporarily removing them from the main plane.

Duration: 30 seconds.

Cooldown: 15 minutes.」

「Cauldron of Evil – Active skill

Effect: Forcefully capture every enemy within a 5 miles radius, placing them into your cauldron where they will be set to boil. Once inside, they will either take damage if they pass a Luck check, or they will be turned into random resources or items of any kind and grade.

Cooldown: 1 hour.」

「Beckon – Active Skill

Effect: Lure some living organisms towards you.

Note: Organism must be within your Rank (King –> Emperor and below for NPCs/ Lieutenant –> Captain and below for monsters)

Cooldown: 20 –> 15 hours.」

「Subsume – Active Skill

Effect: Store the mass, energy, and soul of an entity consumed by you.

Note: Up to 20 –> 30 entities can be stored at Rank 4.

Cooldown: 20 –> 15 hours.」

「Duplicate – Active Skill

Effect: Create a permanent Avatar with 50 –> 70% of your combat power and all of your skill. Your Avatar can act autonomously and without any distance limitation.

Note: Your Inventory and Experience are shared with your Avatar. Any exp it acquires is provided to you and any items it stores enters your Inventory immediately.

Cooldown: 1 month –> 28 days.」

「Evolution – Passive Skill

Effect: Acquire a single aspect of any living entity consumed. Maximum aspects can be 30 –> 40 at Rank 4.」

「Ultimate Stealth – Passive Skill

Effect: Remain harmless in the eyes of most living entities until damage is dealt. Entities must be within your Rank (King –> Emperor and below for NPCs/ Lieutenant –> Captain and below for monsters) 」

「Species Shift – Passive Skill

Effect: Emulate the State of Being and Source Origin of any stored being that has been subsumed.」

「Combine – Passive Skill

Effect: Combine the State of Being or Source Origin of any stored being that has been subsumed to form something new temporarily or permanently.」

「Mystic Resurrection – Active skill

Effect: Bring back any dead ally at full health with invulnerability.

Note 1: Ally must be within the same–> three Area Zones as you.

Note 2: Invulnerability lasts for 1 minute –> 2 minutes. After that, ally goes into a weakened state for 12 hours –> 9 hours.

Note 3: No rank or species cap. As long as the target is assessed to be an ally, they can be revived.

Cooldown: 14 days –> 7 days」

「Perfect Control – Passive skill

Effect: You have complete and full control of all your energy, power, and magic able to manifest it at will.」

「Pinnacle Insight – Passive skill

Effect: Your intellect, memory, and talent are 5 –> 7 times better than normal.」

「Precognition – Passive skill

Effect: You are able to perceive all danger to your person when in combat and for a maximum of 1 minute out of combat.」

Draco’s mouth which had fallen and been fixed, fell down again, and this time Eva didn’t have the mind to fix it. After all, she too had her jaws drop slightly when she took hold of Roma’s changes.

Roma though, smiled and explained. “Just like Sister Zaine, I’ve already merged my useless skills to form powerful ones. I too received three new skills which were Soul Warp, Banish, and Cauldron of Evil. Since they seemed useful, I decided to keep them as well.”

“Strengthening the skills I already had, wasn’t too costly, so I burned 70% of the energy I absorbed to awaken the remaining Ultima Sunt skills that I did not have access to because I do not have the full Source Origin.” Roma finished with a clap.

Draco and Eva could only share a look and wonder if they really were the main characters anymore.

“Hey, it’s my turn~” Hikari exclaimed with excitement.

Immediately, all four other members of the Morningstar Group flinched and turned to face her. They knew that no matter how spectacular Zaine and Roma had been, Hikari would blow their minds open no matter how much they tried to overestimate her.

As such, they could only take deep breaths, fortify their minds and mobilize their spirits. However, all manner of preparation was useless in the face of absolute balance-breaking power.

「Name: Hikari – Rank 4 Elder Dragon

Level: 150

Exp: 0%

NPC Str: 100

NPC Dex: 100

NPC End: 100

NPC Int: 100

NPC Spr: 495 –> 545

NPC Cha: 100

NPC Lck: 100

Active Skills: White Light Healing, White Barrier, White Light Blessing, White Light Resurrection, White Light Negation (new).

Passive Skills: Item Creation, Life Creation, Element Creation (new), Aether Conversion, Special Dragobond.」

「White Light Healing – Active skill

Effect: Infuse an injured target with the holy light of purity, alleviating their pains and bringing them back to full health while fully restoring Mana and Stamina, Concentration, Focus, and Willpower using 20% less Worldly Energy.

Cooldown: None

Autocast: Off」

「White Barrier – Active skill

Effect: Create a defensive barrier that reduces all forms of damage by 70%–> 80% and restores 40%–> 50% of that damage as health to the target of this skill. Can cover up to 5 –> 8 targets at Rank 4.

Duration: 15 seconds –> 20 seconds.

Cooldown: 20 seconds –> 15 seconds.」

「White Light Blessing – Active skill

Effect: Infuse a target with the holy light of purity, granting them strength and power. All their stats are temporarily quintupled, and so are their Defense, Damage, and Resistances using 20% less Worldly Energy.

Cooldown: None

Autocast: Off」

「White Light Resurrection – Active skill

Effect: Infuse a passed soul with new life, bringing them back from the dead in perfect condition and in their prime, regardless of distance from the caster using 20% less Worldly Energy.

Cooldown: None

Autocast: Off」

「White Light Negation – Active skill

Effect: Channel the light of purity and perfection into a target, granting them the ability to ignore all limiters and effects. For the duration of this skill, all their skills possess no cooldowns.

Note: Does not affect items and equipment.

Cooldown: None

Autocast: Off」

「Item Creation – Passive skill

Effect: You are able to create up to medium –> semi-large items with ambient Worldly Energy.」

「Life Creation – Passive skill

Effect: You are able to create small –> medium living organisms with ambient Worldly Energy.」

「Element Creation – Passive skill

Effect: You are able to create small quantities of any or all elements with ambient Worldly Energy.」

「Aether Conversion – Passive skill

Effect: You are able to convert Worldly Energy to Aetheric Energy at a rate of 1 crystal per quarter-hour. Crystals vary in quality and are always above the low–> medium rank.」

「Special Dragobond – Passive skill

Rank: ???


Passive 1 – Supreme Compatibility: Copulation between the two Dragons tied by this skill will always conceive a child.

Passive 2 – Stats Link: Both Dragons tied by this skill are able to exchange stat points with each other freely if they are within the same Area Zone.

Passive 3 – Perfect Synergy: The two Dragons are able to display 300% –> 400% of their respective Draconic prowess in combat.

Passive 4 – Link: The two Dragons are able to tell the location of each other and reach the side of one another at will.」

The entire group became silent as Hikari made a peace sign with a gratified smile. She was extremely pleased with her growth this time and was sure everyone would be excited to see what she got since it could make them even more powerful.

However, Hikari became scared when she saw that all four of them had their eyes locked onto the menu screen before them, completely bloodshot as actual blood leaked from their seven orifices.

She quickly used White Light Healing on the four, which restored their sanity. Draco, Eva, Roma, and Zaine shuddered when they realized that they had gone into madness, and would have likely become vegetables if Hikari wasn’t here.

Still, just looking at the menu and thinking about Hikari’s senseless new power made them almost fall into madness again, so they could only pinch their noses and force themselves to stop thinking.

Seeing that they were fine, Hikari breathed a sigh of relief and began explaining anyway.

“Well, White Dragons learn new skills at certain intervals. White Light Healing is our natal skill, we get White Barrier at level 10, White Light Blessing at level 30, White Light Resurrection at level 60, and White Light Negation at level 120.”

Hikari pondered. “My next skill would be at level 240 and my final skill at level 400. I only know that my mum said that those two are what truly makes a White Dragon unparalleled, and were why the universe forbade us from ever possessing offensive power.”

What?! You mean the already broken skills you and your race have are not enough for the universe to disqualify you? Shit, there’s even more broken stuff coming up?!

The four almost fainted, but Hikari continued onward without noticing this.

“Thanks to teachings from Sister Zaine, I learned how to allocate my Rank Up energy. I infused some into my White Light Healing, White Light Blessing, and White Light Resurrections to reduce their costs since they were not going to be enhanced in any way.”

“I gained a new skill called Element Creation which allows me to create little bits of usable energy from all elements, so if you need any energy I don’t necessarily have to use the Energy Converter all the time.”

Hikari made a molding motion with her hands. “I can even make Aurora and Origin Energy, but I need… well, I need enough energy in the first place. I can’t make something from nothing.”

Hikari then looked like a lightbulb flashed over her head.

“Oh! Right! Because Draco helped me upgrade my Source Origin to the Divine Rank, the energy I absorbed was Divine instead of Aetheric. This was why I was able to empower my skills so much.”

“This was also the reason why my White Light Negation became so powerful. It should have initially only lowered cooldowns by half, but the Divine Energy allowed me to awaken it at its best state!” Hikari finished with a flutter of her wings.

The eyes of Eva, Roma, and Zaine fell onto Draco, who blushed deeply as he lowered his head.

How could he have known Hikari would become this ridiculous just because of that?!


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