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Guild Wars – Chapter 534: The First Floor – End Bahasa Indonesia

At this point, the five monsters of the Morningstar Clan could only share helpless looks and wonder if it was truly wise to attack this bunch of crazies. Draco though, knew it couldn’t be avoided, so he unsheathed his swords and rushed out.

His Four Beauties could only follow after him and get ready to fight. Once the Schweinehunde noticed the intruders they immediately reacted.

“Wir werden angegriffen!”

“Wer sind diese Leute?”

“Der mit den Schwertern ist wirklich ein hübscher Kerl!”

Draco dashed towards the closest one, who responded by taking out some strange sort of firearm. The rest of them followed suit, materializing firearms out of thin air as they took aim at Draco and fired crazily.

Draco was left speechless by this. Fortunately, he had his Control to redirect all the bullets away from his body as he began slaughtering the Schweinehunde. He couldn’t help but wonder how the hell a normal person was supposed to beat these bloody animals if they had guns.

This was clearly a fantasy setting, so why did guns exist here in the first place? What’s more, those were clearly Kar98ks, and their fire rate was nothing short of impressive. To try and weave through this group was impossible, so could it be the proper way to handle them would have been to isolate the fellows and take them out one by one?

Either way, Draco began using his Paragon Sword Technique to complement his fighting style, and this brought immediate benefits. Not only was he able to kill the Schweinehunde in a few hits, but his special techniques also had useful effects that bypassed his stats limitations.

For example, a desperate Schweinehund that was about to be cut screamed and revealed a dagger as it tried to deflect Draco’s attack. However, the fellow used Sword Skill 355: Disarm in which he struck the tip of the opponent’s weapon with his and flung his sword upwards.

This f.o.r.c.i.b.l.y disarmed the opponent and left him confused. This normally had little effect on players since equipment were ‘equipped’ and techniques couldn’t really disarm those easily, but this 1st floor did not seem to have any such limitations.

Roma used a mixture of Mystic Arrows and Magic Bolts to weaken the targets Draco was about to attack so a single swipe from him would end them, allowing him to save time and mow through them even faster.

Zaine used her Launch skill to send the guns in the hands of the Schweinehunde flying, looking no different from a Sith Lord ripping away blasters from rebel sc.u.m. She didn’t bother to use her Crush skill because it would likely result in the death of her targets from how strong it was.

Hikari healed Draco, who occasionally allowed some bullets to strike him at non-lethal locations so that he could lose HP. Eva stuck to using her tome to attack instead of her bloodline or Control, since she was just here to assist.

“Oh mein Gott, sie haben Reiner getötet! Ihr Schweine!!!”

“Arrgh, warum tun sie das? Was haben wir jemals getan, um das zu verdienen?!”

“Nein, meine Frau und mein Kind… ich will sie nicht verlassen!”

Eventually, Draco had to dodge as a huge cannonball had been fired towards him. At this time, Adolf Schweinler was rushing over in what appeared to be a Panzer tank, which had its barrel still smoking as it reloaded.

His face was filled with horror at seeing so many of his men slain, then he gazed at Draco with red eyes and roared out a cry that made no sense.


Draco scratched his head. “I can’t really understand you, but I get the gist. I’m sorry, this is nothing personal, it’s the fault of the gods who sent me here to kill you for power. Forgive me for what comes next.”

Determined not to waste any more time and torture these fellows anymore, Draco directly used his bloodline energy to manifest Dark Angel wings and coat his blade with Destruction Energy.

Like a fired bullet, he zipped through the entire battlefield, leaving behind a blurry black line, finally ending at Adolf Schweinler’s tank. In the next second, the heads of all the Schweinehunde he had passed on the way rolled off gently as their bodies disintegrated to ash.

The same thing happened to the Panzer rank, leaving the Schweineführer separated in half on the ground. As he began turning into dust, he gazed at the sky with ferocious eyes and uttered his last sentence.

“Wenn der Himmel uns nicht vertragen kann, werde ich den Himmel versiegeln!”

With that, Draco completed his Starter Quest. A grey and black light coursed over his body, enveloping him for a longer time than had been the case for Zaine or Roma. After he was done, he smiled and showed off his new details to his women.

Class: Swordmaster

Health: 100 –> 800

Mana: 100 –> 150

Stamina: 100 –> 800

Level: 1

Exp: 0% (175%)

Power: 1 –> 15

Speed: 1 –> 18

Magic: 1 –> 2

Talent: Sword Soul.」

His power had greatly increased. Even better, he and everyone finally had enough experience to level once. However, since they were still in a party, the AI didn’t distribute the acc.u.mulated experience until they all acquired classes.

Not wanting to stay here any longer, the group left on Hikari’s back towards the Ancient Battlefield, which was the last place on their list. It took them quite a while to get there as it was located near the old capital of the kingdom they were currently in, Hosanna.

When they got close, they had to dismount and let Hikari change back as they noticed that human activity was heavy around here. While Dragons likely existed in this world and probably flew wherever they liked, it was best not to appear amidst people on the back of one.

Soon, they arrived at the entrance of the Ancient Battlefield which was a large gateway. On the other side was a wasteland-like area that was barren of plants or trees, but the land wasn’t particularly brightened like in the Scourge.

There were hundreds of swords, lances, axes, and bows stuck in the ground, as if they were waiting for a Chosen One to lift them and become King of England. Around them were also many heaps of armor that had blood marks on them, as well as various skeletons parts that littered the area.

One glance was enough to learn that a brutal large-scale war must have occurred here some time ago, and the death toll should have been beyond the millions for so much to be left behind. In front of the gates, the group saw many fellows entering and exiting the Ancient Battlefield continually.

Some were like them, here to acquire their classes while others were here to delve deeper for treasures or increase their strength by killing more monsters. Whatever the case, apart from gazing at their group with interest due to the fine ladies, no one paid them any special attention.

Eva led the group towards the area where the skeletons resided, which was the far eastern side. There, they found a large graveyard with many skeletons milled about the gravestones listlessly.

Level: 6

HP: 310/310」

Of course, there were more than a few adventures here who engaged the skeletons alone or as a party. Those who did so alone were mostly confident in their abilities and took on one at a time while those in parties distributed work and fought with groups of them at once.

Eva’s hair began flowing in the wind, her body rising to the sky. She didn’t bother to bring out her tome and directly activated her bloodline. Immediately, a huge array of thin light beams erupted from her body, rushing through the graveyard and striking every skeleton that wasn’t engaged in a fight.

While Draco found this entire experience novel and wanted to enjoy it, Eva was more straightforward and used her full power from the get-go without bothering to rely on that shitty tome. Why should she play around with a pocketknife when she had access to nuclear weaponry?

She ‘only’ needed to kill 70 Skeleton Warriors, yet that one hit had exceeded that number by a few times, leaving those who were battling in the graveyard shocked and horrified. Even the skeletons they were fighting against had their jaws drop – literally – in shock.

Draco and the other three shared wry looks. Well, Eva certainly deserved to be called the Goddess of Light, for everything she did was flashy and bright. No wonder Riveting Night who had always been cloaked and in shadow had been regarded as utterly incompatible with the bloodline to the point she had to be replaced.

Draco rushed into the graveyard to the center with his party in tow, where they saw the Skeleton King. It sat on a throne of bones with its bone greatsword hanging by the side. Its sitting posture was similar to a lazy and despotic king who had everything in hand.

「Name: Skeleton King Leoric – Elite Monster

HP: 660/660」

When the group arrived before it, the light in its sockets came to life, flaring with a bright blue color. It then rose slowly, taking its greatsword up as it walked down the steps to meet them.

The calm and unhurried gait it had would have put pressure on any party daring enough to fight the undead, but Draco’s groups simply shared a strange look. Eva then raised her palm towards the Skeleton King and blasted out a large beam of light.

The Light Cannon technique directly ripped half of the Skeleton King’s body away before it ever had a chance to understand what had just occurred. The next moment, the rest of its body crumbled apart as it had died on the spot.

Eva was then shrouded by a wondrous white light that blinded all who gazed at her. This went on for almost twice the duration it had for Draco and three times for Zaine and Roma, before she opened her eyes and smiled.

「Name: Riveting Night

Class: Light Sage

Health: 100 –> 300

Mana: 100 –> 1,250

Stamina: 100 –> 300

Level: 1

Exp: 0% (299%)

Power: 1 –> 5

Speed: 1 –> 5

Magic: 1 –> 24

Skills: Rain of Light (new), Light Shield (new).

Talent: Halo of Light.」

The stats Eva had gained were simply monstrous compared to what anyone before her had acquired, this was a great l.a.p, making the group wonder if Hikari’s would be as overpowered.

Speaking of Hikari…

Draco rubbed the back of his head. “Fine, I’ll do it.”

He then took his sword and ran himself through, dealing great amounts of damage and almost ending his life. He also gained a slew of status effects that would likely see him dead in minutes unless something happened.

Speechless, Hikari quickly saved him from the brink of death, which fulfilled her final requirement as she too was enveloped in a creamy white light that was far gentler and more accommodating than Eva’s.

Draco rose from the ground and patted his side lightly, smiling bitterly. He certainly didn’t have the will to make any of his women run themselves through for Hikari to fulfill her class requirements, so only he could do it.

Soon, Hikari’s changes came to an end and she smiled at the group excitedly, showing her class details.

「Name: Hikari

Class: Holy Saintess

Health: 10,000 –> 13,000

Mana: 100 –> 1,700

Stamina: 100 –> 400

Level: 1

Exp: 0% (300%)

Power: 1 –> 7

Speed: 1 –> 7

Magic: 1 –> 35

Skills: Heal (new), Blessing (new).

Talent: Aura of Benevolence.」

Everyone couldn’t help but smack their lips. It seemed like no matter where this White Dragoness went, she would break all limits of common sense and become something taboo.

Hikari saw that things weren’t right with how her family looked at her, but didn’t dare to flee lest they capture her. As such, she could only smile gently and stand behind Draco quickly.

Draco noticed that since all of them had received their classes, their experience points were automatically allocated. They each went up 3 levels and hit level 4, and their stats also grew automatically.

It seemed that at least her on the 1st floor they were but automatically gained and allocated depending on one’s class. The amount also didn’t seem to be fixed, instead varying per class.

“Mm, what now?” Roma asked curiously.

“Part of the reward of the Starter Quests were money and c.h.e.s.ts to open. So why don’t we open them and see what’s inside?” Zaine suggested astutely.

Everyone did so, taking out differently colored and styled c.h.e.s.t from their inventories. Draco’s was black with a sword symbol at the keyhole, Eva’s white with a sparkle at the same location, with Hikari’s also being white with a stave there, Roma’s green with a broom and cauldron, and finally Zaine’s which was blue with a brain.

As they all opened them at the same time, a bit of light shot out as the item within revealed themselves. Draco took out two new swords and a set of Swordmaster’s garb. Eva took out a set of grand white papal-like robes and a beautiful tome that shone with splendor.

Zaine took out a set of robes that were more similar to what martial artists wore as well as a focus crystal and a blindfold. Roma had received a set of green witch robes and a wide-brimmed hat with a bauble on top, a cauldron, a lying broomstick, and a crystal ball.

Hikari found robes similar to what Eva had, only that hers were more ornate, a white headpiece and an ornate staff with gems and crystals embedded within.

They all put aside inspecting their new garb and rather equipped them right away. Draco’s two swords consisted of one black and the other white, the set being called the Ying-Yang Blades. His armor now consisted of a brown vest, leather pants, and a full-body red trenchcoat that made him look quite heroic.

Eva’s robes had no headpiece, but rather a cowl that she could adjust. They were quite snug, but still flamboyant enough to maintain some air of elegance. Her Light Sage tome especially was amazing with how it glowed.

Just looking at it felt like one would be seared into ash by its edifying light.

Hikari was similar to Eva in this regard, her robes being able to hide her voluptuous body well enough without being particularly baggy. Still, it couldn’t remove her beauty that was further accentuated by the lovely headpiece that made her look like a Holy Saintess who only wished to save the world of all its pain and suffering.

Her staff that she held also radiated a gentle warmth and made the body feel sleepy and relaxed. It was easy to let one’s guard down completely in Hikari’s presence, as if they instinctively knew she would not hurt, only heal.

Roma and Zaine though, were not as modest. Roma’s witch attire this time was quite tight, perfectly displaying her murderous curves which were only matched by Eva in terms of sharpness.

Her crystal ball hovered around her shoulders, flitting around her like it was sentient, which it likely was. Her cauldron shrunk and transformed into a badge that placed itself on the front of Roma’s robes. Her broomstick came to rest beside her, hovering in the air like some sort of obedient scooter.

Zaine though, was garbed in a strange attire consisting of a white sarashi round the upper c.h.e.s.t and a blue hakama with a black lightning-like pattern at the bottom with red highlights, tied by white strings and only bandages to cover her feet.

(Author’s Note: Google Erza Scarlet’s Clear Heart Armor.)

Zaine also wrapped the blindfold around her eyes, which removed her physical vision but gave her something far more powerful instead. The blindfold came with an ability called Mind’s Eye, granting Zaine practically normal vision with some added effects, like being able to see through the entire spectrum of light.

Of course, while this attire made her look like some awesome seer-type monk fighter, her large b.r.e.a.s.ts were barely restrained by the sarashi that were liked bandages wrapped around her b.a.r.e c.h.e.s.t, and the hakama that was quite baggy only seemed so around the lower part of her legs.

With Zaine’s t.h.i.g.hs and booty, the loose pants became quite tight, displaying her most powerful assets with ease. Well, if any enemy encountered Zaine, at least they could die with a hard-on.

She had a new focus crystal that was far larger than the one given her by the quartermaster. This one was lotted into her forehead as well, and took up about 25% of the space there.

Now that the group were fully equipped, Draco chuckled. “Well, we could continue farting about and raising our levels on this floor, but honestly given the power levels of the enemies we have encountered I don’t think it’s necessary. We still have 98 floors to go through, so let’s just deal with those bandits right away.”

The ladies agreed. While it was quite fun to be introduced to a new system like this, it was not important. As such, they left the Ancient Battlefield on Hikari’s back, blazing towards the village of Ironwood where they had spawned.

Before they got there, they dismounted at the mountain range where the bandits hid. From the sky, they had already identified the encampment of the bandits who had about 30 men and women in their fold.

Naturally, when Draco and co waltzed in, the bandit group was left speechless. Had they grown to be so great that they had their prey deliver themselves nowadays? Did an enterprising bandit develop a new service called Victimdash?

The bandit leader, a large man by the name of Ross, stepped out from his tent where he had been partaking in the only thing that could pass time in a medieval world, which was sharing his seeds.

Understandably pissed at being interrupted, he picked up his great ax and walked over to the group menacingly. Of course, his eyes lit up when he saw the women with Draco, and his mind came down upon claiming them for himself.

At this moment, Draco struck.


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