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Guild Wars – Chapter 513: Casual Genocide Bahasa Indonesia

Soon, all the members of Umbra were arranged in the rally area within the Aether Castle. All 10,000 of them were present, knowing that missing such an event would be incomparably stupid since the host was Draco himself!

Local Lord wasn’t here nor was he counted as a member of Umbra anymore, since Draco and Eva had long since kicked him from the roster. Draco originally wanted to include their serf members, but there were now almost 10 million such people.

The logistics of mobilizing such a large group was counted in days and weeks, not hours. This was why he sneered at guilds like Myriad Cards and Lorebinders that gathered hundreds of thousands of people.

Draco and Eva appeared on the podium before all the members of Umbra. This time, only they stood up there as even the Five Generals were down below, watching them with fervent expressions.

Interestingly, Hera, Keira, and Lucia were also present. They had struggled to integrate into Umbra initially, but with the backing of Sublime and Eva, they eventually became a part of the family.

Draco gazed at all his members and felt a burst of pride. All of them were elites, the top-tier talents of the playerbase so far! It could be said that everyone who would become someone in Boundless was either a part of Umbra or did not exist!

With this, there was not and would never be a guild capable of matching Umbra’s prowess for eternity! Especially with him and Eva here, Umbra was undefeatable and unmatched under the universes!

“Greetings my guildmates, I’ve gathered you here today to shorten the time it would take to achieve the next Rank for most of you.” Draco stated calmly.

There was a period of silence before their hearts began to beat like nuclear reactors about to explode. The words their Guildmaster had uttered were so thunderous that they couldn’t help but react that way.

After all, Draco was saying that he had a way to push over 10,000 people from Rank 2 to Rank 3!

However, the members of Umbra soon calmed down. Hahaha, what a joke, if Draco claimed he had discovered a way to shit using his eyes, they would believe him, because there was nothing their Guildmaster could not do!

Draco saw their belief and laughed softly. “Follow me. First, everyone join the Guild Raid Party.”

Draco created a Raid Party in the guild, in which all 10,000 plus members unhesitatingly joined. He then set the exp share distribution to equal, making the members realize that they were really about to do something huge!

After all, what could make Draco so confident that sharing experience equally between 10,000 people that needed to hit Rank 3 was not something they could easily fathom.

Draco then marched to the Portal Center and all members of Umbra followed along. When they appeared in the inner section where the Portal Center was established, they attracted the eyes of all onlookers.

Many trembled in fear and worry. Umbra were marching out in full power; did they have a war to fight? Which dogs had provoked these ancestors this time?!

Draco stood before a certain portal and tweaked the destination. He paid for the travel fees of the entire guild, then allowed the members to walk through one by one.

He and Eva were the last to enter in order to prevent others from following along to see where they were going. After they crossed, many tried to check the coordinates or rush through, but both methods failed.

This left the general public with one question. Just what was Umbra trying to do?!


The members of Umbra were surprised to have emerged at the shore of a beach. They had thought that Draco would be taking them to a dungeon, Field Zone, or unique continent to do something unspeakable, but never the ocean.

Draco turned to his guild members with a smile and spoke. “Welcome to the Vareas Penninsula. This lovely continent is home to some maritime species as well as some humans who make a living through fishing.”

“It is the closest continent to Cario and should a trade route through the sea be created, it would be the first to exist in Boundless! Of course, the difficulty of this should not be underestimated.”

Draco pointed out to the eastward direction where the boundless sea stood before them. “The sea is a different ballgame from the land. On land, we have nicely demarcated zones either called Area Zones or Field Zones, where we can see the levels of monsters within and plan our steps ahead.”

“The sea however, has none of that. Today you could be dealing with Rank 1 Crabby Claws which are easy to kill and in the next moment, you might be besieged by a Rank 6 Kraken.”

Eva took point from here. “It is this very unpredictability that has caused the maritime industry to go undeveloped and largely avoided. We players have the advantage that we can respawn, so with enough lives sacrificed, we could eventually map out the seas around our continent and – if not create trade routes to other continents – be able to create trade routes to other ports within the same continent.”

What Eva was describing wasn’t speculation but literally what had occurred in the previous timeline. Back then, it had taken the sweat and effort of hundreds of determined players to waste money and time building or buying sh.i.p.s, setting out to sea, encountering monsters on new and unmapped routes before bringing the information back upon their deaths.

Intercontinental trade had still been a tall task when Draco and Eva had died, with only close continents having some means to achieve this. Continental trade though, was flourishing and this was why Kamisuo and the others had developed maritime industries later in the game.

Still, there had often been accidents. Forget pirates, even they didn’t dare operate on the cleaned-up trade routes because occasionally, monsters would pop up and claim vessels.

It had been established that only 30% of the sh.i.p.s sent out would reach their destination and make the return journey safely. It was a poor number, but it showed just how tough maritime development was.

The players now had an inkling of this, but it wasn’t as deep since players hadn’t even conquered the land around them yet, much less have time to fart about on the sea.

Eva continued. “However, Umbra will now be taking over all maritime enterprises relating to Cario Continent, as well as f.o.r.c.i.b.l.y opening up a trade route for intercontinental trade.”

The members took a deep breath, as this was a grand undertaking. It seemed like they would have to work extremely hard to prove themselves and clear up a route for the guild.

Hm, was this the method to reach Rank 3 that Draco and Eva were talking about then?

Draco then waved his hands, shocking the players of Umbra as many large warsh.i.p.s manifested above the oceans. It was not anything strange, just his very own handmade King’s Spear warsh.i.p.s from Privateering.

There were just over 20 of them, and each one could hold 500 people at once. Draco had the various members of Umbra board them until all 10,000 were fully loaded.

Then, they set sail as a fleet in an arrowhead formation. Many of the members of Umbra were incomparably excited, their hearts thumping as they gazed at the massive sh.i.p.s moving out.

With such a fleet, just which monster could stand up to them? They could raid coastal cities endlessly and harvest endless resources from the sea directly!

However, the imagination of the members of Umbra was too lacking. It couldn’t be helped, they had not lived two timelines, were not the reincarnation of two of the universe’s likely strongest beings, and did not know about the truth behind their existence.

Even Loving Aunt and Essence Stalker, who satisfied one of these three conditions, could not imagine what would happen next.

Draco then stopped the fleet in the center of the ocean, right at a place that was the middle of the closest points between the Cario Continent and the Vareas Peninsula. The various members were surprised when Draco and Eva stopped here.

The Evil Duo then flew up into the air, Draco using Subjective Magic while Eva used her Divinity. The members of Umbra confusedly watched as they hovered over the ocean, just a little way off from the sh.i.p.s.

Just what were they trying to do?

Draco took a deep breath and gazed at Eva. “Well, it’s my turn and I’ll be going first. Afterward, the rest is up to you.”

Eva nodded. She then pressed the palm of her hand on Draco’s back, much like how Loving Aunt had done so for Draco in order to channel his bloodline energy to perform the Advanced Manifestation Technique.

Draco raised his right hand out slowly, his palm facing upward like he was trying to make a Destructo-Disc. However, it was not a ball that manifested there, but something far, far worse.

Lighting coalesced in the center of his palm, three different snakes of electricity striking each other in the center as a BZZT BZZT BZZT sound was made.

Soon, a small orb of blackish energy was manifested, but it quickly began to grow like a monster on steroids. It reached the size of a football, then a cannon, then a house, then a three-story building.

The light of the day had long darkened, making the area within a hundred thousand kilometers as if the sun had been blocked. Clouds swayed left and right, as if some great torrent of wind was pushing them left and right.

The members of Umbra on the sh.i.p.s had long fallen to their knees in fear and horror. Not only the sight of the menacing attack before them, but the sheer pressure it emanated made them crumble.

It didn’t matter who or what, they all fell to their knees, even Rina who had a Divine Class. Their eyes had already widened to the limit as they gazed at the still-growing orb with awe.

Soon the orb was as large as a huge warehouse, the figure of Draco and Eva beneath it becoming tinier and tinier in contrast. At this time, Draco began to sweat as he had filled it with all the bloodline energy he could muster from overclocking one bloodline generator.

He could try to push for more, but that would rather damage him. The most he and Eva could do right now was overclock one generator. It allowed them to gain abhorrent power that was beyond the comprehension of others for a single attack, but they would be spent for a while.

This was why Draco could explore the Mayan ruins without fear, because he could level the entire island if he had enough time to prepare. Of course, he didn’t dare use Destruction Energy in the real world since its effects were worse than the most potent radiation.

It would be better to fire 10 of the strongest nukes than let Draco shoot this orb on even the most remote island on earth. However, in Boundless, due to the huge distance between places and the exaggerated sizes of everything, he had no such worries.

Not to mention the friendly fire prevention system. As for harming himself, Draco was not worried. He chose Destruction Energy from his many options because he was very sure of his immunity to it.

Admittedly, Lightning had been his first choice, but he was scared he would zap himself to death. He was no Zeus after all.

Just when Draco was faltering, Eva began infusing him with her own bloodline energy produced from an overclocked generator. She only provided him with raw energy instead of attributed one as they couldn’t predict how it would mutate the Destruction Energy.

At this point, the huge orb that was about as large as a skyscr.a.p.er suddenly began to shrink and condense. Its density rather increased, its weight becoming so high that the air around it began to warp like some poorly done photoshop.

By the time it had shrunk back to the size of a house, the atmosphere could take it no longer as it cracked, opening holes into the void. The void monsters on the other side that tried to walk through scurried deeper into their realm when they felt the energy coming through.

When the orb reached the size of a football, the sky completely darkened, even the blue color that was ever-present gone as if they were in the middle of space. The blue sea below had changed into an astral sea.

It was a beautiful sight, but the various fish and monsters that were now visible horrified the players. They noticed that as far as they could see, hundreds and thousands of monsters existed, they too confused by the sudden transparency of their home.

This led the members of Umbra to wonder how they had sailed up to here without being attacked, but then realized that Draco must’ve done something to allow them to come here unmolested.

Draco eventually condensed the orb into a small marble size thing that was glossy. It had a black color that glowed with a greyish-silver light. It was a miracle that light could even reflect of it, as one would expect all rays to be destroyed.

Draco gazed at it with trepidation, even feeling as if his immunity might not be enough to save him from this thing. However, that further reassured him that it would achieve the goals he wanted.

At this point, Eva was also tapped out as she removed her hand. Draco felt the orb start to tremble as it had lost its source of fuel. It almost felt like it had gained some sentience after coming this far, but Draco knew that was impossible.

As such, he didn’t waste time in case any unwanted development occurred. He threw his hand down, allowing the tiny marble to slowly drop through the air and enter the astral-like sea.

Its descent was slow and unhurried, like an old man taking a stroll through the park. However, for all onlookers, it was like their bodies were frozen as the orb moved, eventually reaching the water and sinking below it.

It went lower and lower, so deep that it couldn’t be seen anymore. Draco and Eva shared a look and took on their Devil and Goddess Forms. Immediately, they used their enhanced mental abilities to lift the 20 plus warsh.i.p.s into the sky, flying higher and higher.

30 seconds later, they stopped and gazed at the ocean which was so far below them that even they could barely see it. Still, Draco and Eva had solemn expressions on their faces, as if they were standing right before the face of death and demise.

In the next 5 seconds, the astral-like sea suddenly blackened. There was no great explosion or sound, just a dark light that shone from beneath like it was some amazing natural phenomenon.

However, Draco and Eva paled. Wherever their black light passed, anything made of fleshy matter would be destroyed. Even birds that were flying over soon disintegrated into nothingness, the items from their bodies plunging into the sea.

The light came as high as Draco and Eva’s location, but stopped there for a few seconds. It eventually receded back into the ocean, and the dark sky brightened up, while the astral-like sea returned to its blue color.

At this time, their transformation had come to an end, so they began to plummet back to the sea. The sh.i.p.s crashed against the surface, pushing the surface deeply before bouncing once, twice, and then settling in.

Draco and Eva slowly came to hover above the ocean. Nothing much had changed visibly after the orb exploded, but Draco and Eva knew exactly what kind of inconceivable things had just happened.

They could sense no marine life within the range of their Void of Perfection, which was a chilling thought since just under the sh.i.p.s, there had been thousands of them. Instead, the sea surface was littered with an endless amount of items lazily floating on the surface.

When the members of Umbra shook off their vertigo, they were shocked by the scene before them. It didn’t require 10,000 IQ to understand what had just happened, and this left them speechless.

They could only gaze at Draco and Eva who floated in the air like deities with awe and reverence. Draco then turned to Sublime and spoke.

“Hah… well, there are far too many items here. We’ll need to get all our serf players to collect what they can before the sea sweeps everything away, no?”

Sublime shook her head to cancel her daze and quickly sent a message to all serf players. They should gather on the nearest coast to the coordinates Sublime sent or they would be expelled from the guild.

Only those serving positions of importance were allowed to stay while all others had to rush over in under 24 hours, regardless of what they were doing. After all, time was of the essence, and very few could gather all that existed.

The core members instantly moved out, activating various abilities that allowed them to collect as much as they saw. The most potent of these was Essence who directly entered his Dragon form.

Within his 1-minute duration, he sped up and down the sea, collecting items into a pocket space like crazy. The other also either disembarked directly into the sea and used abilities to move, like the Hydromancer Cold Summer who was the highest Expert Ranked member on the cusp on becoming a core member.

His prowess was just below Essence, which was impressive. Draco directly manifested many of his other sh.i.p.s like the Rapscallion’s Glee which had high speed as well as small size in the hundreds.

Since it was only the size of a schooner, it took a very short time to make with his Privateering Assistants who were building sh.i.p.s 24/7. Many players split into these small sh.i.p.s which could take about 10 people at once, speeding off and collecting everything they saw.


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