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Guild Wars – Chapter 510: Ancient Ruins 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Draco could only stand there in awe and confusion as the seeming hologram displayed this otherworldly scene. Just as anyone would expect, the Mayans within the video panicked at the sudden attack.

Many cried and fell to their knees, uttering something in their strange language that Draco could not understand but stored in his mind for later. There were many guard-like people who rushed over wielding strange runic weapons that glowed with energy.

Their expressions were ashen, knowing that the mere act of turning up to stand before such a behemoth was practically signing their death certificates. However, what else were they supposed to do?

If they didn’t stand forward now, who would? The various defense automatons built into their city came to life and fired cannon beams of flashy energy, more destructive than even rail guns.

However, that palm was unstoppable and infallible. Following the laws of physics, that palm did not move fast, looking like it was coming down in slow motion while it caused a shockwave due to the force of its movement.

There was nothing anyone could do in such a situation, that was until the palm finally struck the city. Instead of being smashed to paste like Draco expected, a strange barrier with runes all over its surface had manifested.

Once the citizens saw this, they became excited. The strange barrier was only slightly cracked by the powerful attack, shocking Draco silly. The Mayans actually had access to something this powerful?

No, from the very onset of this video, Draco had basically confirmed that the Mayans were an advanced civilization as archaeologists suspected. They had advanced in their technology to what this era would consider a sci-fi level, only that they walked the route of magitech, or magical technology.

That was the only thing that could explain the runes. It also could be seen as evidence for his theory that there used to be Worldly Energy or the like on earth in the old days, because for magitech to work, such energy was a prerequisite.

Draco was not sure who was more impressive then. The humans of the Mayan era who had developed such great technology while not understanding much of physics and science, or the humans of the current era who had replaced Worldly Energy with electricity and had developed this far with only scientific knowledge.

Hm, both had their merits and demerits. Whatever the case, the colossus struck the shield a few times, and after the shock from the initial viewing, Draco was able to observe this thing much better.

He noticed that it looked like a collection of strange pieces of earth, muds, broken branches, and energy. Observing it like this, there was only one thing that came to Draco’s minds, and it left him shaken.

A Primordial Titan!

The famous group of fellows from Greek Mythology who had given birth to the Gods!

Once Draco realized this, it was as if his mind exploded. He suddenly connected many dots and understood the general truth of the matter – or what he could reasonably infer from his understanding – as compared to the nonsense in mythology.

The Primordial Titans were the original beings of earth, representing the elements and laws in their truest form. One should remember, before bringing in so many chaotic cells from the Gerdo Galaxy upon crashing into earth, animals and all other species did not exist on earth.

The planet was still in the stage where every form of life existed in the sea as either a single-celled organism or developing sea life. The only sentient beings were the titans who had walked the earth, confirming their laws and spreading growth upon the planet.

The rise of humans and animal life was not a problem to them as it was a natural order that had spanned many millennia. In fact, they had been overjoyed as the creation of such life meant that the earth could expand and grow further.

However, such happy sentiments changed with how quickly humans and animals propagated. In the blink of their eye 10,000 of them became 100,000!

Not only that, while animals were able to form a connection with Gaia and adapt to some laws she had established, creating the basic ecosystem, the humans possessed too much intelligence and free will to be bound.

So, the Primordial Titans might have disliked humans or even tried to cull them, Draco could not be too sure about this – or any of his wild speculation really – but he was definitely sure that grand conflict existed between the 9 High Humans and the Primordial Titans.

One was a group of insanely powerful invaders who had spread their vile seeds into their planet, slowly destroying it with their living habits, while the other were the natives of the world who contained its laws and maxims.

There must have been more than one battle, but the 9 High Humans were undefeated since all of them were present when they left the world, while Draco could not tell if any titans were killed.

After all, they said to be so powerful in mythology that killing them had been impossible, and they could only be sealed at best. However, if some hadn’t been culled, why would the titans remain silent up until now?

Unless they were truly sealed away? That might explain why Draco could sense a dangerous presence here, but such a presence had not woken up to smash him into paste.

This made sense to Draco. After all, Jada had stated that he had a 75% chance of completing his mission, which was basically to take this table and any other goody he found away.

He also had a 95% chance of surviving, so Draco guessed that the 5% came about in case he foolishly broke the seal tying that monster down?

Well, whatever the case, Draco had no intention of releasing it to fight. At best, he would take a cautious look from afar and verify his theories before doing what he had to do.

Draco noticed that the video did not stop. In fact, a shocking development occurred when the Primordial Titan was about to break the runic defense, plunging the city into fear once more.

However, its next strike was halted as it was struck by a huge wave of thunder. It g.r.o.a.n.e.d in a strange voice that sounds like the flowing of rivers and the grinding of rocks, falling back slightly.

In the sky above the city, a man of thunder and lightning appeared. He had neatly combed white hair, a crown wreath, a thick and burly body that would put any Mr. Universe to shame while wearing a white toga that did little to hide his amazing upper body.

His skin was supple and slightly pale while still being healthy, his brows sharp and his beard mighty. His eyes were a piercing blue color and he wore a slight smirk on his face that showed off his extreme confidence.

As he stood there, his eyes roved the city below, stopping on any beauties that stood there. It didn’t matter if they were mothers, underage or married, all of them shivered when that gaze passed over them, their w.o.m.bs crying out in fear.

Zeus had landed.

His body glowed with endless lightning energy as he glanced at the Primordial Titan before him arrogantly. When he opened his mouth to speak, Draco eagerly awaited hearing his words but his face fell as he realized that he understood jack shit.

Well, it wasn’t shocking, Zeus was speaking ancient Greek and Draco had never learned such a language. In fact, when he had met Lucifer and Amaterasu with Eva in their visions, the former had been speaking an ancient Roman language, with the latter ancient Japanese.

It was only that their words had automatically translated themselves into something they could understand in such situations. Here, Draco was looking at a recording, so there was no such luxury. As such, he could only watch as Zeus spoke arrogantly to the Primordial Titan, which seemed to be fuming.

They then battled in the sky, one slowly moving and using strange laws to attack while Zeus fulfilled his role as the Thunder God. Draco was sure that even a casual bolt Zeus fired could power the entire earth for a few years from his might and condensed it looked.

Heck, just watching the recording alone, his whole body shook in fear. Draco finally understood what Lucifer meant when he had claimed that the 9 High Humans had been limitlessly powerful but had little control.

From Draco’s point of view, Zeus had no skill. He was just chucking out lightning bolt after lightning bolt no different from a kid throwing some stones, and his fighting skills were poor. He only dodged by zipping around, turning his entire body to lightning to move quickly.

However, when power reached a certain level, techniques and skill were no longer needed. Draco could only stand there numbly as he watched Zeus dominate the poor titan that was screaming in that weird manner, eventually collapsing into a charred heap beneath Zeus’ boots.

He then dragged it with one arm and tossed it into the center of the Mayan city which was a level park, before calling down lightning to form a thick net that locked the Primordial Titan within.

Zeus then dispelled his aura and landed among the ruins, and for a second, his eyes fell on the cameraman. Zeus narrowed his eyes and said some casual words to the one filming before heading into the central admin building.

The cameraman fell to his a.s.s and the recording came to an end there. Draco was extremely horrified, as it felt like – for a split second – Zeus’s eyes had pierced through space and time to land upon him as he commented lightly.

The 9 High Humans should not have this ability, right? At least, mythology had never mentioned Zeus having any time-based attributes. It was only the Primordial Titan Chronos who had such a power, so it shouldn’t be a problem… right?

In truth, Zeus had not seen Draco. What Draco did not know what that Zeus had just acted like an edge lord to appear cool. Once he had noticed that someone had recorded the fight, he was sure that there would be someone watching this at some point in the future.

As such, he gazed into the camera like he could see them and passed a general comment before moving on. That way, after seeing him heroically beat a Primordial Titan, seal it then ‘see’ them, future generations would be awed by him.

In truth, Zeus’s idea was clever but he had vastly underestimated how effective it would be. He had just acted it on a whim, but even a reincarnation of Lucifer who was one rank above him like Draco was shaking in his boots.

If Zeus knew, he might run into the mortal world, capture 9 underage v.i.r.g.i.ns and seed them all in an orgy party to celebrate.

Then again, Zeus had already done that on a daily basis, so he might up the numbers to make it truly festive.

Draco realized that the screen had returned to the home menu. Seeing that it was frozen like this, Draco opened his Holo-Tab and took a recording of the entire room’s layout.

He then played the clip and recorded it before leaving. As he passed through the building, he made sure to record every nook and cranny, before doing the same for the entire city.

Any traps he encountered were easily neutralized because he could sense them, and hidden dangers like automatons were also avoided. There was no need to fight and destroy such things.

Much could be learned from them, and Draco was looking forward to the runic technology. If he could work out a way to return Worldly Energy to earth, he could use it alongside the science tech to create a magitech/sciencetech hybrid.

But more importantly, Draco could port the runic tech here into the Western Fantasy of Boundless and gain brownie points with the AI. In fact, he was mostly recording all this to send to Amber for her and the AI to process.

He would have liked to take this stuff away and give it to them to work on, but he wasn’t sure if removing them would damage them. That could be why his mission success had been 75%, because Draco almost pulled them out of where they had been set up.

Done, Draco took a deep breath and headed to the central temple. Once inside, he noticed that there seemed to be many warnings to prevent outsiders from entering and releasing what was inside.

It wasn’t that he suddenly understood the language, but warnings and danger symbols had not really changed over the course of centuries. Even an idiot would understand that multiple skulls and human figures that lay on their side with red all over was no picknick in the park.

Unable to refute them and partly accepting their insults, Draco entered. He mostly teleported his way even as he recorded, because the number of traps had frankly grown ridiculous.

They were Indiana Jones tier stuff, rolling boulders, flame traps, arrow traps, lighting traps, snake pits, and even automaton guards. Any archaeologist who didn’t have the necessary skills would die here, leaving behind only a skeleton for the next one who thought himself to be special.

Draco eventually reached a huge set of double doors. He had to crane his neck high up to even see the top of it. The number of warning symbols painted on it where overwhelming, and Draco could infer many insults to his IQ, his mother’s s.e.x.u.a.l morality, and his p.e.n.i.s size from some of the warnings.

Draco could only smack his lips. It seemed like no matter how advanced the civilization, the three basic insults transcended space and time, being eternal.

Draco also felt that aura much clearer. Whatever was behind her could smash him into bits, and he would at best be able to preserve his life. But to bombard it with endless power like Zeus was impossible.

After all, the 9 High Humans had poor control over the bloodline but endless energy to power them. Draco and Eva were the opposite where they had much better control, but the continuous flow of energy was tough for them unless they activated a single bloodline generator.

However, doing so always led to them losing any control of what would happen next, creating something that was horrifying and troublesome beyond compare.

Draco was at a crossroads. To take a gander behind this door and see what was locked up, or leave sensibly and wait until he had enough power to defeat what lay behind the door?

Hm, this was a matter of intelligence and unfortunately, Draco had come alone without Eva. Just this moment, his two braincells had come back from vacation and entered his mind to see if there were any changes.

Upon seeing what he was doing, they hurriedly stopped him, for his hand was just about to blast the door open.

Thank God for the braincells, they had stopped a disaster before it could happen! Draco rubbed his chin and decided not to provoke whatever lay behind the door and cut his losses.

He then apported out of the temple and manifested his wings, taking to the sky, observing the city one more time, then shook his head, blasting off towards the island of Nassau.

He touched down on that non-descript beach, and his connection came back online as he finally had a signal again. Draco sent his videos to both Supernatural and Amber, informing them of what he had seen and warning them about the possible dangers.

Supernatural responded with gratitude, claiming that this was enough to consider the mission completed. Really, they were just happy Draco had come back alive and wanted him to scram back home and not risk himself like that for such a ‘measly’ outcome.

As for Amber, she reported that she would look into things and inform him later. Seeing that he had satisfied both parties, Draco looked around and realized that it was almost morning.

Hm, it seemed as if more time had passed than he accounted for. Either there was a strange presence on the island that could warp the flow of time, or that video had lasted longer than he had noticed.

Whatever the case, Darius decided to return to his hotel to rest for a bit. He made sure to call Eva on video and explain what he saw and went through. Eva seemed intrigued and wanted a copy of the video as well, but Draco chuckled and told Eva that she would have to wait to watch it with him upon his return.

The two then talked for a while longer before Draco ended the call and lay languidly in the bed, feeling bored. He suddenly wondered why he hadn’t gone to provoke that existence under the ground, and he shook his head.

‘Sigh, it seems like I am becoming more retarded by the day. I should have obviously gone in but chickened out and gave myself some silly reasons. After all, anyone with a high IQ would know that entering to take a look is the wiser choice!’ Draco thought.

There was no fanfare about it, the braincells had quickly tidied up and had gone back out to visit the figurative family.

Draco then browsed the Supernatural portal and was interested in the rewards for this mission he completed. It was listed as 500,000 Supernatural Points, 30 million Central Country dollars, and priority service in the Gene Opening Ceremony.

Curious about the ceremony, Draco searched on it. He was surprised to note that this was a unique ritual that cost a lot of resources, and could only be done a fixed amount of times.

One time used was one-time less, but what it did was give the person the ability to completely free their cells and gain unique abilities in tandem with what they already had.

Most of the other Superior Lords had gone through this, giving them great power and longevity. Draco was curious about this, so he decided to see how much it would cost for one session.

His face changed when he saw that each session cost 1 million Supernatural points, which also made sense to him.

After all, if just one mission of the Superior Lord level was enough, it would not last them long.


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