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Author’s Note: Once again, I warn you. if you hate LL to the point of madness, then welcome and enjoy.

If you only mildly dislike him, ship the chap. If for some reason, you like him… read it, you need to be punished.

This chapter is the most gruesome I have ever written in my life and I hope to never have to write something like this again.

This is your final chance to save yourself the trauma.

Draco and Eva savored Local Lord’s begging like a pair of wine connoisseurs who had procured a finely aged wine and had saved it for a special occasion or legendary chefs acting as judges on a cooking show between professionals. To hear the arrogant and conniving Shangtian beg like this only satisfied their hatred by a decimal percent.

There was obviously no way they would let him go after having prepared for this so long, so Eva held the lower part of his jaw while Draco held the upper. With his strength being drained, Local Lord was unable to resist, and the liquids were poured down his throat one by one.

Draco made sure they had taken effect before letting go of him. At this time, Local Lord turned silent as he was hit by the effects of the three potions. He now knew that there was no escape, so he gritted his teeth and swore in his heart that he would not make a sound in the next three hours.

Once he recovered his strength, he would break out from here and gather his own forces. Then he would slaughter the two Lineages, have all their men and women r.a.p.ed to death, before dealing with these two using the most horrific methods known to man.

Draco and Eva shared a look. “Interesting thoughts. Since you still have time to be defiant, why don’t we try some of your own ideas on yourself, eh?”

Eva stepped forward. “I’ll take the first round.”

Draco acquiesced and stepped back, knowing that whatever hatred he had for Local Lord paled compared to Eva’s. For the entirety of the past timeline, he had blamed Eva for seemingly having betrayed him, so had been solely focused on getting revenge on her.

It wasn’t until he had talked things out with Eva in this timeline that he had discovered that the target of his hatred had been the false one.

Local Lord had tried to r.a.p.e her and eventually caused them to fall out, leading a yandere like her to suffer the hatred of her target of obsession for years on end.

Eva removed three tables from her inventory, all of which contained different sets of tools for torture and dismemberment. She chose two sets of clips and brought them to Local Lord’s eyelids, ensuring that they would remain open during the entire procedure.

Then she took a small carving knife and tested it on her finger for sharpness. Confirming that it worked, she brought it over to the struggling Local Lord who would have died from fear if he could as he guessed what Eva wanted to do.

Eva raised the knife as she chuckled coldly. “Now, to punish your offense of daring to use those filthy eyes to look at my face.”

Eva directly carved his eyeball, causing blood to spurt out all over her. Local Lord screamed in agony beyond what a mortal should feel, yet could not escape. His brain even failed to process the sensation of pain it was feeling, leaving him in the throes of endless suffering.

Eva drew a pentagram symbol in both of his pupils that continually shot out blood. She then slowly cut Local Lord’s eyelids off from the base, making sure that his eyes would forever remain open to see what would happen next.

Eva was gentle and careful in her work, only using about 10 minutes to carve both eyes. She made sure to inflict the most pain on Local Lord by cutting where the blood vessels in his eyes lay.

Eventually, Local Lord’s eyes stopped bleeding as there was no more blood left in his body, however the Binding Rods prevented him from dying. As such, his eyes quickly dried, showing Eva’s work which – apart from being cruelly horrific – was also morbidly aesthetic.

Eva stepped back and admired her work before sighing with glee. “First stage done. Your turn, Handsome.”

Draco smoothed his hair and kissed Eva as she passed, moving on to deal out his own torture. He took a small scalpel and put on some gloves, before he walked over towards their victim and gazed at his lower body.

“So you like to r.a.p.e, huh? I wonder, is it a thing you inherited from dogshit Pangu himself, or is that something you developed locally? Who knows? Who cares?”

Draco slapped Local Lord’s waist playfully. “Certainly not the various women and girls you have defiled over the course of two timelines for sure. They just want you dead, and some want to reverse time to the point they never had to suffer such humiliation.”

Draco shrugged. “Turning back time is not within my power scope yet, but as for making you suffer, that I can do.”

Draco chuckled as he removed the other’s pants. “Quite a big donger you have there. Aren’t enemies usually supposed to have small p.e.n.i.ses to show inferiority? Bro, how come yours is even bigger than mine in my Demon Form, huh? Don’t you think I would be jealous?”

Draco placed his scalpel near Local Lord’s member, aligning it with the base. “Using such a thing to r.a.p.e women, they couldn’t have felt any physical pleasure at all. You know, r.a.p.e is bad because it denies women emotional pleasure from s.e.x, rather resulting in emotional trauma. However, there is still an inkling of physical pleasure in the situation, although that even further intensifies the emotional trauma they feel.”

Draco then began to skin Local Lord’s p.e.n.i.s slowly from the base, making him wail in pain that no man would ever wish to experience, not even upon their worst enemy.

“You know, there’s already a study on it, claiming that more women orgasm during r.a.p.e than without. That’s not a good thing though, because the shame from it is prone to destroy them mentally, their bodies betraying their minds. Still though, there is at least, that inkling of pleasure in such a traumatizing act. Not calling it a benefit, but at least it’s not all shit. Unlike you, they get the chance to try and escape their grim reality by focusing on it.”

Draco chuckled as he quickly worked like a skilled skinner, cutting the flesh off his target from the base in a circle and then slowly peeling it off from within using the knife.

One might even liken him to an artisan working on a livestream who would talk to his viewers during their work, but there was no way anyone would be able to watch this and stomach it. Well, apart from those who knew the evils of this fellow and had experienced it firsthand.

Eva watched from the side with her arms folded, neither moved nor bothered by the sight. She too had almost been defiled by that thing, albeit digitally, so she of all people relished seeing it being destroyed brutally.

“In your case, all a woman would have been able to feel would have been physical AND emotional pain. This thing here was only good for messing up their insides and causing them to bleed. They would have been unable to understand why it hurt so much and why this had to happen to them. You piece of shit gave them double the suffering just to satisfy your own disgusting primal desire. Congrats, you somehow managed to be even worse than the regular sc.u.m who r.a.p.e women.”

Draco spoke slowly as he finally removed the entire skin of the shaft and began working on the head. Local Lord should have long since passed out, died, or become a vegetable at this point from the intensity of the pain, but all that had been denied as his mind was kept fresh and focused to feel all this directly and enhanced.

He had already screamed himself hoarse, yet he did not slacken as his entire face was locked in a rictus of a wail. He looked like a man damned to the lowest points of hell to suffer for eternity, and his mutilated eyes leaked blood in the form of tears that rolled down his cheeks.

Since Draco was done with him for now, he placed his scalpel in the tray, removed the gloves, and tossed them aside before burning them with subjective magic.

The current state of Local Lord’s lower body was too ugly to look at, just a piece of bloody flesh dangling there, bleeding endlessly and forming a puddle of blood below.

Draco was happy to see that Local Lord could regenerate his blood in time, as the Binding Rod would prevent him from losing all of it.

He then bowed to Eva. “Madam Supreme Beauty, your humble soulmate, the Lord of Handsomeness, Wisdom, Joy, and Benevolence has generously left the field for your next act.”

Eva’s lips twitched. This was what you called humble? Damn!

Eva simply snorted and walked over to inspect Local Lord closely. The pain was still making him adopt a silent scream, and it was clear it was so hefty that he could no longer even muster the awareness to understand what was going on.

All there was for him was the never-ending pain, and it was enough to make Local Lord want to die ten times over, but even that was out of his reach.

Eva took another knife and checked its blade once more before walking over. She then patted Local Lord’s face gently while smirking.

“Well now, everyone who knows you – and likely hates you – knows about that filthy mouth of yours. You used it to mock many women after ruining them, then used it to coerce me and insult Draco repeatedly over the previous timeline.”

Eva gently placed the blade against the edge of Local Lord’s lips. “Such a thing is not needed. Since you cannot use it for anything good, then you shall no longer need to use it at all.”

Eva slowly cut off Local Lord’s flesh surrounding his mouth, ignoring the blood that spurted out and smeared her face. She focused on her task, furrowing her brows as she displayed utter concentration while removing his lips from the base.

It didn’t take Eva long, even as slowly as she did it. Local Lord had tried to move and thrash, but his body had been sapped of all strength and he was locked in place by the rods.

Eva then pulled his tongue out from his bloody mouth, not bothering to cut it but directly using her strength to slowly rip it out, maximizing the pain by dragging out the process as long as she could.

Eventually, the organ jumped out with a load of blood accompanying it as well as saliva and some flesh from his mouth.

Eva smirked as she waved the hanging organ before Local Lord. “Never talk shit if you don’t have a titanium tongue, otherwise somebody will rip it out for you one day.”

She then tossed it to some corner and walked back to stand beside Draco. Draco himself nodded in satisfaction seeing the ruined Local Lord.

He then took a grate that was cylindrical in nature. The grate was filled with edges that would even turn the hardest piece of carrot into mush, much less flesh.

“Picking up from where I left off, I want to show you a bit of what you put the unfortunate women through. As I cannot change your gender, I will have to settle for using an alternative means. I hope you understand.” Draco explained as he snapped his fingers and had the Binding Rods retract from the wall a little.

This made some space behind Local Lord, allowing Draco to walk there, as he held the grate with a slight smile.

“Since you like forcefully inserting things, how’s about a taste of your good ol’ medicine, eh?”

Draco placed the mouth of the grate against the entrance of Local Lord’s anus, pushing it in slowly while turning it around. Since there was no lube, there was an intense resistance in moving it in, but Draco had enough strength to force it.

Not to mention that as the grate turned Local Lord’s rectum into a bloody mess, the blood became a form of lubricant, allowing it to go deeper and deeper.

Draco then hummed a lovely song as he twirled the grate left and right with the handle still in his grip in tune with the beat. Eva even bobbed her head up and down, remembering that this used to be their song, which had been played at a quaint little restaurant in Sturgehaven City where she and Draco had their first date in the previous timeline.

After the track came to an end, Draco leisurely pulled out the grate which was now adorned with flesh, blood, and excrement. He tossed it aside casually, not even wanting to look at what his actions had wrought, for even he might be troubled by it.

Draco then moved to stand by Eva, the two of them admiring their work like proud creators. Draco raised his hand and cast a healing spell on Local Lord, restoring his physical makeup and removing all the damage he had suffered physically.

Before Local Lord could sigh in relief from being freed, Draco turned to Eva. “So, shall we begin again anew? Don’t hold yourself back, my Beauty, I have prepared more a few of these potions.”

Eva smiled beautifully as she responded: “Wonderful, I had many years to come up with ideas about what I would do to him if I ever got the chance! ”


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