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Eva fired out all her active skills, regardless of whether they were AOE or not. She even utilized her Divine Rank Element Regulation passive skill to call forth the four basic elements upon her foes. With her other passives boosting the damage of her Light-based skills and techniques, she had nothing to worry about.

Of course, Eva wasn’t the sole source of damage here, not in the slightest. Right after she opened the field, the other two combat-capable members of the legendary Four Beauties group also let loose.



Lightning Control1!

Zaine began with her most potent active skill, the Psi-Blade. It was the culmination of her raw mental power put into its most harmful form. She hadn’t used it in the earlier phases because of its damage, but she cast it on one of the less enc.u.mbered Void Devourers.

With her Rank 3 Ultra Telekinesis, she was powerful enough to directly lift foes and toss them about. In fact, were Zaine to meet Dork Vader, she could likely suppress him with ease. Of course, she couldn’t multitask too extensively since she was occupied upholding her Mirage, so she opted to use it in tandem with her good old ‘knife storm’ to attack.

Apart from using her Lightning Control to imbue the throwing knives with extra strength, the Royal Succubus alternated it between letting egregious amounts of bolts fall from the sky onto her targets and making it erupt from her form, striking her targets. She was clearly firing without holding back, exhausting her mana crazily.

Dark Hands1!

Chaos Spirit1!

Chimera Summoning1!

Final Blast1!

Dark Hands was nominally a crowd control skill and should have debuted in the first phase, when the Rank 3 void monsters were collectively stunned, but Roma now utilized them as an attacking skill after she had gained an epiphany from watching the hands mutilate the Kobold King in the Dark Underground dungeon.

As such, the hands did not spread out to attach to all foes, rather they combined into one large one hand that grabbed one of the humanoid Void Devourers and began crushing it in a vice grip that created shockwaves.

Next up was her Chaos Spirit skill, which summoned the namesake to possess the bodies of its targets. It could do many things within that period of time, commit suicide, mentally destabilize the target permanently or even disable a target for Roma to bombard it.

In this case, she chose to have the possessed target assist the group in bombarding the others. This meant that out of the 10 enemies, 2 were now attacking their own allies, reducing the number of targets from 10 to 8.

Chimera Summoning saw Roma spawn the ancestor of the Cruel Beast, the Chimera. Similar to the Manticore, it was a lion-like species, only that it had three heads, one of a ferocious lion, one of a menacing black goat, and one of a malicious drake.

It also had a tail that was a serpent, which was currently hissing with malicious intent. All in all, this monster was truly a sight to behold, and not in a good way. It was likely that many wouldn’t be able to sleep properly after seeing this abomination and feeling its murderous intent.

The beast began by breathing out a wealth of flame from its lion head and some dark mist through its goat head. To top it off, its drake head spat out was looked like flammable oil, and the combo of the three created quite the explosion.

Final Blast was Roma’s most powerful skill. It had cost her 30 minutes of continuous casting during the battle with the Metal Dragon back when she had been at Rank 1 and it was still called Sinister Shot. Now, it had evolved into its upgraded form and could cast on demand.

When Roma struck this huge beam of Mystic Energy upon one of the bestial Void Devourers, it suffered not only tremendous damage, but also had its defense and resistance further reduced by 60%.

It was now no different from a waste as a Rank 3 Void Devourer, at least for the duration of the debuff.

After them was the person who had been holding her true power back for the entirety of the battle, ever since reaching Rank 2 even. Right now, Rina was not only free to let loose, she was obligated to do so. How could she remain moderate in such a scenario?

Universal Heatwave1!

Sun Flare1!

These two active skills came from Rina’s Paragon of Fire Divine Class, but at Rank 2 she had four more Divine Rank active skills. Two of them were courtesy of her Rank Up, and the other two were from Flamesear.

One she already had but enjoyed an upgrade for, and the other was recently unlocked after she had bothered Flashflame for it.

「Flamesear – Staff

Rank: Divine

Durability: MAX


Passive 1 – Fire Divinity: While this Staff is equipped, any and all forms of fire magic can be used, regardless of the Rank.

Passive 2 – Flame Subjugation: Gain 100% resistance to all forms of fire damage, absorbing damage dealt as health while reflecting it all back to the attacker. All forms of flame in the world can be controlled by this weapon.

Active 1 – Ultra Supernova: Create a sun that deals 12,000% fire damage over a Continent Zone. Cast time: 22 hours. Cooldown: 11 months.

Active 2 – Extinguish: Snuff out the fire of life in a given target. Cooldown: 3 months.

Description: Staff of the Fire God Flashflame. It was damaged and cast down to the mortal realm during the War of the Gods. It has now been repaired and has reached its prime.」

「Cremation – Active skill

Effect: Immolate the body of any target, forcing them to lose their body and be forced into a non-retaliatory spirit form.

Duration: 10 seconds

Cooldown: 1 day.」

「Rain of Embers – Active skill

Effect: Call down a continuous hail of ember-like fire with explosive properties. This deals 50% fire damage per strike.

Duration: 10 minutes.

Cooldown: 1 day.」

Rina didn’t hesitate to use these skills in tandem with her non-Divine fire magic skills. The effect she created surpassed anyone on this battlefield, but she was tested by a few others behind her.

Slim Fatty for one, had some crazy skills that when paired with her special blade, made her damage dealing soar to untold heights.

World Slash1!

Overpowered Wave1!

Sword Shadows1!

World Slash alone allowed her to deal crazy amounts of damage to one enemy, whereas Overpowered Wave was an Area Zone AOE. Sword Shadows was more of a duration-based damage-heavy CC and Slim Fatty loved it.

Close to her were Jada and Jade, the Fire and Ice Twins. They had used most of their active skills in the previous two phases to both stun and debuff the Void Devourers, but that didn’t mean they were out of gas.



Extreme Implosion1!

Flame Explosion1!

Field of Ice1!

Searing Flames1!

Absolute Zero1!

The duo fired off a bevy of single target and Area Zone AOEs at the same time that shook the entire place. From hot to cold, then hot to cold, the Rank 3 Void Devourers were likely feeling like shit at the moment.

To top it off, Jada continued her endless barrage from the special ability of the Wand of Eternal Fire. She fully planned to capitalize on her 100,000 damage per second no matter what.

Jade only had CC skills aside from the ones her class gave her, so she supported her twin by taking out various scrolls and items then using them to either buff Jada or deal extraneous damage.

Surprisingly the next one was Silent Walker. The Lord of Shadows had so far been biding his time and playing in the background to help out his companions. But now that everyone was forced to give their all, he quickly rose through the Ranks so fast it wasn’t even funny.

His skills weren’t even that OP to be honest, but it was the fact that Darkness dealt some of the highest damage in the game. Light, which was the opposite category, was also on par with such capabilities.

Not to mention that Eva had given Silent Walker the Abyssal Ring1 because she no longer needed it, so his powers were greatly buffed to insane degrees.


Perfect Manipulation1!

Tendril Storm1!

Abyssal Pull1!

The first two were his passive skills, one that made him immune to damage in the night or in darkness, and the other that allowed him to control all patches of darkness as he willed.

This didn’t seem like much until one realized that the Area Zone was covered entirely by darkness due to the Endless Night used in an earlier phase. As such, the very atmosphere here was a weapon for him to use, and use it he did.

The Tendril Storm was a slightly chaotic active skill that would strike at the assortment of Void Devourers randomly. Abyssal Pull was only marginally effective since it attempted to drag them to abyss, but they were heavily resistant to that obviously.

That was fine, as Silent Walker preferred to impale all the enemies before him rapidly. Form a spike, pierce the monster, disperse it, form it again, pierce the monster, disperse it.

This same cycle got put on repeat like a broken record, yet the effectiveness spoke for itself.

Next to Silent Walker was Loving Aunt. As an Enchantress, her class was torn between being a s.e.x.u.a.l deviant and being a walking plague. A femme fatale if you will, with emphasis on the latter.

However, whether it was being destructive through allure or disease, she was definitely someone to be feared on the battlefield. Not only because of her class skills which she spammed, or because she had actually made one of the Rank 3 Void Devourers into her slave, but because she was the strongest user of the Serpent God Inheritance on the battlefield.

Acid Rain1!

Toxic Cloud1!

Poison Ivy1!

Advanced Manifestation Technique1!

All of her three class skills were AOEs, as was normal for poison-based classes. However, their range was quite abysmal since most only covered the range of a mile or two, which was enough since Loving Aunt had to be reasonably close to the enemies anyway.

What took the cake was her Advanced Manifestation Technique. Her Serpentine Familiar, the Blue Water Adder, quickly manifested. The moment it did, it went from a cute size to absolutely ginormous as it crazily absorbed Worldly Energy.

It grew two wings on either side of its body, a small unicorn-like horn and its scales began shinier. All Serpentine Familiars belonged to a lineage of a Serpent God. One could say that they were like devolved Serpent Gods, the only difference was how far below they were.

The Blue Water Adder was of the Leviathan Serpent God Evolution Tree, and was only two levels below it. This was why Loving Aunt was so powerful among the Lucifer Lineage, because minus Draco, she was the one with the best Serpentine Familiar.

Right now, the Blue Water Adder has forced an evolution using the Atavism Technique1! In other words, it was now 1 Rank below the Leviathan thanks to the presence of Worldly Energy in the game world!

It could even possibly climb up to that Rank, but it would definitely need Divine Energy, as mere Aetheric Energy would not be able to take it that far up the food chain.

It was such a shame that the Advanced Manifestation Technique only allowed Loving Aunt to temporarily summon it. She had paid a great price in morality and human life to achieve the Ultimate Manifestation1 during World War 2, and the price was worth it. In fact, she was not too far away from gathering enough energy to allow her friend to permanently join her side inside of the game.

However, its current state was more than enough to cause chaos and havoc for it had gone from snake to Pseudo-Dragon! This was the stage before a water affiliated serpent could ever hope to reach the stage of Ancient Dragon/Serpent like the Leviathan!

Right now, Loving Aunt stood on the head of what was undoubtedly the only Flood Dragon on this continent!

In the next moment, the Flood Dragon opened its mouth and roared, before shooting a jet of water that was sharp and fast enough to leave afterimages. This jet struck the Void Devourers, dealing far more damage than anyone could have ever expected.

Loving Aunt though, seemed troubled. It was clear that her Serpentine Familiar was having trouble using its power since the Worldly Energy here was thinning out, as many parties were using it to fuel their own attacks.

Author’s Note: My beloved editor suggested that I use the in-line footnotes to display the details of skills and keywords from now on, instead of clogging chapters with endless skill descriptions.

I personally prefer it like this, because having to display skills over and over gets annoying and in the way of writing content.

As for the fellows outside reading this through questionable means, you can’t blame me for being cruel. Develop a strong memory so that you can remember skills on demand, because descriptions will become scarcer as we go forward. 「Extreme Implosion – Active skill

Effect: Create a resounding explosion by concentrating intense fire energy at a single spot. This deals 400% fire damage within a range of 2 miles.

Cooldown: 2 days.」

「Abyssal Ring – Ornamental Item

Rank: Legendary

Durability: 1,000,000/1,000,000


Passive 1 – King of Noct: All attributes are boosted by 80% when the light of the sun does not touch the wearer. Every attack that lands on the user has a 35% chance to miss despite its accuracy.

Passive 2 – Shroud of Darkness: A permanent layer of darkness covers your form, making you 350% harder to detect in stealth and 80% resistant to darkness element attacks.

Active 1 – Abyssal Pull: Open a wormhole to the abyss that swallows all enemies within range. Cooldown: 2 days.

Note: The maximum suction range is 1,000 meters at Rank 2.

Note: The maximum suction targets are 1,000 at Rank 2.

Further abilities can only be unlocked by attaining a higher class tier.」「Absolute Zero – Active skill

Effect: Shoot a beam of purified frost energy that deals 800% frost damage to a single target.

Cooldown: 2 days.」

「Active 1 – Abyssal Pull: Open a wormhole to the abyss that swallows all enemies within range. Cooldown: 2 days.

Note: The maximum suction range is 1,000 meters at Rank 2.

Note: The maximum suction targets are 1,000 at Rank 2.」「Lightning Control – Passive skill

Effect: You can freely and willfully control all forms of lightning energy to attack, defend or imbue.」 「Universal Heatwave – Active skill

Effect: Send out a wave of intense fire that covers an Area Zone, dealing 600% fire damage to all enemies.

Cooldown: 22 hours.」

“The first is the Ultimate Manifestation Technique. This is the most powerful version of the manifestation techniques. It allows us to summon our Serpentine Familiars into the world… permanently.” “The third and most outrageous of them all was discovered recently, and it even has to do with you and your little wife.” Loving Aunt smirked as she looked at Draco strangely.

“It is the Atavism Technique! This is an advanced version of the Ability Bond, and it allows the user to emulate the full aspect of their Inheritance. This is not exclusive to the Serpent God Inheritance, so the Horned Demon and the Dark Angel inheritances have it as well.”

「Dark Hands – Active skill

Effect: Summon a plethora of undead arms from the earth that trap all enemies within 1 mile and rip them to shreds.

Duration: 2 minutes

Cooldown: 30 seconds.」 「Ultra Telekinesis – Passive skill

Effect: With your mental energy, you can control external objects of various sizes at will.」 「Active 1 – Flame Explosion: Send out a fireball ball that deals 1,000% flame damage over an Area Zone. Cooldown: 1 day.」「Searing Flames – Active skill

Effect: Release a whip of flame that severely lashes a single target, dealing 800% fire damage to them.

Cooldown: 2 days.」

「Sword Shadows – Active skill

Effect: Create a plethora of sword shadows that automatically use any of your learned sword skills to attack a single enemy.

Note 1: Only 3 sword shadows can be made at Rank 2

Note 2: Only currently active sword skills can be used by the sword shadows.

Cooldown: 3 days.」

“The second is the Advanced Manifestation Technique, and you have experienced that one with my help during the fight with the Metal Dragon. This technique allows us to temporarily summon a full-body version of our Serpentine Familiars into the world.”

“We would have to provide a hefty amount of bloodline energy for this summon, and the control required is extremely high. This surpasses the mere visualization needed for the Basic Manifestation Technique, as one would need to give life and will to their familiar.”

「Nightwalker – Passive skill

Effect: The User is completely intangible during the night, possessing 120% damage immunity. They are immune to all darkness damage.

Note: Damage Immunity is turned into Damage Susceptibility in the case of light or fire-based skills or spells.」

「Flare – Active skill

Effect: Send out an orb of fire that brightens an area and roasts all enemies within the skies. This deals 300% fire damage.

Cooldown: 1 day.」

「Sun Flare – Active skill

Effect: Strike a single target with a beam of condensed and concentrated flame, dealing 1,200% fire damage.

Cooldown: 22 hours.」

「Chimera Summoning – Active skill

Effect: Call forth the existence of a Chimera from the Mystic Plane, which can attack and defend for the duration of its existence.

Duration: 5 minutes

Cooldown: 8 minutes」 「Active 1 – Field of Ice: Send out a wave of ice that traps all enemies over an Area Zone. Cooldown: 1 day.」 「Psi-Blade – Active Skill

Effect: Slash out with purified mental energy condensed into the form of a blade that severs all thoughts and sentience. This deals 150% mental damage and incapacitates a single target.

Duration: 4 minutes

Cooldown: 7 minutes」 「Tendril Storm – Active skill

Effect: Summon an endless amount of shadow tendrils that rampage around an area of 1 mile around the user, dealing unpredictable amounts of damage to all enemies within and trapping them.

Duration: 1 minute

Cooldown: 1 day.」

「World Slash – Active skill

Effect: Swing your blade through the essence of the world, cutting through all defenses and barriers to strike one’s foe. This attack deals 1,200% sword damage.

Cooldown: 28 days.」

「Overpowered Wave – Active skill

Effect: Send out a wave of sword lights that attack every fie within a 2-mile radius. This deals 600% sword damage.

Cooldown: 6 days.」

「Toxic Cloud – Active skill

Effect: Create a cloud of noxious gas that spreads over an area of 1 mile around the user, hampering, and harming all enemies within. This deals 5% poison damage per second.

Duration: 10 minutes

Cooldown: 1 day.」

「Poison Ivy – Active skill

Effect: Summon a forest of vines to trap and lash out at every enemy within a 2-mile radius. The damage of the vines depends on the location of the cast.

Cooldown: 2 days.」

「Chaos Spirit – Active skill

Effect: Summon a soul tainted by chaos energy that infiltrates the minds and bodies of others, warping their very essence into something random.

Duration: 1 minute

Cooldown: 10 minutes」 「Iceberg – Active skill

Effect: Create an iceberg at a location that possesses extreme piercing power. This deals 300% frost damage.

Cooldown: 1 day.」

「Perfect Manipulation – Passive skill

Effect: The User is able to freely manipulate all shadows and patches of darkness with their mind. All offensive and defensive moves created through this skill are buffed by 30%.」

「Acid Rain – Active skill

Effect: Spew corrosive acid into the air, turning it into a rain of poison that pours over the area of 1 mile around the user.

Duration: 30 seconds

Cooldown: 1 day.」

「Final Blast – Active skill

Effect: Fire a concentrated beam of Mystic Energy that deals 1,000% Mystic Damage to a single target and cause their defense and resistance to drop by 60%.

Cooldown: 12 hours」


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