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Guild Wars – Chapter 451: The Abyss Event 5 Bahasa Indonesia

If Jada was a machine gun that fired rapidly, then Jade was a support drone that provided tactical assistance to her quarry. Her Wand allowed her to create barriers of Ice with 10,000 HP that blocked 90% of the incoming damage.

This quite literally meant that if Jada were to spawn an ice wall between a monster of any Rank and herself, the monster would need to deal 100,000 damage to negate the barrier.

The 90% damage resistance reduced the 100,000 damage to 10,000, which was exactly enough to shatter the barrier. From there, the monster can now attack Jade and seek vengeance!

Oh, why in such a rush there, buddy? Who said it was over?

Jade had many skills at her disposal that provided crowd control due to her former Cryomancer class. After all, she wasn’t borne into the game with the Wand of Eternal Frost or an Ice Lord class, so how had she managed until then?

This was just one of the things that made the Fire and Ice Twins a deadly combination no one wanted to fight against, even amongst members of Umbra. Kiran and co would rather face all other core members at once than deal with these two, and even Eva might have some headache.

One of the reasons was their new Legendary class passives.

「Chilling Aura – Passive skill

Effect: The User is permanently surrounded by an aura of frost, dealing 20% frost damage per second to all enemies within a 2-mile radius.」

「Burning Aura – Passive skill

Effect: The User is permanently surrounded by an aura of flames, dealing 20% fire damage per second to all enemies within a 2-mile radius.」

With this passive, the Fire and Ice Twins need not worry about close combat. Any retard that entered the area of 2 miles around them would suffer simultaneous frost and fire damage every second till they wizened up and got the f.u.c.k out.

Jade’s ability to defend their duet, paired with Jada being a ceaseless weapon of mass destruction, ensured that their kill rate was – once again – the second-highest amongst the core members. It always happened this way, so the members of Umbra were used to it, but the onlookers were scared stiff.

Two cute, almost loli-like twins being so powerful was truly eye-opening.

Loving Aunt licked her lips and held her waist with her arms akimbo. She currently floated above the battlefield with the help of her class. She had used one of her class’ active skills that granted her great versatility, Subjugate.

「Subjugate – Active skill

Effect: Submerge a chosen target in a mist of pheromones, forcing them to obey your wishes for eternity.

Note 1: Only one entity can be subjugated at a time.

Note 2: Non-sentient and semi-sentient beings can be subjugated at Rank 2.

Cooldown: none.」

Currently, she had subjugated one of the Rank 2 flying void monsters. She leisurely went through the entire battlefield atop her new mount peacefully, occasionally passing comments on how she missed her beloved nephew, wondering whether he was eating well, whether any freak dared bully him.

The void monsters listening were greatly irritated. After all, they were unable to attack Loving Aunt due to another one of her class passive skills.

「Extreme Attraction – Passive skill

Effect: The User exudes an endless amount of pheromones, enthralling sentient, and non-sentient beings alike. Enemies affected greatly hesitate to attack the User.」

They were forcibly rendered indecisive due to this skill, so only a few out of the many within range even moved in her direction menacingly. The reason why they even paid attention to her was the sheer damage they were taking from her other class passive skill.

「Toxic Supremacy – Passive skill

Effect: The User emits a toxic mist that takes away 1% HP per second of all enemies within 10 miles of them. All toxic skills and techniques are boosted by 30%.」

Percentile damage had a great effect on enemies like the void monsters, as they had enormous amounts of HP for their Rank. Many tried to deal with Loving Aunt, but she never stayed in one place for long, despite her other passive making her aggro the lowest it could possibly be.

She moved over the entire battlefield, changing locations many times so that the effects of her passive would be spread. This made the battles for the other members much easier as their enemies lost greater chunks of health.

Additionally, her non-stop motherly rambling irritated all void monsters. If they could, they would scream at Loving Aunt to go and chase after her bloody nephew to change his bloody diapers for all they cared!

How could they know that this was exactly what she would love to do, but couldn’t because of how Unique Quests were structured? Given the chance, she would have long gone to pester her beloved nephew!

With a loud sigh, Loving Aunt looked into the sky. As a melancholic tune played in the background, she spoke with a heavy voice.

“I wonder if my baby boy even knows how to wipe his peepee…”

Silent Walker wore a strange smile on his face. Amongst Umbra’s core members, he was definitely the creepiest, though his looks were on par with Cobra and co. Ironically, he was also one of Umbra’s most popular members, as he was a Hollywood star in real life.

He had been cast in many main roles for top-tier movies, and had won Oscars, Grammies, and all the other meaningless- *cough* superb awards there were for such a profession.

However, he hardly spoke in Boundless, and when he did, his personality was nothing like what he showed on screen or on social media. The core members hadn’t yet gotten a good hold on what exactly he was like, but they didn’t care.

Silent Walker had shown his will and resolve to stand by Umbra at all times, and to them, that was enough. His absurd combat talent was just the cherry on top.

His Class up had changed his entire physiology, turning his skin extremely pale and inverting his eye colors. His pupils, which were supposed to be black, had become white, while his cornea that was supposed to be white, had turned black.

Around his body, wisps of miasmic smoke curled along, and when coupled with Silent Walker’s trademark black suit that had not changed in the least, he looked less like a movie star and more like the modern depiction of Lucifer in TV shows.

However, putting his aesthetics aside, Silent Walker’s power was one of the most insane ones among the core members.

「Perfect Manipulation – Passive skill

Effect: The User is able to freely manipulate all shadows and patches of darkness with their mind. All offensive and defensive moves created through this skill are buffed by 30%.」

This skill put him in the same category as Happy Saint who could freely control metal. With this he was a logia fruit user- *cough* one who could use any form of darkness or shadow to manipulate as Silent Walker wished, and he did so beautifully.

When Deployed Soldier, Boyd, and the like who fought close combat assaulted enemies, they would occasionally see their shadows turn into sharp spikes that impaled enemies creeping up behind them or would turn into shields to block an assault, allowing the core members to counter-attack.

This was why everyone loved Silent Walker despite his weirdness. He was literally the definition of ‘go on bro/sis, I’ve got your back’.

Darkness was very useful in attacking or debuffing, so one would expect him to take the lead. However, Silent Walker was more of a supporter. In his career, he had always played the main roles and taken the center light. In Boundless, he could relax and finally cover someone else’s back by being in the shadows, a role he had come to enjoy quite a bit.

Warm Spring flapped her angelic wings that were granted to her with her Legendary Class. In fact, Eva suspected that her Legendary Class was probably Pseudo-Divine if such a thing existed, because it manifested properties belonging to a Divine class.

Like Loving Aunt, Warm Spring flew around the battlefield, spreading her Class’s passives over the area while multi-casting so many healing spells that it looked like she was challenging Hikari.

Of course, no healer in the universe could beat a White Dragon, but Warm Spring was doing incredibly well for a Rank 2 player. The amount of buffs and heals she was casting per minute were exemplary.

「Holy Aura – Passive skill

Effect: The User emits an aura of healing and purity, curing all illnesses and extending the lifespan of allied and neutral parties within an Area Zone of them.」

The Holy Aura she emitted was not too useful for battle. It was more of a daily life sort of thing, like the benefits Vita City-State gave NPCs. It made Warm Spring a mobile foundation, a place people loved to be around, and the bedrock of a society.

Still, it was a pleasant feeling that no player would lodge a complaint against, except the void monsters that found it disgusting and irritating. As such, whenever Warm Spring passed by them, they would switch aggro to her and try to end her life.

The players would gasp in fear each time, thinking that this beloved healer would meet her end. Their faces would become black when they watched her being hit multiple times without even budging an inch.

Above her head popped up blood-coughing numbers for the void monsters, a continual strain of zeroes! If they could speak, they would scream: ‘HOW CAN THIS BE?!’

Well, the answer came in the form of her second class passive, which was what made Warm Spring a menace to society, though a crazy newspaper owner had no interest in her photos because she’s underage.

「Damage Immunity – Passive skill

Effect: The User is immune to all forms of damage beneath the Divine Rank.」

As such, Warm Spring was untouchable. Even the corrosion effect was largely useless on her, which greatly depressed all void monsters that had attacked her. Since she could not fight back though, she was eventually able to run around freely.

However, she was buffed by a legion of men and women wearing white robes in the back. They were all on their knees, praying towards Warm Spring with fervent expressions of adoration and reverence.

They numbered about a hundred and they were all at a mix of Rank 1 and Rank 2. They all had different classes, but the underlying fact was that they were all NPCs, so Warm Spring did not allow them to fight.

Not only that, but this battle was meant for core members, and having her followers assist her would possibly annoy her Big Sis Eva. Besides, the method she used to achieve this was an active skill that came with her class.

「Mercy – Active skill

Effect: Cleanse an enemy of their evil, edifying their soul and turning them into a devout follower. Each follower increases all stats by 0.2%.

Note 1: Can only be used on sentient beings.

Note 2: Can only be used on NPCs.

Note 3: Only a maximum of 100 followers at Rank 2.

Cooldown: none.」

Compared to the measly 3% stat increase she could have enjoyed at Rank 1, the skill had truly bloomed into something quite OP. It was even scarier once one realized that this was just the beginning, and that Warm Spring had 5 more Ranks to go till she reached the pinnacle.

Below Warm Spring was Dreary Traveler. He stood with his arms folded at the back of the battlefield, where Sublime and Silent Walker were located. He callously watched as every dead body that fell on the battlefield rose up once again to do his bidding.

He did not bring his elite host of undead, keeping them within his own realm for a more important battle. This was just one of his abilities as a Lich!

「Netherealm – Active skill

Effect: Permanently create a special sub-space full of Death Energy to store owned undead when not in combat. Armies can be deposited in and withdrawn at will.

Note: Only up to 100,000 undead can be held within at Rank 2.

Cooldown: none.」


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