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Guild Wars – Chapter 381: Total Upgrade 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Draco silently watched the last two supreme items as they continued their feast. They absorbed almost as much raw Aetheric Energy as Rosella and Loki had when they were born.

This startled and excited Draco. After all, he knew how heaven-defying his two kids would be once they grew up, so his items creating a similar phenomenon told him that their upgraded forms would most likely make his earlier shock for Pair Dadeni and Mjolnir feel like a joke.

In about an hours’ time, the suction of Aetheric Energy came to a slow halt. Just like the cauldron and hammer had done, the lance and the sword slowly digested what they had eaten and used it to transform.

The transformation took far longer than Pair Dadeni and Mjolnir, as climbing from Epic to Legendary was far simpler than climbing from Legendary to Divine.

Still, who would be impatient in such a situation?

What was a mere hour or more compared to the kind of items he would be receiving in the end?

The two items slowly manifested visual changes. Fragarach had previously been in the form of a typical longsword with its grayish blade that was double-edged, also having a long rivet in the center that ran from the hilt to the tip. There was no uniqueness to the design, and even worse, the hilt had been a base brown color.

Heck, it actually looked like something am Amateur Blacksmith would call a great success and toss into his shop to sell to average adventurers who were just starting out in life.

However, the sword now glowed in a resplendent light, as if the deities from heaven had bestowed it with its birthright. It was a complete change in its design, one might even suspect that someone had made a coding error and finally the proper image loaded for the weapon.

It was still the length of a typical longsword, and it remained double-edged, with the very same rivet running up and down its center. However, the blade itself now shone with a blue-ish green color and resembled a piece of sharpened/shaped crystal rather than metal.

Within this crystal-like blade swam many beautiful sea nymphs who giggled when they saw Draco. Not only that, but there were tiny sea monsters within that same space that looked ready to rip and tear anything in their way.

It was truly a beautiful and amazing sight, reminding Draco of just how exemplary Boundless was as a game for allowing normal people from the real world to see such magical things in what was essentially another reality.

The hilt of the blade had changed to a beautiful azure color, with the motif of tumultuous waves crashing against the shore on each side. The grip was styled like the scales of a mermaid, while the pommel held a small cyan orb that sparkled gently.

Draco first inspected Fragarach to see its changes.

「Fragarach – Sword

Rank: Divine

Durability: MAX


Passive 1 – Unstoppable Force: Every attack from this blade ignores 100% defense, including spatial, temporal, and metaphysical.

Passive 2 – Sea’s Blessing: Every attack with this blade can summon the wind and waves, dealing 1,000% water or wind damage, whichever is greater, to a single target.

Active 1 – Lugh’s Might: Swing the blade down with unparalleled force, dealing 10,000% sword damage over a Continent Zone. Cooldown: 1 year.

Active 2 – Sea’s Summon: Spawn a tsunami that contains a legion of water nymphs and sea monsters to ravage all enemies within an Area Zone. Duration: 1-day Cooldown: 1 month

Description: Sword of one of the lesser gods of the sea, Manannan mac Lir, and later bestowed to Divine Hero Lugh, it was said to be a weapon that no armor could stop. It has reached its pinnacle state and can no longer be upgraded.」

Draco began to breathe extremely roughly, like his chest was about to explode. It couldn’t be helped though, as what he laid his eyes upon was simply too horrendous to even consider.

The first passive had previously allowed him to ignore all defense, which was why he had never bothered to Aether-imbue Fragarach to deal with void monsters and usually preferred the formerly Legendary blade when dealing with tough foes.

Now though, it was simply ludicrous. It allowed him to ignore, space, time, and the meta! Since that sounded a bit strange, Draco first doubted it, but when he considered it from a lore point of view, he was shaking.

For example, if he wanted to slash the King of Sturgehaven in two, the fellow might put up a space barrier or flee into in a special pocket space, yet Draco would still be able to pierce through!

In fact, this led him to realize that he could use his sword to cut open anyone’s inventory, internal small words or any other spatial barrier. Just to be clear, this didn’t mean that Draco could cut someone in half from across the world/at a distance.

After all, that was not a defense, but the existence of space. To do that, he would have to use subjective magic when he reached Rank 2 and could access the pinnacle elements.

Draco could now also slash through time defense, as well as metaphysical defenses. For time defense, that would be a bit rare as time was harder to control than space and had a lot of rules, but if he ever encountered something like a supreme treasure existing in another space-time, he could slash his way in.

As for the metaphysical, it was the most practical and overpowered addition. Meta-physics was simply the branch of philosophy that examined the fundamental nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, between substance and attribute, and between potentiality and actuality.

What did this mean? It meant that Draco could now slash the ethereal! He could cut an enemy and not harm their physical body, but their soul, spirit, or even their mind!

Even better, it meant he could now cut an Immortal Spirit directly! Any player that messed with him could have their account destroyed if Draco decided to be cruel!

Otherwise, why would he be hyperventilating like this? The ability to attack the non-physical/abstract elements of all things was something that only True Gods could realistically do, but he was now an exception to this previously iron-clad rule!

The second passive had experienced a change as well. It had changed from dealing ‘only’ 300% wind damage to dealing either 1,000% wind or water damage, whichever was higher.

The first active had become monstrous. Now, he dealt 10,000% of his sword damage over an entire Continent Zone! Coupled with the Seal of Camelot that increased sword damage by 1,000% passively, this totaled 100,000% sword damage overall!

Holy shit!

It was likely that at Rank 1, Draco could kill every Rank 2 monsters regardless of their monster Rank, and kill some weaker Rank 3 beings as well. That was a jump of two Ranks, ah! This was a feat never achieved by anyone in the current era, a myth in and of itself!

However, the cooldown sobered him. Having to wait a whole year was horrendous, so he would have to use it carefully. Even with Richmond’s Herald title, that was still a 6-month cooldown.

And there was the second active skill which intrigued him. It was a powerful skill that could ravage an entire Area Zone for a day, slaughtering any monsters in there in time.

There was no indicator of the Water Nymphs or Sea Monsters’ power or damage output, so Draco assumed that it would be within his Rank, which was usually the default with such a stingy AI.

Draco nodded his head. The changes in Fragarach had pleased him, and he knew that henceforth his battles would be even smoother and have much more… devastating… effects on his enemies.

Draco was especially pleased by the appearance of the second active skill. So far, he had only speculated that Divine items would have an extra ability compared to Epic ones which had 2 and Legendary which had 3.

After all, his formerly singular Divine item, the Eyes of Caelo, only had three effects. However, Draco had always assumed that might be a penalty paid for helping unlock his bloodline, and the description stipulated that it would be repaired once he Ranked up.

Just another thing to look forward to.

(Author’s Note: On that same vein, I forgot to give Rina’s Flamesear an extra active skill which is something I’ll repair later.)

Draco collected Fragarach and swung the blade lightly. A small wave of wind emerged and slashed the area in front of him, scarring the earth deeply. The sword felt light and swift in his hands, almost fitting him as perfectly as the Dragorugio sword did.

On that note, Draco frowned when he thought about the Dragorugio set. Its power was great, but it was still at Epic Rank. In fact, it was currently the only Epic item on his form, which was seriously a bummer since it was connected to his State of Being and bloodline.

He currently had no idea on how to upgrade it, instead he hoped some clue would manifest itself once he Ranked up. For now though, he simply put Fragarach away in his inventory, as he had no use for it during this Tradeskill-oriented Unique Quest.

When he returned to the outside, he could find a way to create a pocket space to keep his weapons through subjective magic, just like back during the Launch version of the game.

Even though it would likely be extremely difficult to achieve this since his subjective magic would only be able to use an extremely simple version of the pinnacle elements, Draco had a few tricks up his sleeve.

… or it was better to say that he had some guesses and was praying the universe would favor him again, as it seemed to love doing.

After he was done ogling Fragarach he finally focused his attention on the Dragonlance and marveled at its changes. Previously, it had been a typical long spear with a carved design for the head that resembled a Dragon, and a shaft that had a similar design to a candy-cane, but of a dark red color.

Now though, the head of the spear completely resembled that of an actual Dragon that opened its maw to release its deadly breath attack. Its coloration was kaleidoscopic, meaning that it wasn’t linked at any specific elemental sub-species of Dragonkind.

The shaft had also become thick and denser, with a scaly pattern of a snake covering it. It shone in a rainbow of colors, just like the head, making it feel majestic and awe-inspiring, which it was.

It was time to check out the actual stats of his new weapon. If they were anything like what had manifested for Fragarach, then he would become unsurpassable by any species!

「Dragonlance – Spear

Rank: Divine

Durability: MAX


Passive 1 – Omni-Damage: This weapon deals any type of damage to an enemy upon every single strike, depending largely on the will of the user, or in absence of this, the nature of the environment coupled with the nature of the enemy in question.

Passive 2 – Dragon Killing: This weapon deals 1,000% extra damage to any entity with Draconic blood or State of Being. This includes all beings of off-shoot branches, as well as those bearing the banner or mental connection to Dragons.

Active 1 – Unstoppable Thrust: The user thrusts the Dragonlance as a piercing weapon with 1,000% extra omni-damage and the spear cannot miss. Cooldown: 7 days.

Active 2 – Dragon Call: Summon a Draconic entity to slay your enemies and destroy their souls. This entity is at your Rank and manifests a random element each time. Duration: 1 day. Cooldown: 1 month.

Description: The Dragonlance is the hated weapon of the Dragon race, which was the direct cause of their downfall and subsequent disappearance from the world. It has reached its pinnacle state and can no longer be upgraded further.」


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