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Guild Wars – Chapter 275: Supernatural 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Despite the eeriness of the situation, Draco just laughed. His laughter broke the spell of tension felt by his people, as well as the anonymous grunts that followed their bosses here.

His laughter wasn’t jarring, but there was a sarcastic edge to it that made the 9 bosses clearly unhappy. He then cut his laughter and observed each of these people carefully.

Closest to him was a short woman who looked playful. She had light blue hair and glasses that went with her creamy skin, and her green eyes were darker than Draco’s own bright ones.

She wore a simple green dress and had sandals that matched her attire. She gazed at Draco with mild interest and he could see some cunningness in her eyes.

Next to this woman was a thin and unassuming man who looked like a criminal. His face was rough and heavily contoured, and his light brown eyes were perpetually narrowed, as if he distrusted everyone around him.

He had a light mustache but no beard, and he wore a proper black slim-fit suit with a white shirt underneath as well as black loafers. He currently had one hand on the table and he drummed it lightly.

His hair was neatly combed back and shone with a sandy color, and his skin was truly pale, given him a somewhat sickly appearance.

Beside him was another man, a handsome one who resembled Draco’s Drake persona. He looked like the typical Han Solo tier rogue, one that was surrounded by trouble, yet always captured the hearts of prim and proper women.

His face was slightly angular and came down to a strong chin. He had a light mustache and a stubble for a beard, both of which looked somewhat unkempt. His hair was curly and looked soft, bearing a solid brown color.

His eyes were dark and his nose was well shaped. His lips were medium-sized and clasped a cigarette between them. He folded his hands behind his head and relaxed back into his seat lazily.

He wore a tight-fitting t-shirt and some camo shorts, along with some relatively okay sandals.

Beside him was the woman who first spoke to Draco, a beauty of high proportions. She had a soft and round face that looked sweet but was covered in heavy makeup, along with slightly bronze skin that made her stand out from her peers.

She had short black hair that was tied into a bun, and she wore a small black hat that veiled part of her face. She had on a suave black dress that hugged her good form tightly, and she even wore elbow length black gloves as well.

Underneath her dress was fishnet stockings that tried and failed to hide slender, shapely legs. She had a glass of wine before her, and she seemed to be the only one of the lot who was actually drinking.

She had light blue eyes, a cute nose and small, pursed lips that were blood red, just like Rina.

Beside her was another woman who was also quite the looker, with her creamy skin and large chest. She wore a green blouse and a black skirt, her thick legs crossed over each other.

Where the former woman was slender and more svelte with slightly good proportions, this one was bursting at the seams with them. She had light hazel; eyes that were locked onto Draco with abundant interest, an average nose and thin, pink lips.

Her red-gold hair was long, reaching her shoulder blades. Her face was slightly angular, but most round, like the woman before her.

Beside her was the black man who had spoken to Draco. He resembled Boyd, in the sense that he was well-built and had rough features. He could easily become a top-tier wrestler with such a body, and his ferocious visage helped that fact.

He had an oval shaped head that was clean-shaven, his sharp black eyes assessing the men behind Draco dangerously. His body burst with tight and powerful muscles, which he decided to display by wearing a grey tank-top and thigh-length shorts.

He had a horizontal scar on both his cheeks, which Draco recognized as tribal marks from Africa, denoting his heritage. They served as a form of identification among the tribes.

Beside him was another man, this one being much older and more traditional than his companions. He wore a clean grey suit and had a mobster hat on his head. He held a beautiful brown cane with the head of a tiger at the top.

He wore a few silver rings on his arms and also had shades covering his brown eyes. His skin was wrinkled and he had grey hair peeking from under his hat.

For the last two on the right, the first also belonged to the older generation. The woman wore a sun dress that seemed refreshing. She had a warm smile on her face and her grey hair was tied into a ponytail.

She was slightly wrinkled yet her face still retained the signs that she had been quite a cutie in her youthful years. Right now, her aura was the most pleasant of the group.

The last person on the other hand, was a young man who glared at Draco with utter hatred in his eyes. From his sharp hawk nose and prim get-up, it was obvious that he was somehow related to the former leaders of the number 7 group, the Cardinals.

Draco had killed Baron D’our and Ferdinand, then captured Cherry and June as his spoils of war. If they were indeed his family, then the fellow certainly had the right to hate Draco with every fiber of his being.

After assessing these nine fellows, Draco checked them once more with his Control, bloodline and every other trick he had, but he could get nothing from them except the hate-filled lad.

“The supernatural, eh? You mean Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Demons, Devils and the like?” Draco asked with a smile.

“That would merely be a small part of the supernatural community, but yes. That was generally what we meant.” Answered the gentle looking old woman.

“Got it. However, before we start discussing the occult, how about we all introduce ourselves first? My name is Draco and I lead my own group of people who focus on the recently released FIVR game called Boundless.” Draco said with a wide smile.

They all looked between each other, as if deciding whether indulging him was worth it. Eventually, they caved when they realized that Draco was – at least – trying to remain amiable on the surface.

It was possible that he didn’t want to risk a fight with them until he acquired more information on who they were. They too would prefer to end this whole scenario in their favor without any bloodshed, but it seemed unlikely at first.

After all, so far Draco had appeared as a person who did what he wanted without rhyme or reason! Instead of taking the proper pathways, or even showing a little bit of force to coerce, the fellow had simply slaughtered whoever he didn’t like and took what he wanted.

Even if they claimed to be supernatural, they naturally didn’t want to engage such a powerful person. Control masters were the humans latest and greatest leap in power and evolution, almost catching up to their level, and in some cases, surpassing them.

With Draco’s prowess so far, he certainly fell in the category of surpassing. If that wasn’t the case, would they need to waste so much time talking to him instead of steamrolling him and his troupe?

As such, they decided to comply with his mild request since it was relatively harmless.

“I am Julia Mongrove, and I lead the number 3 mafia group, Sisters-in-Crime.” The short woman with the smarmy grin introduced herself.

“I am Samuel Brown, and I lead the number 9 mafia group, Snakehead.” The slim fellow who looked like a criminal followed up.

“I am Derrick Flintstone, and I lead the number 10 mafia group, Outlaws.” The handsome rouge fellow replied with a toothy smile.

“I am Jessica Kitt, and I lead the number 2 mafia group, Chamberlain.” The beauty with the slightly dark skin intoned, the one who had taken the initiative to speak to Draco.

“I am Keira Summers, and I lead the number 5 mafia group, Facade.” The other beauty who had excellent assets stated, her eyes still locked on Draco.

“I am Kojo Mensah, and I lead the number 4 mafia group, Anansi’s Web.” The African man with the tribal marks answered coldly.

“I am Carmine Malone, and I lead the number 6 mafia group, Malone’s Boys.” The old man in the classic mobster attire announced with a tap of his cane.

“I am Genny, and I lead the number 8 mafia group, Sunflower.” The old woman who looked kind responded gently.

“I am Keith D’our, and I lead the number 7 mafia group, The Cardinals.” The lad said with gritted teeth, making Draco chuckle.

Draco rubbed his chin after listening to their introductions. These fellows were certainly big shots in this city, but they were unbelievably small fries in the grand scale of things.

“You were saying something about being supernatural?” Draco prompted.

He had never come into contact with this side of humanity in his previous life, so he was interested in what they had to say. After all, Eva had warned him that the Lineages were aware that some elements existed in this world that were not normal.

Even further, Lucifer and Amaterasu had directly stated that when they crash landed on this planet as mere cells, there were many other indigenous species to earth.

Humans just ended up rising above them all due to our path of evolution and our breeding rate. Still, those species hadn’t died out, they just hid from/amongst human society most likely.

Now, it was time to meet this group and see what they were about.

“The Supernatural isn’t the name of a race, but more of a faction. We are the special entities who have evolved past our humanity to acquire abilities that most would call us monsters for if we came into the public light.” Genny answered slowly.

Draco was incomparably disappointed. They weren’t a part of the indigenous species of earth, but just a circus of freaks who inherited powers thanks to evolution.

After all, the cells that landed on this planet were mixed with many genes, just that they were nowhere near as concentrated as the 9 High Humans. If the 9 had 95% of the chaotic genes, the last 5% was shared among the entirety of the human race.

Among that, it was natural that a few would evolve to become closer to one of the chaotic genes inherited and be able to exhibit some abilities. They might not fall in the category of one of the 9 High Humans, but the source was the same.

In essence, they were bootleg Lineage members. The only difference was that unlike the Lineages that had Inheritances deciding what powers they would hold, these fellows could have a chaotic mess of powers that were unpredictable.

Still, against the Lineages, it was like a group of mice fighting an elephant. Even if many Lineage members had low purities, they could still trounce over these fellows with enough training.

Draco wrote them off in his mind but decided to continue listening to the information they were sharing with him freely. After all, who would say no free information?

“How many members are in Supernatural?” Draco asked curiously.

“Far too many to count. Most members of Supernatural don’t even live in human society, but our numbers should be around 1/10th of the total human population.” Carmine Malone laughed.

Draco froze when he heard this, and so did Keith D’our and the rest of Draco’s people. 1/10th of the total human population? Wasn’t that almost 1 billion members then?

Almost 1 billion people with superpowers and abilities that could wreck whole cities unchecked… that was a very chilling thing to realize.

In the stories, such groups were always a select few who were forced to hide among humankind due to fear, so why did these fellows have to do same? What was stopping them from wreaking havoc on the world.

When Draco decided to ask this, he received quite the interesting answer.


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