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God of Tricksters – Chapter 995: Ambushing the Ambush Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 995 Ambushing the Ambush

“We have killed 37 members from the Lowe Organization. If we continue, we should be able to find some people from the Starry Group soon.” The assassin that brought the group to kill the people inside the cave reported to his direct superior, a Mythical Rank Expert from the MAR Organization.

There was only one Mythical Rank Expert in the end of the cave because the other one was needed to kill these people.

Now that they had brought down so many people from the Lowe Organization, they prepared themselves to fight against the Starry Group. It was truly sad to sacrifice two-third of their people just to defeat these two big groups. But everything would be worth it if they could annihilate them.

The Mythical Rank Expert nodded after hearing the report. “How’s the poisonous gas?”

“Everything is ready. We will let them spread for another minute. It should start spreading in the next room.”

“Good. Let’s go slowly.” He nodded and led the group to the next room. This time, they only had two casualties, so they still had 24 people in this group.

As long as these people could eliminate the people from the two groups, they should have accomplished their mission.

However, everything wasn’t going according to their plan. The moment they reached the next room, they found the tunnel had been buried by many rocks.

“!!!” The assassins opened their eyes wide.

“Have they found out about us?”

“Impossible. According to their pace, they should be far deeper…”

“That’s right. We didn’t let out any loud sound either so they shouldn’t have heard anything.”

“Still, what should we do?”

“What if they are aware of our presence? They must have prepared some ambush… seeing the sloppy blockade, they should have prepared some ambushes in the next cave. After all, it’s hard to calculate the distance of the tunnel.”

“That’s right. The moment we reach the end of the tunnel, they’re going to hit us with all their strength.”

“It’s going to be a disaster.”

The assassins became hesitant, knowing full well that if they weren’t careful, they would lose their lives.

“Alright. We need volunteers to dig up the tunnels. We will check their plan… If we can’t do anything, we will report to those on the surface.” The Mythical Rank Expert made a decision.

It was reasonable, so they looked at each other and picked two people in an instant.

When they were about to reach the buried entrance, a bright light suddenly flashed through the gaps between rocks.

“Not good!” The Mythical Rank Expert shouted in panic. “Ru—”

Unfortunately, he was too late. The light turned into an explosion and blasted the entire blockade.

Theo and Brad were the first to come out as they slashed the nearest assassins.

“Smoke? Poison?” Theo widened his eyes and summoned his Death Avatar before expanding a barrier with his Underworld Body Skill.

The entire smoke was pushed back from to the point not a single poisonous substance came into the barrier.

“Use your mask!” Brad ordered when he saw the assassins wearing the same gas masks.

“Go!” Theo shouted.

The rest of the Supreme Rank Experts emerged from the tunnels and charged forward with five of them sneaking around to reach the exit before the terrorists could react.

Without hesitation, Brad hit the Mythical Rank Expert since he was the only person capable of doing so.

He knocked him to the farthest wall so that no one would be injured when he fought against him.

In the meantime, the cave was soon filled with people from two sides, clashing with each other.

Because their number was lower than them, the Starry Group was required to fight against multiple assassins at once.

And Theo took this role since he was considered the strongest among them.” Theo raised his sword and released a sword wave forward to gain their attention.


The terrorists were shocked by this ambush and barely reacted to the incoming enemies.

Unfortunately for them, Theo was their opponent. With his sword wave taking their attention, Theo used this opportunity to reach one of them, slashing his sword.

The terrorist raised his shield to block him, but Theo skillfully used his Death Avatar to smash the shield and throw it away.

Theo then killed him with a single swing, not letting him do anything.

As if they knew how strong Theo was, two assassins leaped toward him, brandishing their spears.

Theo’s Death Avatar grabbed their spears and tried to throw them away. But since they were refused to do so, the avatar slammed them to the ground.

Only because it would crush them that they let go of their spears before coming at Theo with their fists.

Theo turned his sword back to his ring before taking their punches head-on. However, Theo used his Telekinesis, Magic Augmentation, Magic Power Expansion and Thunderclap Fist in his punches.

The moment they collided, Theo’s fists let out a burst of Magic Power and blasted them away.

*Bam!* One of them was launched to the wall while the other only stepped back once, showing he was stronger than the other guy.

Since that was the case, Theo took out his sword again and came at him. It turned out Theo’s opponent was the direct subordinate of the Mythical Rank Terrorist, so he possessed a challenge.

As if getting prepared for this kind of situation, the terrorist had another spear and struck Theo’s sword continuously.




The clashes lasted for ten seconds and none of them could find any opportunity to exploit. Hence, Theo chose to step up by creating an illusion of a person coming toward them.

He came from the side and prepared to help him. Without hesitation, he swung his sword to Theo’s neck, forcing Theo to leap back.

But when he was about to thank him, this person waved his sword toward him, almost killing him. Even he needed to duck down to avoid this attack before cutting the man’s feet, which turned out to be an illusion. The entire man disappeared into thin air.

“!!!” The assassin widened his eyes. Because of the night vision, his eyes couldn’t easily pick up the enemy’s Magic Power, so it was hard to know whether the man was an illusion or not. And Theo took advantage of it to lower his guard.

Now that he was down to the ground, Theo appeared in front of him and slashed his sword downwards, pinning the terrorist to the ground.



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