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Chapter 954 Change of Plan

“I knew you are still alive, Theo!” Maya showed the happiness she couldn’t show earlier. Theo was one of her rare friends after all. He was not her subordinate or business partner.

Theo fell silent for a moment, wondering if he should play along or not. Ultimately, there was no need to hide it anymore since the latter already knew about his identity.

“Yeah. Just don’t be too loud since I don’t want anyone to hear it.”

“Okay, okay.” Maya chuckled and took a step back. “To think you would come to my father instead of me… I don’t know if I should feel hurt or not.”

“You should have figured out the reason, no?”

“Yeah. It would be extremely suspicious if I gained someone like you not long after your death. On the other hand, the Star Group has been a big company for decades. It’s normal for them to find someone like you.”

“That’s all.” Theo shrugged.

“Still, how are you doing?”

“I’m good. Other than the fact that I need to do everything by myself, nothing changes.”

“Fair enough.”

“Anyway, I’m leaving.” Theo sighed and looked in the exit’s direction.

“So soon?” Maya raised her eyebrows, not believing what he said. “You can find so many things in this place…”

“How many zombies have you killed?” Theo asked while shaking his head.

“Zombies? I’m not sure. More than twenty, but less than thirty… I don’t know the exact number.”

“In that case, you can fight more and find some stuff.” Theo sighed.

“Eh?” Maya tilted her head in confusion. “Why? Is there something wrong with the zombies? Should I not kill them?”

“Hmm, I can’t say anything to you because of the contract. However, you can just continue finding some stuff here.” Theo shrugged.

“Eh? What kind of contract do you have? There should be no contract like that with the Star Group… Has another influence approached you?” Maya squinted her eyes.

“Not a company.” Theo shook his head. “Anyway, you can continue. I need to go back right now.”

Maya fell silent for a moment and asked, “Still, is there a need to rush? Why don’t we talk a bit here?”

“No. I truly need to go right now.”

Maya looked at him for a moment before sighing. “Well, I guess I can’t keep you here. Anyway, I’m just glad that you’re alive. Visit me when the time is right… It’s not like you’re going to invite me or talk to me for no reason.”

Since there was no way to stop Theo here, Maya chose to stop, lest she annoyed him. After all, she had learned Theo’s character after his visit last time.

“Well, I think I can say this… I’m glad to see you and I hope there will be an opportunity for us to collaborate again.” Theo patted Maya’s shoulder while walking away.

A big smile appeared on Maya’s face as she remembered her father mentioning his intention to marry Maya to Theo when fighting against the Griffith Family. It turned out Theo was the one suggesting it.

“Yeah. See you later.”

Theo made his way toward the rendezvous point and found a tent standing in the middle of nowhere. It was clear whose tent it was.

Since he would be extremely suspicious if he came out with all this stuff two days after entering this place, he decided to camp in this place for the time being.

“Isaac!” Theo called his name out loud.

Isaac immediately came out after hearing Theo’s voice and looked at him with a weird expression. “Why are you here?”

“Change of plan.” Theo sighed. “I need your help.”

“My help? For what? I’m camping here according to our agreement, so I don’t see any reason going out right now.” Isaac squinted his eyes, feeling suspicious about Theo’s movement.

“I need you to go back one day prior with me. But because this is my personal matter, I am ready to give up ten percent of my share. So, you get 60 percent.” Theo sighed and continued, “The artifacts should be worth around 25 billion, so another ten percent is equal to 2.5 billion. I’m sure this is enough for that.”

“Still, why do we need to go back one day prior? If it means I’m going to be in trouble, I don’t think ten percent is worth it.”

“No. It won’t get you in trouble.” Theo shook his head and started explaining. “For now, hear my plan first. The reason why I want both of us to return one day prior is to change our sales technique.

“Since you don’t have an influence, it’ll be bad if others see your loot. It’s better to hide it first, no?”

“Yeah. But I can simply go back with you since I’m sure there should be some empty seats… As much as I try not to say this, I don’t think everyone will be able to come back.”

“Indeed. That’s also the reason behind my proposal. I want to negotiate with the people of my company to hide you. And the price for it… Well, I think they will be prioritized and get a discount. Of course, they’ll be advertising this kind of information in return.” Theo nodded.

“So, you want me to give up a bit so that they can be the shield?”

“Yeah. And I’ll be their main target. Of course, you’ll still be the one selling the information.” Theo nodded.

“Still, it’s not enough for me to prioritize them. I can simply leave one or two hours faster than anyone and escape alone, you know.”

“In that case, there’s no need for us to cooperate anymore.” Theo sighed.

“Cooperate? Are you going to terminate the contract? Just so you know that you need to reimburse me if you plan to terminate the contract.”

“No.” Theo raised one finger. “One year.”

Isaac furrowed his eyebrows, thinking about the time Theo mentioned. “Atlantis?”

The answer came in the form of a smile. It was clear Theo had another plan for their cooperation about Atlantis. After all, they were going to appear soon.

If he gave up this time and chose to increase his worth with the Atlantis, the money he could get might be more than twice. After all, his reputation would become solid after gathering the secret about two special regions.

“So, I should stand back now and see the bigger picture?”

“Yes. What do you think?” Theo asked with a smile behind his mask, tricking him into agreeing to his condition. After all, he couldn’t guarantee they would get something in Atlantis. He just wanted Isaac to believe there was something good there.

Isaac looked down, pondering his offer.


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