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God of Tricksters – Chapter 948: Mental Breakdown Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 948 – Mental Breakdown


Valerie dropped her jaw to the ground. Her face lost all colors, and the disgust crept into her heart.

She fell to her knees with tears all over her cheeks. Seeing the baby she cared for eight months died inflicted a big scar on her heart.

“Ueee!” Valerie couldn’t help but throw up when she saw a small hand lying next to her.

Ray had the same expression as her. Still, he was stronger. Because of his ability as a Mythical Rank Expert, he noticed that the baby contained Magic Power.

In that instant, he arrived in front of Valerie and kicked Eric away before shouting, “Valerie, stop! It’s not our child. It’s just an illusion.”

Even though he said those words, his face was extremely pale. After all, no parents could stand watching their unborn child die like that.

“Of course, I’m not going to kill him.” Eric made an evil laugh as if he enjoyed their reactions. “Anyway, I have touched your stomach and poured my power into your body. When you give birth to that child, I can control him at will.”

“You’re insane! I’m already not part of the Griffith Family!” Ray roared. He wanted to kick him right now, but Valerie’s condition was more important to him.

“Insane? No, I’m simply loyal to the Griffith Family. Anyway, I leave some Magic Power behind. Only I can stop it from spreading… If you don’t come to the Griffith Family so that I can remove the trace of my Magic Power, your child will die in your womb.

“If you try to get someone to remove it somewhere else, the baby will die because my Magic Power is unique. No matter what you do… it is useless. There won’t be any solution unless you come to the Griffith Family.

“And if you come to the Griffith Family, I’ll make sure to take care of little Owen… I am… similar to that of his grandfather, after all. I’ll take good care of him.” Eric laughed uncontrollably before his body disappeared and the illusion vanished, revealing they were still in the living room and there was no blood spilled.

Still, Eric’s warning was clear. “Give birth to a soldier of the Griffith Family or your kid will die.”

Although her pregnancy was still normal, Valerie remained on the ground while covering her belly with her shaking hands. She even lowered her whole body so that no one could touch her stomach, specifically the kid in her womb.

Her entire body was shaking, and she couldn’t stop crying while muttering, “Owen… Owen… Owen…”

“Valerie! Are you alright?!” Ray dropped to his knees to check her body and found the trace of Eric’s Magic Power. He tried to feel that Magic Power and received a strong resistance, knowing it would be the way for Eric to kill Owen.

Even Ray couldn’t contain his tears anymore after realizing what had happened.




That night, Owen’s name kept repeating for a few hours until Valerie passed out.

Theo, who witnessed the entire scene, had a grim expression on his face. Even though he didn’t like his parents, there was no way his heart didn’t move when he saw what had happened.

“Is this… really an illusion?” Theo’s voice became shaky, trying to hold back his tears. Everything felt so real that Theo couldn’t differentiate the reality and illusion anymore.

After Valerie passed out, Ray carried her to the bedroom to let her rest. That night, he could only hold her hands while praying everything was just a dream.

Sadly, it was actually the start of their nightmare.

When Valerie woke up in the morning and found Ray sleeping on the floor while holding her hand, the memory of last night returned to her mind.

Her face was distorted as she looked around in horror.

As soon as she understood what happened, she looked down on her belly and tried to feel it herself, noticing the trace of Magic Power.

That realization shocked her heart again as she couldn’t help but cry again.

With her brain, she knew there were only two options they had left. Firstly, they could go to the Griffith Family and get treated. But Owen would most likely become a mindless soldier.

When that thought appeared in her mind, a blue-haired kid appeared in front of her while holding a knife, stabbing her in the chest.

It was just an illusion in her mind, but the pain and feeling were so real. She could even hear his voice.

“Mother. Thank you for giving birth to me. But your death is necessary for the Griffith Family.” The five years old Owen even smiled as if he was happy after killing his mother.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHH!” Valerie screamed at the top of her lungs, trying to shake the illusion.

At that time, the second option arose in her mind. The result was obvious. She failed to give birth to Owen.

The baby’s brutal death that Eric showed her yesterday flashed in her mind.

“NNNNNOOOOO!!!” She was scratching her head. Her hair soon became messy, and her expression darkened.

Ray woke up from her screams and knew it wasn’t a dream. He held back his tears and hugged his beloved wife.

“It’s okay… it’s okay… I will find a way.” Ray told her with his trembling voice. Even his body was shaking.

The only reason why he hadn’t cried yet was due to the fact that Valerie and Owen were still alive. If he lost both mother and child, he couldn’t imagine what he would do next.

“It’s fine… It’s fine, honey. Please calm down…” Ray’s head was close to her head so that Valerie couldn’t hurt herself. In the end, her hands grabbed his arm so strong that her nails made him bleed.

When she saw the blood, Valerie couldn’t contain herself anymore and passed out.

“It’s alright, honey. I’ll find a way.” Ray continued to hug her until he finally realized Valerie had fallen unconscious.

He put her gently to the bed and walked outside. “I’ll get some water for you…”

‘I can’t… I can’t cry… No one can support this family anymore if I break down now.’ Ray gritted his teeth, but tears couldn’t help but fall down.

His feet felt weak, and he finally fell to his knees, clutching his head.

He cried.


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