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Chapter 932 – Training

Theo’s Mansion.

After coming to an agreement with Bernard, Theo returned to his mansion to rest before he started training.

The past two months raised his expectation for his new skill, considering it was his first bonafide S Rank Skill.

As soon as he recovered from his fatigue, Theo went to the garden and sat on the floor in a lotus pose.

Meanwhile, his clone turned into a red-haired man, so whoever accidentally saw him wouldn’t see Theo’s real appearance.

Clone Theo went to his side and formed a barrier around him to gather the pressure from above.

After inspecting the barrier for one last time, the real Theo closed his eyes and utilized his Supernatural Snake Body.

Soon, white-colored scales appeared all over his body. Although it didn’t completely cover his entire body, he could see the scales covering all important parts such as limbs, body, neck, and even head.

Before the clone released his Telekinesis, Theo remembered a small piece of advice from the Thunder King.

“Although it was for the lightning, what he said was correct, to be honest…” Theo muttered and gradually lied down on his back. “If I lie down like this, the pressure will hit all over my body. It feels like sunbathing. I only need to flip my body later.”

Theo chuckled for a moment before Clone Theo, who was standing by next to the barrier, started releasing the Telekinesis.

Since he didn’t know the power of the Supernatural Snake Body, the pressure wasn’t that powerful at the start.

The Telekinesis hit his body and pushed his body downwards, making both sides of his body receive equivalent force.

Theo could feel the power, but as expected from a Supreme Rank Expert, this level of Telekinesis wasn’t enough to hurt him.

After he was sure nothing went wrong, Clone Theo poured more Magic Power into the Telekinesis, increasing the output.

The wind that gradually came down hit Theo’s body before dispersing to the side. And due to the barrier, they all bounced off and eventually moved upward.

The Telekinesis then pushed the next wave of the wind to hit the remnant wind, causing all of them to hit Theo’s body, pressuring him.

This was the reason why the pressure gradually increased.

Still, the more he built up, the harder it was to use the Telekinesis due to the constant increase of pressure.

Even so, Clone Theo continued without fear and poured all the Magic Power he could use into his hand.

“Mhm. That’s quite strong.” Theo squinted his eyes and observed his body, wondering if something had changed.

Unfortunately, there was no change in his appearance. The scales were still in their position, not breaking, multiplying, or disappearing.

This put Theo’s heart in peace as Clone Theo maintained the pressure.

Although he didn’t feel anything in his body breaking, he felt this pressure was enough for the current stage of the Supernatural Snake Body. After all, even the snake would die if he immediately went to the bottom of the ocean.

And with him not expecting to feel something different in a short amount of time, Theo continued without saying anything.

After a period of time, he increased the training difficulty by adding his Ascension Step and Thunderclap Fist. He even used his Death Avatar to squeeze him between two hands.

Due to the limit of his Magic Power as well as his time, Theo only trained like this for eight hours every day. Aside from four hours of sleep, he spent the rest practicing his Control and Awareness.

He wanted to learn about Breathing, but he thought about achieving some successes in his Endurance first before thinking about Breathing. After all, he wouldn’t be able to focus on all the tasks he received.

While training, Theo also called Agata as promised. They only had a few minutes every week so as to avoid any suspicion or tracking. It was sad, but they both were independent and trusted each other.

Every time they talked to each other, they focused on knowing each other as a person, resulting in their relationship gradually becoming more intimate.

Of course, he didn’t forget to ask about his past through her.

Theo’s action might surprise her, but she was very supportive of the idea. Even his grandfather accepted his request and promised to gather information from Valerie’s childhood to how they met.

Still, they needed to act carefully when investigating the rumor about the Griffith Family to avoid suspicion. It took Leonardo two months to prepare everything and send it to Theo.

Meanwhile, Bernard had some difficulty in getting the information.

He managed to shift people’s attention from Joker to the Griffith Family, but the latter was adamant in denying it.

Of course, they couldn’t prove anything. If they said Theo had died, they wouldn’t believe it because Bernard was manipulating his own information network to say Theo was hidden in their family.

If they wanted to show Theo, Bernard would demand to meet Theo in person.

No matter what kind of scenario they threw at Bernard, the suspicion would remain. In fact, Bernard had a good time trolling them.

Still, there was one statement that shocked many people.

The reason Bernard boldly demanded Theo from the Griffith Family was due to him betrothing his own daughter to Theo.

With such a relationship, his anger was justified.

Theo had explained the situation to Agata, and the latter understood since she was in the room when that discussion happened.

As long as Bernard didn’t say Theo accepted the engagement, she wouldn’t bother to complain.

Three months passed in the blink of an eye.

With the deadline for the international mission and the special place approaching, Theo sat down in his study room for the first time.

He wanted to deal with all the administrative problems in this one sitting, from his past to the details about the international mission.

Theo smiled and stretched his body, looking at the Skylink containing all he needed… “Let’s go.”


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