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Chapter 905 – Illusion

The problem was settled not long after, and Theo finally went back to his mansion, waiting for the information regarding the artifact.

He was quite curious as to what kind of artifact he could find with this information.

As promised, Mark gave the information before the one hour was up.

Theo thought, ‘Is this information true? With how I beat him earlier, he should have some sort of grudges, right? Will he give the correct information? I know Sir Bernard demanded him to be honest, but…’

Ultimately, Theo scratched the back of his head and said, “Anyway, I can check it with my clone later. This is a big advantage that I have after all.”

After deciding to find the artifact first, Theo started thinking about the three A Rank Cards. After a few months, he had narrowed it down to three skills. They were the Clone, Illusion Manipulation, and Telekinesis.

At first, he thought about ranking up the Death Avatar, but the avatar was strong enough for the time being. He didn’t need to rush to upgrade this one.

Instead, he should focus on something that he used all the time first.

“My clone has been with me this whole time, and it’s my biggest strength. However, I can’t use my clone all the time because I need to use Metamorphosis to make him look like a summoned creature. Well, if people know it’s a clone, they will associate it with me sooner or later…

“On the other hand, Illusion Manipulation has become even stronger the more I use it. I have come to realize this Illusion Manipulation is more versatile and dangerous than I imagined. Just like the soul imitation earlier… It’s really useful against humans since I can fool people around. But the main problem is that… this skill is not that very effective against monsters.

“Last but not least, Telekinesis. This skill is versatile, and I use it a lot. In fact, this is the most balanced technique among all my skills.

“The choices are these three. I can’t rank them up easily because the cost is a few billion Zils for one chance.” Theo let out a long sigh, wondering which one to choose.

Suddenly, Theo received a call, not from the company’s Skylink, but his personal Skylink.

“Hmm? Agata?” Theo furrowed his eyebrows and accepted the call.

“Theo. How are you?”

“I’m good.” Theo smiled and said, “How is the situation over there? Is there any problem?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve settled most of the problems. I think I will finish everything within a few days.”

“I guess we both are busy.” Theo chuckled.

“Indeed. Sadly, I can only call you for five minutes every week.”

“Well, I also need to go to the other side tomorrow.”

“Is that so?”

“Unfortunately, yes. So, I can’t really contact you for the time being.”

“It’s fine.” Agata paused for a moment, saddened by that news. However, she concealed her feelings and continued to talk. “Well, I can use that time to go to the other side as well. Luckily, we both are good at time management.”

“Yeah. I haven’t made my plan yet, but it should be for one to two months. I’ll send you the schedule later.”

“Okay.” She hesitated for a second and asked, “Have you heard about it?”

“About what?”

“Your mother.”

“Visiting my grave?”

“Yes. She seems to have returned to the Griffith Family though.”

“Well, I don’t really want to talk about this topic.”

“Sorry. Let’s change the topic then. Since you’re making your influence there, I’m learning how to manage it here.”

“Ahaha, thank you as always.”

“It’s fine. I like doing it. To be honest, my progress always increases by leaps and bounds when I do your tasks. I consider it training.”

Theo smiled and nodded. “Is there anything you want?”

“Your grandfather wants me to send something to you.”

“What’s that?”

“I don’t know. You can check it yourself later.” Agata sent the video his mother captured when fighting against the Mind Elder.

“Okay. Thank you.”

“I don’t think I want anything myself. Just be safe out there.”

“You too.”

“I just want to hear your voice tonight, so I think I will continue working. See you in a few months.”

“See you.” Theo smiled and hung up the call. After that, he immediately opened the file Agata sent earlier and watched it.

He soon was stunned by what was recorded in this video.

As much as he wanted to release his anger toward the Mind Elder in this video, his illusion was indeed top-notch. Ultimately, he let go of his hatred first and watched the video until the end.

This kind of illusion broke the image Theo had in his head. It was true that he had used something similar when he fought against the Dark Witch in the Moniac Dungeon, but the Mind Elder manipulated everything to the point he wasn’t sure whether he was in an illusion or reality.

*Hiss!* Theo sucked a cold breath, and his body was shaking. “Is this really an illusion?”

“The illusion incorporates reality very well from the environment to the feeling. And that baby… Is that Owen, who was supposed to be my big brother?” Theo frowned. “His identity aside, his appearance here was just to throw off the feeling. It’s not realistic at all, but it certainly can shake the heart.”

Theo observed the illusion carefully and somehow gained an insight. “I see. What I did was the bare minimum. What he did was something more. I will learn from this video and surpass him.”

Theo clenched his fists as this video just reinforced his belief in what skill to improve. “It turns out I can use it like this. Illusion can do everything for me. In that case…”

Theo took out 3 A Rank Skill Cards and 24 B Rank Skill Cards before utilizing his power to upgrade his Illusion Manipulation.

Skill: Illusion Manipulation (A)

Effect: Manipulate people’s perception to make them get all senses to what the user wants… The user can also manipulate and affect a certain portion of reality.


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