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Chapter 881 – Seals

“Correct.” The dragon confirmed his doubt. “The smaller your territory, the stronger the power that will influence your territory as the energy is not as dispersed. The example is the Poison King. He’s concentrating his own power in that particular area, preventing others from coming.”

“I can see that.” Theo nodded in agreement.

“Anyway, you should understand the Covenant and Death Seals, right?”

“There’s only one question. Is the Death Seal only applicable to your territory? What if you haven’t got your territory yet?”

“As long as you are near that person, you’ll be able to induce it. Those who possess your Friend Seal will be able to feel it as well.”

“I see.” Theo then looked at his two hands, showing him the marks. “Are these Friend Seals?”

“Indeed. The Friend Seal can be used to mark others to show that he’s your ally and hope that no one attacks you, especially King Level people. After all, killing these people is similar to offending you. That’s why we usually treat others who have marks kindly.

“For example, if I kill you, the Death Seal will be activated and notify those who have placed those Friend Seals. To be fair, those people should feel something when you get your own Order.”


“Yes. Anyway, this is our privilege as the bearer of Order. This world gives this as the repayment for our services in maintaining Order. I will explain to you what it means to maintain Order later.”

“I see.” Theo nodded with a serious expression before recalling what happened in the mountain. “Didn’t you erase a Friend Seal? Does this mean I can erase someone’s seal too?”

“When you get the Authority, you can erase the seals of all the Kings in your territory.”

“I see. So, this is only special to you and other King Class Monsters in your territory.”


“Then, how about the Life Seal?”

“It’s the exact opposite of the Death Seal. If the Death Seal can be placed on many, the Life Seal can only mark one person. If the Death Seal is the symbol of hatred, the Life Seal is the sign of trust.

“You normally bestow the Life Seal to your closest person because the world will allow you to contact that person through the seal.

“For me, I give my Life Seal to the Thunder King. With this seal, I’ve given him the authority to govern the territory for a bit of time. This is the reason why I can bring you out here.”

Theo’s expression turned grim when he got the answer. He never expected Ava to want to give him such a precious thing.

He looked at Ava and said, “Ava. This is—”

Just like before, Ava had already decided. “If we can’t meet, we can contact each other through seal. I can feel if you’re in danger. You will know if I’m in danger. We both can help each other.”

“Then, I can use my Life Seal on you. The effect is the same. And I already have my Order.”

“It’s different. No matter what, I’m going to live in this place for the rest of my life. On the other hand, you’re not. You’ll visit this place and return to the other side.

“So, I think you can give your Life Seal to your wife, so she can handle your matter when you visit me.” Ava smiled, explaining her future plan. She didn’t stay with Theo for nothing.

“You can also use it on your other half.”

“Not really. According to my mother, she came from a far deeper region that no humans had ever visited. That was where my father’s home and where other Moon Rabbits lived. I have no plan to go there, so I’ll remain like this for the rest of my life. Living in my domain is not a problem.” Ava explained. “And if I can have you visit me from time to time, I see that as a win.”

“You…” Theo gritted his teeth as he felt he owed her so much. “I don’t agree with this. There’s a chance that I never mark my own territory, so I can just live in your place for a long time.”

Suddenly, the dragon opened his mouth. “That’s the reason why I told you about this after you are separated from that human girl. Life Seal is the most important seal that can be placed only once in your life. I want you to think this through for a few years before giving your Life Seal.”

“But…” Ava pouted and glared at the dragon.

“You’re my student, so listen to me. Life Seal is important, so I want you to wait for a few years before giving it to him. Anyway, contacting him during your training will make you disturbed, so it’s better without it for the time being. If you still haven’t changed your feelings a few years later after finishing your training, I won’t say a thing if you still decide to give him your Life Seal.”

“…” Ava pouted and looked away.

His advice was reasonable. Ava’s action earlier was very rash, so the dragon wanted to stop her from doing something she might regret. It was the same thing in Agata’s case. If Theo didn’t give her the Life Seal, it would be awkward. But if he gave the Life Seal to Agata, there was a chance it would become a mistake he regretted in the future. So, waiting for them to be separated was a good move from the dragon.

Still, Theo felt happy with Ava’s thoughts alone. Without hesitation, she offered her Life Seal to him. That was enough for Theo to know what position he had in her heart.

“Thank you, Ava.” Theo placed his hand on Ava’s head while smiling. “The thought alone is enough. Let’s wait for another few years, okay?”

Theo’s answer softened Ava’s heart a bit. She let out a long sigh and nodded. “Fine. I’ll wait.”

“Thank you.” Theo smiled and said, “Anyway, I will mark you with my Friend Seal. That should be fine, right?”

“Yes. Friend Seal is fine. I’ll teach you how to mark others after this. Do you have any other questions about Seals?” The dragon said, feeling a bit relieved that they stopped acting rashly.

“One more question. Life Seal is the only seal that can be used once in a lifetime, right? What’s about Covenant? Isn’t Territory your home?”

“You can seize other territories or occupy a neutral territory. This usually happens when there’s no Authority Level figure supervising the area. When you’re on the other side, you’ll find more about it. And I’ll teach you everything about Order after this.”

“I see. Still, the larger your territory is, the weaker your Seal is…” said Theo while looking down, falling into deep thought.

“That’s correct… Since you have no other questions, let’s continue.”


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