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God of Tricksters – Chapter 847: Recognition Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 847 – Recognition

“To be fair, you can get your Order anytime you want.”

Theo widened in shock, not understanding what he said. “What do you mean?”

“Someone has set up the foundation for you. And all you need to do is to find a way to connect to the world itself.”

Theo looked down, falling into deep thought. He remembered the God of Mischief setting up a foundation based on Five Aspects.

This might have been the so-called foundation. Theo looked at him and asked, “Is the foundation related to Five Aspects?”



“The foundation is related to your very own existence. How do you live and what do you expect to become in the future…” The dragon paused for a moment. “Have you ever set a rule for yourself on how to act?”

“On how to act…” Theo dropped his jaw to the ground and remembered the three rules. “Wait a minute…”

“It seems you have received your answer.”

“Is that how to get an order? It’s not related to any sort of power?” Theo was taken aback by the revelation. The rules were supposed to make deception even more real, not related to Orders.

“You’re underestimating it, Child. For example, can you imagine someone who lives hating the tree and destroying them for as long as he remembers to get a Tree or Plant Order?” The dragon shook his head gently, explaining with an example.

“No.” The answer was clear. There wasn’t even a need to think about it.

“That’s right. You are the living example of your own Order. The Order will reflect your very existence. This is why Order usually comes when you are a Supreme Rank, if not a Mythical Rank Expert. At that time, you have lived enough with your rule and have a set of rules for yourself.”

Theo’s body was shaking as he never expected that the truth had been so close to him this whole time. “Deception… No, Illusion. Am I going to inherit that?”

“No one knows. Even with a rule you set in your life, there’s no guarantee that you will receive that one particular Order. Just like Flame, Heat, and Fire Orders… What do you think you need to do in order to get those three Orders? The conditions must be similar, but why are there three Orders?”

Theo remembered what the dragon said earlier. “Future?”

“Exactly. Now that you have recognized your value, what will you do with it? Are you going to break the rule? Are you going to adjust it a bit to match what you like? Everything is up to you. If you are expected to live according to that rule for the rest of your life, can you do it?”

Theo looked down for a moment before realizing something. “Does that mean I can actually twist the rules in order to match my own personality? What do I like and what do I want to be in the future?”

“That’s right. When you hold the Order, you are expected to act that way. If you can’t bear it and break your own rule, the Order will be taken back by this world.”

The God of Mischief once warned him about the no lie rule. He didn’t expect him to live without lying the moment he set that rule. Instead, he expected Theo to gradually get used to this kind of situation.

Theo somehow received his answer. “So, this is…”

“The more you define your existence, the stronger your Order is. There is also another factor that you need to think about…”

“What is that?”

“The faith. How do people define you? It’s true that your way of life is the biggest factor, but the world needs to judge you whether you are qualified to wield that Order or not. And the people’s opinions are the statement to support that existence.

“Your rabbit friend is similar. Someone has set up the foundation, and all that person needs to do is to make her expecting the Order soon.”

‘The rule that is set up by the God of Mischief is how to annoy other people… But in those three rules, he has given me the basic needs for the Order. First, it’s to annoy other people, meaning he wants me to build people’s faith in what kind of person I am.

‘Second, the never lie condition, which is something I shouldn’t break. Then, there are two others.’ Theo thought and smiled. “I see. The foundation, huh.”

“Yes. After you expect this, the world will contact you and give you the Order. As for what kind of Order you will receive… You are the one who knows it.”

“The world will contact me? Now that I think about it, you have been talking as if this world and the Earth are the same.” Theo narrowed his eyes.

“Have I told you it’s not?”

“What?” Theo widened his eyes. “This world is also Earth? But isn’t Earth supposed to be…”

The dragon smiled and shook his head. “That’s not something you should know for the time being. When you cultivate your Order to Authority, you will know the truth of this world.”

Theo sucked a cold breath. Although he was indeed curious about it, having Authority seemed to bind one person. There was no need to rush to learn the truth.

Suddenly, Theo came to a realization and said, “No one can tell whether the world you have been living in is an illusion or not. You only know and believe that this world is real. And you or even this planet might be just an illusion of mine. Even Order and Authority might just be the image planted in our minds…”

Theo fell silent for a moment before shouting, “Seek the truth of this world, huh… No, I shall be—!”

Before he finished his words, a golden light descended from the sky, dispersing all the clouds.

The golden light gave a warm feeling, but the sheer pressure from looking at it alone made one think how insignificant they were in front of this light.

This star-shaped light gradually descended to Theo.

Before Theo could react, the light enveloped his body.

“This is…” Theo’s consciousness became fuzzy. His body refused to move. Despite trying hard to be awake, Theo’s eyes soon closed as he fell unconscious.

The King Class Monster on the bottom of the mountain saw this phenomenon since the sky had become clear. He muttered with a low voice. “So, another king has been born.”

Avarice, who was sitting in her home, looked at the sky and smiled. “I see. It seems that Ava doesn’t choose the wrong person. Take care of my daughter.”

The Dark Knight that Theo met in the US looked at his son and said, “I’m looking forward to our spar.”

Dourner, who was enjoying his wine, was taken aback by the feeling he received from his mark. “So fast? Hmph… When he dares to meet me again, I will prepare a trick to make you drink my wine.”


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