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Chapter 837 – Tough Journey

Theo knew that the monsters he needed to face on the way were above Supreme Rank. And there was no one who could say about what he would face in this area, considering this place had yet to be explored because of the danger.

Still, Theo wasn’t afraid because he ventured into this unknown zone with his ant form. If he used his clone, he might be able to reach this place within a day. But since he needed to prioritize his safety, ant form was better even though it might need 3-5 days.

The first day of the journey wasn’t that big of a deal. Theo could even take proper rest and didn’t waste too much energy since no monsters were coming at him.

But everything soon changed on the second day.

When he was traveling through a savanna, Theo stopped and looked down. “This presence…”

“!!!” Theo jumped into the air and used his Telekinesis to fly his little body before finding a huge brown worm coming out of the ground, almost swallowing him.

The worm didn’t have a face. All it had was a huge mouth filled with numerous teeth that could rip apart anything that entered it.

Its length was over 30 feet, making it impossible for Theo to escape even with his Telekinesis. After all, his travel speed decreased drastically with this small form.

Theo turned back into his human form and created a hundred Magic Bullets with his Magic Power, and shot the worm from all directions.

The worm suddenly turned red and withstood all the Magic Bullets without a single scratch.

“Ugh… I don’t have my weapon with me.” Theo clicked his tongue and remembered one thing that stopped the humans from venturing into this area. “Now that I think about it, monsters above the Supreme Rank have a higher percentage to be more intelligent.

“Seeing how this worm attacks me without any prior knowledge… It means the worm is smart enough to recognize my Metamorphosis. In other words, my journey this time will be filled with numerous Rare Class Monsters…” Theo muttered and gulped down.

“I need to end this fight as soon as possible.” Theo took a deep breath and waved his hand.

Suddenly, the worm was split into two with his Illusion.

Instead of wailing in pain, the worm started moving to the left.

“?!” Theo was surprised by the worm’s reaction. “Does it feel any pain?”

Since the illusion was broken due to that sudden movement, the worm could move to launch an attack to Theo’s rear.

But Theo wasn’t someone that could be brought down with such a simple movement. His Awareness predicted the worm’s movement as he turned his body right after the worm moved.

His fist was already covered with blue light as Theo struck the worm right behind its sharp mouth.


The worm was knocked away and rolled a few times on the ground before Theo used his Blink to appear in front of him and send Magic Bullets through his mouth, exploding the worm from within.

[Killed a Grass Worm.]


“To think Prediction Eyes make the whole thing easier… I should have learned this sooner.” Theo sighed and just left the worm’s corpse there as he didn’t have any storage to store the cards.

But when he was about to continue his journey, he was found by another group of monsters.

The monsters had smooth gray skin and stood with four feet. They didn’t have eyes like the worm, but they seemed to be able to sense him.

This time, Theo immediately fled the scene as fighting multiple monsters would tire him too much than a single worm.

But these four monsters weren’t that easy to shake. Their speed was a bit faster than Theo, gradually catching up.

Since he couldn’t outrun them, Theo turned into an ant to fool them.

His plan didn’t work as the monsters continued marching forward. For his last resort, he turned into an eagle and soared to the sky. There shouldn’t be any problem since the monsters couldn’t fly.

But not long after, a bird was coming at him.

This yellow-colored bird was twice his size and intercepted him in the air with its talons.

Theo covered his talons with Magic Power Expansion while the bird also covered its talons with green light.

When the two clashed, there was a huge shock wave that shook the area, blowing each other away.

The four monsters on the ground opened their mouths and released a beam of red light at him.

Theo spun his body, barely avoided the beams, and landed on the ground.

“This journey might be far harder than I expected…” Theo clicked his tongue and used his Illusion Construct to form a spear before enhancing it with his Sense of Touch, turning this illusion into a real spear.

Although it wouldn’t be as good as his normal weapons, it was enough to handle these monsters.

Since Theo had fallen to the ground, the four monsters charged forward, trying to prevent Theo from leaving.

The bird also prepared to dive down, hitting Theo in case he wanted to go to the sky again.

‘Should I travel underground? There’s still a worm like that…’ Theo thought while waving his spear to the first monster that almost pounced him.

The monster used its foot and knocked the spear away. The other three leaped at him.

Theo’s spear suddenly disappeared and turned into two swords with his Illusion Construct.

The monster saw the changing shape, but it was too late.

Theo slashed his body with the sword, killing the monster.

After that, he turned back into an ant to avoid the monsters’ feet. Then, he turned into a tiger and struck a monster’s head with his paw covered in Magic Power Expansion.


Theo let out a roar before turning back into a human form and raising his left hand as the other one released another beam of light.

The beam turned into a cloud of smoke with Theo’s Illusion Destruction.

Seeing such a situation, the bird flew down and helped the monsters.

But Theo had formed another spear and thrown it to the monster’s head, killing the third one.

And when the bird arrived at him, Theo used his Blink to appear above the last monster and sliced its neck.

The bird wasn’t in a good situation either. Before Theo disappeared, he left behind numerous Magic Bullets that struck the bird as soon as it entered the smoke.


Theo let out a breath of relief and delivered the killing blow to this heavily injured bird.

“This journey might indeed be a bit too difficult. Can I actually finish it?”


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