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Chapter 819 – Marriage

“The Griffith Family has entered Italy.”

“!!!” All the people in the room couldn’t contain their shock when they heard this news.

Theo’s expression darkened as he asked for confirmation. “What did you say?”

“The Griffith Family has entered Italy. For now, there is the confirmation of Eric Griffith making his move.”

“Eric Griffith?” Theo was still unaware of this name because it was hard for them to find the real name as they were concealed.

“You don’t know anything about him?” It was Bernard’s turn to be surprised. He thought since Theo had been dealing with the Griffith Family, he would know this name. After some consideration, he said, “Eric Griffith is famous enough to receive a title… And his title is Mind Elder.”

“!!!” Theo opened his mouth in surprise.

“Oh, it seems that you are aware of his title but not his name.” Bernard nodded in understanding. “Anyway, the Griffith Family is entering Italy. Eric Griffith has made himself known, but I believe many hidden experts are hiding behind him. And I believe their target is none other than…”

“Me.” Theo finished his sentence without hesitation. He frowned and doubted something. “How do you know something like this?”

“Information is number one for me. You can’t do something unless you have enough information. I’m sure you know this as well.”

“Well… Yeah.”

“That’s how it is. Anyway, take this information as a bonus reward.” He smirked. “I believe the Barbe Group will join this situation. Their task will be…”

“It’s already clear enough. To suppress the War God Family directly. Because they have lost their footing in France, they can do something like this without thinking about the consequences.” Theo sighed. “This way, the War God Family shouldn’t be able to spare any men to stop the Griffith Family from killing me.”

“I believe so. At the same time, the War God Family seems to be planning to stop Eric Griffith… Since you’re here to become a Supreme Rank Expert, I believe this is the last chance Eric Griffith has in order to manipulate your memory.

“If he fails, he’s going to do everything to eliminate you.” He turned to Agata. “Even the Mota Family can’t help the War God Family this time.”

“…” Agata remained silent. But inside, she was worried, calculating whether what Bernard said was true or not.

Theo, on the other hand, had seen the possibility and what Bernard wanted to convey. “So, you are suggesting…”

“Yes. I believe that you have known about this as well…” He nodded with a smile. “I can give you two options.”

“Although I feel like I know what you want to say, I’ll still listen to what you have to say.”

“First option is to stay here with Maya’s Starry Group. This way, Eric Griffith’s plan won’t work, and the Barbe Group will lose many things. It should be enough to cripple them and give you momentary peace. I can offer you a good contract because I want to buy your future.” Bernard explained the first option.

Theo nodded. “Yeah, I know that…”

Seeing Theo’s calm expression, Bernard raised his finger and pointed it at Maya. “Second option. Marry my daughter.”

“!!!” Agata widened her eyes in disbelief. The color on her face gradually disappeared as she wondered whether Theo would accept this or not, considering this was a very beneficial deal for him.

People rejected a certain proposal because it was too risky. However, it also meant another thing. The reward wasn’t big enough to move their heart. If the reward was enough, they would surely have a change of heart.

“I don’t mind you having another wife just in case. But the limit is two. I mean, your clone is surely good enough for this. Sometimes, I even wonder if your clone can make another clone… Well, enough with this dirty talk…” Bernard paused for a moment before continuing, “If you marry my daughter, I would have enough reason to help you.

“I promise that with my Star Group and Maya’s Starry Group, we can deal with the Griffith Family and the Barbe Group. After all, the War God Family will have enough opportunity to kill the Mind Elder.

“After that, we could simply take this chance to eliminate the Griffith Family. It’s hard to make the Griffith Family disappear from this world because their influence runs very deep, but we can cripple them until you’re strong enough to the point they don’t dare to mess with you again!” Bernard smiled. “Besides, if you marry Maya, you’ll get the Star Group and Starry Group at the same time.

“At that time, your influence will spread around the world. No one can deal with you anymore.”

Bernard’s offer was seriously tempting. Even Agata had a hard time rejecting it.

She started panicking as she believed Theo would agree with this deal.

Theo closed his eyes for a moment and smiled. “Your offer is truly tempting…”

“Even I have a hard time rejecting this.” Theo smirked. “Is this a political marriage?”

“Just ask my daughter.” Bernard pointed at Maya. The latter looked away and said, “Well, I don’t completely agree with this marriage, but I am also not opposing this idea.”

Agata clenched her fists. She wanted to stop this conversation, but she had no right to hold Theo back. There was a thought in her mind saying, ‘The second wife, huh… Can I truly share a man with someone else? Even if I can’t, what about Nella and Alea?’

And surprisingly, this joke also made Theo feel bad.

He stated, “You seem to be accommodating me so much, Sir Bernard… Two wives, eh?”

“There’s nothing wrong with that since you have the capability. And their nationality is different too, so it won’t be that much of a problem for each country.” Bernard shrugged.

Theo sighed. “I can’t even imagine myself sharing a woman, and do you expect me to make them share?”

Bernard’s expression became serious. “Well, that’s even better for me.”

Theo rose from his seat and made an evil smirk. “Great, great. I think you’re underestimating me too much, Sir Bernard. Influence? I can create that one. Money? It’s easy for me to make money. And…

“Do you think there are only two options in this situation?” Theo raised his hand and clutched it. “What makes you think there’s no third option? I will go back and beat them hard.”

“You can’t cripple them without my help. No, can you even escape alive in this situation?”

Theo extended his hand and said, “I do agree with the first sentence… As for the second one… That’s why I said you’re underestimating me too much. The real question is… why can’t I?”


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