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Chapter 793 – Help

“Alright. Jokes aside.” Theo brushed her question off and said, “We still need to go to the surface. For now, I don’t want to make a problem with the government, so just play dumb with those who are going down right now.

“After that, we’ll claim the possessions of these weapons.”

“Understood.” Agata and Maya nodded in agreement.

It was clear that they couldn’t hide the weapons, and Maya obviously didn’t want to let them go since this was her loot.

So, Theo didn’t plan on teleporting them one by one, considering they needed to register themselves when coming out.

Before leaving, Theo touched the witch and stored the card, planning to look at it later after they returned to the hotel.

Then, they started climbing before Theo abruptly stopped at the floor 20th and hid the weapons away.

This action stunned Maya as she had no idea what she was planning to do.

But for someone who had learned from Theo, Agata immediately moved toward the stairs leading to the 19th floor.

Two guys in military uniform came down with a serious expression. “What’s going on?”


“Yes. We were hunting on the 26th floor earlier before the skeletons suddenly went down. We were afraid of getting slaughtered by so many skeletons, so we waited for a while before climbing carefully.” Agata immediately said the explanation she had thought of earlier.

It was a lie but a pretty reasonable one, especially since the skeletons were indeed going down.

“We’ve confirmed that the skeletons have died, so you can climb up and give your statement to the ones outside.” One of the soldiers replied with a calm expression as though he wanted to make Agata relax.

As for the other soldier, he had confirmed with the others that the skeletons were indeed going down. They moved weirdly, so Agata’s statement wasn’t that suspicious.

“Alright, Miss. We’re going down to check what is happening. You should go up.” The two soldiers immediately rushed to the 30th floor to figure out what had happened.

Meanwhile, Theo gave a thumbs up and used his Telekinesis to carry all the weapons with him.

“Anyway, do you have anything that I can use to meet a Mythical Rank Expert in your hotel?” Theo asked.

“Hmm? For what reason?”

“Our escort of course. Just a precaution.”

Maya thought for a moment and said, “The gatekeeper should have seen your face. If you come to him and talk about it, I’m sure he’ll lead you to the Mythical Rank Expert.”

“You sure about this? I don’t like to get into any trouble.”

“Yeah. Don’t worry about it. They’re paid to do this, so…” Maya shrugged.

Although a bit hesitant, Theo summoned his clone, planning to speed up.

‘Wait a minute. Couldn’t I just use Blink to travel in this structure?’ Theo frowned. He never used Blink this whole time because he preferred to kill the monsters coming to their way to increase their levels while deepening his understanding of traps.

If not, he would have gone down with Blink when Ava was staying inside the hotel.

Now that the situation had changed, he needed to go up as soon as possible. Clone Theo immediately used his Blink to climb the entire structure.

Although he could only reach floor 6th, it was 15 minutes faster than the real body and the others.

And Clone Theo didn’t hesitate to climb the rest of the floor before using his Blink again to teleport himself outside the dungeon.

He sneakily headed to the hotel as the soldiers were busy dealing with people’s statements regarding the anomaly.

The only reason why Theo wanted an escort was to prevent any form of incident.

Although not many wanted to make a move against Maya, if the reward was high enough, they might do it.

Hence, it would be better to have a Mythical Rank Expert as an escort as the strongest person among them was merely a Supreme Rank Expert.

It didn’t take too long for Theo to reach the hotel, considering he was using all his power to boost his speed with Telekinesis.

As soon as he reached there, he opened the hotel’s door and rushed to the gate office, knocking on the door.

The middle-aged man that previously greeted them when they first came here opened the door and asked, “Yes. Mr. Theodore Griffith, correct? How can I help you?”

“I need to meet the Mythical Rank Experts in charge of this place. Can you help me meet them?” Theo asked politely, but his talking speed was quick, showing that he didn’t have much time.

“I believe you are hunting with the young lady…”

“That’s why I need them. Maya also told me that you would be able to bring me to them.” Theo nodded, not explaining anything.

Seeing Theo’s expression and tone, he finally nodded. “I understand. I’ll only bring you to them. Whether they agree or not, it’ll be your problem.”


“Follow me.” The middle-aged man led Theo to the lowest floor. On that floor, there were only three doors. One was leading to the elevator, and the other two were leading to the Mythical Rank Expert’s office respectively.

“There are two. Who do you want to meet?”

“Anyone is fine,” Theo replied without hesitation. At this point, there was no need to choose as he only wanted a Mythical Rank Expert.

As if he heard the commotion outside, one of the doors suddenly opened.

“What is this? Is there a visitor today?” A man came out. Although he looked young, he was clearly in his late twenties. At the same time, he had slowed down his aging, so his actual age might have surpassed 60.

When he saw Theo’s face, the man raised his eyebrows while fixing his black hair. “Theodore Griffith. No, you’re only a clone.”

“I need you.” Theo nodded, not greeting him.

“You need me?” The man frowned.

“Yeah. Maya and I have completely excavated the Moniac Dungeon. I want you to escort us from that place.” Theo explained as simply as possible.

In that instant, the man understood what was going on. “Ah, you bring so much treasure. Indeed, dangerous… Give me one… no, two minutes. I’m going to change my outfit a bit.”

“In that case, I’ll return to my real body.”

“Sure. I’ll reach that place within ten minutes…” The man nodded as he immediately turned back, planning to change his t-shirt and short pants to a better one.


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