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Chapter 778 – Plan

Inside their room in the Star Group’s Hotel, all of them were sitting behind the table, staring at the map of the labyrinth. It was none other than the Moniac Dungeon’s 3D map. The place consisted of thirty floors, so it was easy for them to look at them.

“I think the higher floors have been emptied since they’re more suited for weak… Ahem, for low level groups.” Maya stated with a poker face.

Agata rolled her eyes while Theo asked, “Are you possessed?”

“What do you mean?” Maya tilted her head in confusion.

“If it’s the normal you, you won’t hesitate to call them weak.”

“How rude. Besides, it’s their fault for not having enough skill to go deeper.” She shrugged.

“Anyway, I know what you want. For now, let’s search from floor 21st onwards. How’s that?”

“Agreed.” Maya nodded without hesitation.

“Well, with our speed, I think we can look around three floors within two days. The remaining one day will be used to go up and down this place.” Agata added, giving her assessment.

“I don’t really mind. We’re supposed to stay here for a month, so we’ll take care of the 21st to 29th floor for the first nine days and clear the 30th floor next. After those 12 days, Ava should have recovered. So, we’ll go back to the 30th floor to hunt the monsters there with Ava.” Theo explained his plan.

“I have no objection.” Maya nodded.

“How’s your level anyway?” Theo asked.

“I should be able to reach the Supreme Rank in 10-14 days,” answered Maya while checking her status.

“A few days later than her.” Agata pointed at Maya, saying that her level wasn’t that much below her.

Theo thought for a moment and nodded. “Ava. How are you?”

Suddenly, Ava came out of the room as if answering his call. She jumped on top of the table and said, “Well, I’m just one step away from it. But due to my condition, I can’t really rank up. I’m planning to hunt other monsters in the area later. And boom, become one.”

“How about I tell someone to hunt a few monsters every day?” Theo asked. “Maybe my clone can hunt some monsters for you.”

“That’ll be a great help.” Ava nodded with a serious expression. “I’m just one step away, so a day hunt should be enough. And it’s not like I can eat undead.”

“That’s true.” Theo recalled that Ava refused to eat zombie meat back in Thersland, let alone a skeleton.

“But without your clone, we’ll be in deep trouble handling those traps.” Maya raised a problem.

Theo shook his head. “From what I see, if we simply go downstairs, there are multiple traps. But it seems the traps themselves are in the same place. I have remembered their positions.

“So, while we’re going down, I’m going to help Ava. Then, after she’s finished transforming into a Supreme Rank Monster, she can go back here to recover. As for the clone, I just need to resummon it.”

“Hmm… That’s quite useful.” Maya nodded, assessing Theo’s clone capability.

“Well, that’s it. What do you think?” Theo asked.

“If that’s the case, I don’t have a problem.” Maya then turned to Agata, wondering if she had any objection.

Agata shook her head.

“Alright. That’s all. It’s time to take a bath.” Maya smirked and rose from the floor. “Oh, wait. Does anyone want to use it first…”

“You can use it.” Agata smiled.

Theo only waved his hand while looking at the map, trying to pinpoint the trap.

As soon as she received the confirmation, Maya headed to the bathroom. Meanwhile, Ava came to him and asked, “Are you sure the traps are in the same position?”

“Yes. The structure itself is not changing. And the traps must be refilled by the skeletons. Though, I won’t deny there might be some traps we missed because the others passed the area, and we passed it before the skeletons could refill the traps.” Theo shook his head.

“In that case, you should just let me go alone. Although I’m in a weakened state, I’m strong enough to handle those monsters.”

“I’m just worried that someone is aiming for you. Although you’re registered as my pet, someone can kidnap you if they think you’re running away from your owner.” Theo sighed.

“Well…” Ava couldn’t say anything.

“So, don’t worry about it. We’ll take care of the situation without a problem. You should focus on getting stronger and recovering your power.”

“I understand.” Ava nodded furiously.

“Anyway, you should rest again. I’m going to bring you very early tomorrow.”

“How about tonight?” Ava asked.

“That might be a better option. But let me rest for a few hours.” Theo thought for a moment. “If you want, you can wake me up in three hours. Gotta have a quick nap.”

“Got it.” Ava went back to the bedroom.

“Do you need my help?” Agata asked.

“Nah, it’s fine. It’ll be a quick session with Ava.” Theo shook his head.

“Then, you can take some rest inside the dungeon. I’ll explain to Maya that we both are going on the lookout for the first day.”

“I won’t decline.” Theo nodded.

After that, Theo went back to his bedroom and simply changed his clothes before taking a nap.

Meanwhile, Agata went to inform Maya about the circumstances and agreed since they were safer that way.

She then made some preparation, so Theo could immediately go when he woke up.

They were working at their own task to make everything convenient.

After a good nap, Theo was woken up by Agata while Ava came out of her bedroom at the same time as Theo.

“Alright. I’m going with Ava. You guys should have some good sleep. Let me rest later.” Theo waved his hand.

“You can take a day off though.” Maya smirked.

“I’m not lazy like you.” Theo shrugged and immediately left the room with Ava on his shoulders.

“Wait, I’m not lazy.”


Theo didn’t even bother to listen to her as he closed the door. “Alright. It’s been a while since there are only both of us, Ava.”



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