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Chapter 749 – Agata’s Progress

Seeing the fighter rushing, Agata raised her left hand, forming a tree to the left to block the view of the archer.

She had been playing with her this whole time, so the archer didn’t care about his condition anymore.

He pulled his bow with his arrow glowing brightly and shot at the tree.

The arrow ruptured the tree and the arrow made its way toward Agata.

Surprised by the power of the arrow, Agata formed a scythe on her hand and struck the arrow directly, trying to stop it.

Meanwhile, the fighters had closed their distance and reached Agata.

“Screw this.” The fighter gritted his teeth as he only wanted to kill Agata because of what she had done to two of his friends.

He planned to split her in half using this chance.

Agata widened her eyes as if she was shocked seeing her body cut in half.

The fighter made a smile as he had avenged his two friends, but everything soon changed when Agata’s body turned into pink smoke like earlier.

“What?!” The fighter’s face went pale as he realized what had happened this whole time. He immediately turned around and saw Agata on top of the fighter and the knight, cutting them with her scythe.

“No! The girl is only an illusion.” The fighter shouted albeit the only one who could react was the ranger.

And seeing all his comrades die, fear had been creeping in his heart. He turned around and ran as fast as possible.

“No. I don’t want to die!” The ranger ran away.

Agata looked at her with a calm expression while the fighter gritted his teeth, cursing his teammate, who couldn’t even help in this situation.

But the shock had yet to end.

When the ranger ran, he suddenly hit something like that of glass and bounced back, falling on his butt.

“What…” He raised his vision and saw a crack in the air.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, his heart knew it was a kind of illusion. Not thinking of any consequence, the archer hit the crack as hard as possible.


The sound of glass shattering filled his ears as a box that looked completely like the outside soon crumbled, revealing the real world.

Unfortunately for him, a wave of grass grew and pierced his heart.

Due to him striking the air, he couldn’t block this sharp grass that was enhanced by Agata’s Sense of Touch.

“Gah.” The archer spat a mouthful of blood with unwillingness reflected on his eyes. “No…”

His sound became weaker and weaker before he eventually dropped to the ground, dying.

Meanwhile, the fighter found Agata’s real body. He was terrified because he saw Agata sitting on top of a chair made of her pink smoke, watching them like they were in the movie.

“Ha… Ha… Ha…” The fighter broke in that instant as he dropped to his knees and started letting out a hollow laugh.

It was at this time, Theo’s Magic Bullets fell on top of him, creating numerous holes in his body.

As for the trees, grasses, and other illusions that Agata used… they were gone together with her Uerila Dimension.

Theo, who had been watching her this whole time, couldn’t help but facepalm, recalling the explanation of her skill.

Skill: Uerila Dimension (A)

Effect: Create a small dimensional illusion where the user will be in control.

‘They were not aware they were inside a dimension this whole time. Well, I guess I should say as one would expect from an A Rank Skill. The power was extraordinary.

‘Although I believed a Supreme Rank Expert would have realized they were inside this dimension, if Agata practiced more of her breathing, she would be able to camouflage this dimension, treating it like a real one.

‘I felt like I could do much more with this kind of dimensional skill. But well, she used only the plants and trees to make them think she was a plant user, directing them not to think about the possibility that this was just an illusion.

‘By using this misdirection, she could kill three of them by appearing right behind them. Of course, they could destroy the dimension if they attacked outside, but Agata managed to make them focus on her.

‘With that kind of distance and skill, she could shrink the battlefield, stopping them from spreading out. This way, her trap was completed.

‘Well, if I fought her, I would have used my clone and spread it to the sides or the sky. It should shatter her power. At the same time, the illusion wouldn’t work on me since I could see the skill’s explanation.

‘Still, what a scary woman she has become… I don’t feel like offending her anymore… No, no. I shouldn’t make her angry.’ Theo sighed while scratching the back of his head. “I should take pride in raising her to this level, I guess?”

Ava, who was sitting next to him, raised her foot as if she agreed with Theo. “Kyu!”

After confirming they were dead, Agata immediately headed back to the Cubicar that had slowed down because of the fight.

She saw Theo sitting on the roof of the Cubicar while watching her fighting skill.

“What do you think?” Agata asked.

“Superb.” Theo gave a thumbs up. “To think you have become this strong.”

“Well, I didn’t have many cards in a flatland like this. Also, I used too much Magic Power utilizing this technique… If only we were fighting inside the forest, I could deal with them quicker.”

“No, no. That was enough.”

“I should do more, or you will leave me behind.” Agata sighed. “I have seen the video on the Skynet of you defeating Alea and Ana in succession. And it was only with a clone. I bet you could destroy me the same way.”

“Well…” Theo looked away. He couldn’t lie, so he needed to say ‘Yes,’ at the same time, if he didn’t say anything, she would take his silence as ‘Yes.’

Theo ended up smiling and said, “Anyway, let’s return to the Cubicar… We need to speed up.”


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