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God of Tricksters – Chapter 741: Missing Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 741 – Missing

After talking for a while, the Wind Emperor went back to his car as this event had come to a hold.

In the car, Levina couldn’t help but ask, “Grandfather. There’s something bugging me. Is the reason why you never talked about the missions to Sir Theo because…”

She paused for a moment. The Wind Emperor already knew the context and nodded. “There’s no reason to talk about something that’s never gonna happen. Though, it would be better if you got this kind of thought before you learned everything. But at least, you realized it, so I will give you a passing mark for this one.”

“I’m sorry. I will do better next time.” Levina apologized immediately.

Meanwhile, a Mythical Rank Expert, who was standing not far from the car, furrowed his eyebrows.

“Hmm? There’s no Theodore Griffith…” The guy said to the radio, “I don’t see the sign of Theodore Griffith.”

“What? That’s not possible unless he’s trying to escape from us. We have surrounded the perimeter, so it’s impossible to pass us.”

“Is he staying inside the Empress Palace then?”

“There’s a possibility. However, we need to check whether he’s using an illusion or not. There’s a chance he sneaks into the car with that illusion.”

“What kind of illusion is so powerful that it can escape my eyes?”

“That guy’s brain is something else. He might find a way.”

“We will have some people to investigate the Empress Palace then?”

“Yes. We will send a few people there. Theodore Griffith knows Alea Eilric, so there’s a chance of him staying inside. Also, he needs to finish his International Mission anyway, which is related to killing monsters on the other side. So, he needs to go out sooner or later.”

“Roger that. I’m going to stay here to maintain the close look of the Empress Palace. Even if he somehow sneaks outside, I should be able to find him. Even if he abandons the International Mission, he still needs to return to Italy.”

“We have checked. It’s true that Theodore Griffith has left his mansion. There’s only Leonardo inside.”

“How about the airport?”

“Leonardo had set up some surveillance, but we had confirmed that he went to Russia.”

“In that case, we can safely assume that he’s in Russia. For now, we will maintain a closer look at the Empress Palace and the Czar.”


They continued their investigations for a while, unaware that the one they found here was only a clone.

Still, as one would expect from an influence at the same level as the War God Family, they managed to locate Theodore Griffith not long after the Wind Emperor left the Empress Palace.

“Mission failed. Return to France now.”

“Huh?” The man frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Our spy has seen Maya Hamilton meeting Theodore Griffith in the airport.”

“What did you say? You said Theodore Griffith went to Russia earlier.”

“We don’t know either. But Theodore Griffith has indeed gone to the US.”

“What? You do realize that the one coming here has defeated Alea Eilric and Afanasiia, right? His power is immeasurable.”

“But Theodore Griffith in the US is accompanied by his pet and assistant.”

“He’s also accompanied by his assistant coming here…” Suddenly, he fell silent as he came to a realization. Even though Theo came here with his assistant, the latter was nowhere to be seen.

He thought she was staying inside the Wind Emperor’s mansion, but the fact that Theo’s pet actually followed him to the US meant that was the real one.

In other words, the assistant that he brought here was… The guy immediately gritted his teeth. “Sh*t. I’ll go check on his assistant in the Wind Emperor’s mansion.”

He immediately disappeared and went straight to the Wind Emperor’s mansion, trying to see whether the assistant was still there or not.

Even without going there, he only needed to spread his Awareness from a distance and count the number of people in the mansion.

He soon realized there were two people missing. In other words, his assistant was also an illusion that Theo had created.

The Wind Emperor had played a big part in this matter too as he didn’t let anyone actually see Theo and his assistant’s appearance. This way, he could mask their Magic Power with his own Magic Power, preventing them from recognizing them as a lump of Magic Power.

That was one of the reasons why the Wind Emperor continued releasing his Magic Power. Not only could he sense the people watching him, but he could also camouflage Theo.

And the guy who confirmed that Theo had defeated Alea and Ana never saw him directly because he didn’t dare to move closer since the Wind Emperor and the Empress could easily find him out.

Hence, he was surveying them with only his ears, listening to the conversations.

At the same time, the Wind Emperor had actually released his barrier, so no sound came out of the arena.

Since the Empress never talked explicitly about what she shouldn’t say, he could only listen to the disciples of the Empress Palace talking about how Theo defeated Ana and Alea.

When he returned to the Empress Palace to check his doubt, he soon found out that the disciple was talking about him being a clone.

In other words, everything was for naught.

Meanwhile, Theo, Agata, and Ava had arrived in the US.

Maya, accompanied by her assistant and two more Mythical Rank Experts, came to greet him.

“Yo! Who do we have here…” She smirked. “Have you had your fun in Russia?”

“What fun? It’s hard to keep all the information a secret.” Theo let out a long sigh.

“That’s true. Anyway, welcome. Let’s return to my place first since this is an agreement between you and me, not you and the Starry Group. My Father… I mean, the CEO of the Star Group would also like to meet you.” Maya then looked at Ava and Agata. “Welcome to you two. I hope that you enjoy your stay here.”

“Thanks.” Agata nodded politely.

“Kyu.” Ava raised her foot with a smile.

“Alright. Let’s go…” Maya turned around as she led them back.


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