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God of Tricksters – Chapter 720: Emperor? Normal Person? Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 720: Emperor? Normal Person?

They went back to the Wind Emperor’s mansion. The mansion wasn’t that big considering the Wind Emperor’s prestige. However, it indeed looked beautiful and comfortable to live in.

The house was slightly larger than his own mansion, but instead of a pool, there was a huge garden filled with flowers and plants.

Theo took another look at the surroundings and asked, “There are not many people staying here.”

“Is there anyone who dares to sneak up on me?” The Wind Emperor shrugged.

“Well…” Theo fell silent and simply stared at the layout of the mansion. He had learned everything from Leonardo, including the layout for protection. So, he could see some gaps to be exploited.

If their target was the Wind Emperor, no one obviously had the power to sneak up on him.

But if their target was him, it would be a different matter.

“I think you’re overestimating them. Even with me sleeping, I have never let go of my Awareness. I will be able to sense their Magic Power as soon as they come to this place.” The Wind Emperor assured Theo.

Theo looked at him for a moment before sighing. “Well, that’s true.”

“Anyway, the sun is about to set, so I will ask the maids to prepare for dinner. Do you have anything you don’t like?” The Wind Emperor asked.

“Human meat,” Theo replied with a joking tone.

“You brat, you think you are good enough to joke with me?” The Wind Emperor squinted his eyes.

“In that case, can I assume that the Wind Emperor doesn’t like to smile?” Theo smiled.

Meanwhile, Levina and Lyovkin were gulping down, never expecting Theo to be this casual with the Wind Emperor.

However, the Wind Emperor simply chuckled, startling them. “That’s true. Smiling is the secret of a long life… Or that’s what people said. I guess Leonardo has so much fun when teaching you. Just look at these two brats. They can’t joke around.”

Levina and Lyovkin looked down. They were simply too scared to joke with him because one wrong word would mean they had offended him.

“This is why you are different.” The Wind Emperor smiled and circulated the wind inside the car to gently brush Levina and Lyovkin’s skin. “For me, there are five classes among the people.

“Normal people, elite soldiers, commanders, kings, and emperors. Normal people are like house servants or ordinary citizens. As a ruler, we obviously need to treat our subjects with respect, so they respect us back. Hence, I created a rule to not injure them and get offended for petty reasons.

“As for the people from the Czar, I consider them as elite soldiers because they have decided to pick up their weapons to fight in the front line. When you pick up a weapon, you need to slay your enemies without mercy, thinking you won’t be able to go back to see your loved ones if you don’t. This is what I expect from them.

“Then, for those who can understand their weakness and strength as well as knowing their responsibility, I consider them as commanders. You should know how to differentiate your enemies, allies, equals, or bystanders at this stage.

“Kings are for those who excel in one thing. For example, this guy. He has done things he excels at and shown his brilliance to many people in the world. Only when you’re recognized by people will you be treated as a king. The current head is a king too.

“On the other hand, Emperors are on a whole different level. It’s only attained by people who have sought the truth and put away all the things they have. When you reach this level, you won’t care about anything because you already have your set of rules that you will follow to the very end. That’s why those top ten experts or their equals are quite unique on their own.

“You need to work harder, eh, Mr. Driver?” The Wind Emperor glanced at Yermolayev, the current head of the Czar.

Yermolayev couldn’t help but smile. He realized that his father had actually recognized him this whole time. But he simply hadn’t shown enough to be seen as an equal.

And for Theo, who actually made the Wind Emperor open up, he felt grateful. He answered with a genuine tone. “Yes. I won’t disappoint you.”

“Good.” The Wind Emperor then looked at Levina and Lyovkin. “Do you understand now?”

They both lowered their heads and answered in unison. “Yes, we understand. We will take this to our hearts.”

“Good.” The Wind Emperor smiled.

They had thought that the Wind Emperor was a cold and ruthless person. Yet, the image in their head didn’t seem to match his current behavior.

They soon realized that the Wind Emperor must have been acting this whole time because of his own set of rules. In other words, they were the ones who never dared to approach him.

It was them who misunderstood him and thought of him as a ruthless ruler.

Meanwhile, the real truth was… he was simply a lonely man who had been standing tall above the Czar to make sure that no one could look down on them. He never showed any weakness to make sure no one took advantage of them.

Even with the rules in his mind, the feeling of loneliness must have hurt him deeply.

It was shown when he first visited Theo. There was a younger generation that had been recognized by him and wasn’t afraid of him.

They saw each other as equal, pushing away that loneliness. That was why the Wind Emperor had been smiling so much recently.

And they just realized all this because Theo happened to visit them. If not, this secret wouldn’t be revealed until the Wind Emperor passed away.

Lyovkin couldn’t help but drop to his knees in front of his grandfather. “Grandfather! I am sorry.”

Levina also followed his lead, doing the same thing. “Levina also wants to apologize to Grandfather!”

“Haha.” The Wind Emperor chuckled as he looked at Theo. “What should I do with this? They are apologizing out of nowhere and without context.”

“Though you seem to be enjoying it, Sir.” Theo smiled while closing his eyes.

The Wind Emperor only chuckled and patted their heads.


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