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Chapter 703: Turning Around the Situation

The entire country was turned upside down with this news.

As for Theo, no one knew of his position because the one who did the interview was none other than his clone.

That was why this infuriated Carmelo so much.

“Carmelo, what the heck did you do to provoke that devil? Look at what you have done? We were implicated because of you!”

“I don’t know. Everything moved smoothly this whole time…” Carmelo gritted his teeth before he remembered what Boris told him before leaving the company.

“You will regret this.”

“Wait a minute… Don’t tell me… Boris has been involved in his plan this whole time?” Carmelo widened his eyes.

“Boss, what should we do?” His assistant came to him in panic. “The police have surrounded this place. The military has been mobilized as well. Our stock is also plummeting. We need you back in the main office to control everything.”

“Kh!” Carmelo gritted his teeth. Theo chose this timing because he had gone all the way here to show off in front of Boris.

And without him in the main office, the police wouldn’t hesitate in storming inside his company and seizing everything. In other words, there was no chance of him controlling the company anymore, and eventually, he needed to let everything go.

Yes, the company would be torn down within hours. It was even faster than how they dealt with Boris.

“You stall them. I’m going back to the company. I can’t have the police find those things.” Carmelo bit his lips and moved without hesitation. He didn’t have time to think about his choice.

While he was moving, Carmelo had become the most wanted criminal in Italy, and all his Mythical Rank Experts had been surrounded because they had the ability to wreak havoc in Italy.

If they didn’t get captured like what they had done to the Holy Knight’s father, there might be mass murders from these desperate Mythical Rank Experts.

The police and military had moved all their available Mythical Rank Experts and surrounded at least four out of fourteen Mythical Rank Experts from the Safulli Group.

Due to the fact they wanted to contain the damage to the surroundings, they decided to collaborate with other influences in apprehending the criminal.

Among the top ten influences, Baio Underworld Group used their force to surround two Mythical Rank Experts. The Pietro Family also did the same while the War God Family and the Church helped by trapping another four Mythical Rank Experts.

The remaining four of the top tried to track down Carmelo and the last Mythical Rank Experts.

As Agata said, Theo had indeed cooperated with another influence. It was none other than the Baio Underworld Group.

The leader of the group was a black-haired middle-aged man. He was looking at the people who had gathered to surround Mythical Rank Experts.

Suddenly, an old man came to him and asked, “Sir, we are ready.”

The leader closed his eyes and nodded, recalling the meeting he had with Theodore Griffith.

Back then, he was staring at Theo’s clone with a serious expression.

Theo simply stated. “I will give you a way out. After looking at the document, I know that you aren’t involved that deeply in the goblin gene experiment. So, I will ask Sir Leonardo to cover your trace in that experiment.”

“Hmm? Do you think you can threaten us?”

“Yes, I do. Do you want to have a more miserable state than the Czar? Feel free to try? My plan has been in the final stage. Whether you want to accept my deal or not, it’s up to you. Even if you don’t, I’m sure the Pietro Family will agree even if they’re not involved in this.”

The leader gritted his teeth and glared at him. “What do you want from me?”

“The Safulli Group can be divided into two for both you and the Pietro Family. Their branches can be split for the other top ten influences. With this kind of reward, I’m sure you won’t have a problem with me asking you to get all the shares of the Pata Corporation for me, right?” Theo smiled.

“…” The leader raised his eyebrows. He never thought that not only did Theo give him an escape route, but he also provided him with enough reward. “You… There’s no reason for you to approach me with only this kind of benefit.”

“So, you want to decline my offer?”

“No, of course not. I promise you that if you did all this for us, I would do my best to fulfill the conditions you have set.”

“That’s good.” Theo rose from his seat. “As for my reason… They almost killed the person whom I could call Brother…”

Clone Theo disappeared, leaving the leader speechless.

Remembering this scene, he opened his eyes again and stated, “Investigate Theodore Griffith thoroughly along with other War God Family’s members. Who among them is the closest to him… Also, it’s time for us to capture at least two Mythical Rank Experts.”

The leader sighed, realizing that those who befriended Theo would receive a great benefit and those who opposed him would face calamity. In that case, he had no reason to antagonize this devil. He continued, “Also, one more thing… Tell all our people. Whoever dares to provoke that devil, I will personally kill them.”

“Move out.”

Other influences had also dispatched their strongest members to capture the Mythical Rank Experts from the Safulli Group.

However, they didn’t know that Carmelo still moved according to Theo’s plan.

The police had indeed surrounded the Safulli Group, but because of the timing, they had been gathering outside, leaving only a few people in the building.

Carmelo immediately sneaked inside the company and moved straight to his secret office hidden underneath the building to gather a few things before the police could find them.

Little did he know, Ava had located this place a long time ago. Unlike the underground facility that was buried far underground, this one was directly below the building, so she managed to locate this place easily.

And when Carmelo opened the door leading to his secret office, he found Theo accompanied by Efrem, Ghita, and Stefano as he ordered them to make their way to his location.

Carmelo was dumbstruck when he saw Theo sitting in front of him.

On the other hand, Theo simply said, “Well, elders… I’m sure that you are pissed off with that guy over there. He’s yours.”

Theo suddenly disappeared as it was just his clone, leaving those four Mythical Rank Experts to clash.



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