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God of Tricksters – Chapter 688: Discussion Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 688 – Discussion

“Huh?” Agata, Felice, and Lorenzo dropped their jaws to the ground, not believing what they had just heard.

“Her father? What do you want? Do you want to propose to her? If that’s the case, no one dares to mess with her family. After all, you might mess them up like what you did to the Czar and the Griffith Family.” Lorenzo commented in shock, wondering whether he should help him with the wedding.

“Shut up a little bit.” Theo glared at Lorenzo. “Or should I consider putting you as collateral damage?”

“I-I apologize.” Lorenzo immediately shut his mouth while straightening his back, not daring to oppose him.

“I had heard something about the Safulli Group myself when I learned the condition of this world from politics to economics with Sir Leonardo, so yeah… I have some ideas. For now, I want his number and the information about the Safulli Group. I need to double-check them.” Theo sighed.

“I… I can help. My family has been dealing with them, so I believe my family has more information than the War God Family.” Agata nodded her head.

“Okay.” Theo thought for a moment. “For now, I will review the information in this tent. With how you’re acting, you are suspecting the connection with those two women, right?”

“Yes. Olivia might not be the only one, so I whispered the information to you earlier.” Lorenzo nodded and looked at Felice. “Where is the Skylink? I will transfer it.”

“No, it’s my job.” Felice shook her head before trying to get up with that weak body.

Lorenzo wanted to stop her, but Felice insisted. In the end, he helped her up and brought everything to her.

After that, Felice asked for Theo’s Skylink and transferred the data directly.

Theo didn’t hesitate to open the information and started reading. “You sure don’t mind me reading here, right?”

“Yes. As long as me lying down here doesn’t bother you.” Felice nodded. “Although I’m weak right now, I should be able to recover within an hour or so.”

Lorenzo also nodded, confirming Felice’s opinion.

Theo then skimmed some information for a few minutes before Agata said, “Theo… I’m sorry.”

Theo glanced at her and sighed. “It’s fine. Making mistakes is fine as long as you don’t repeat it. That’s how you know someone after all.”

“…” Agata somehow didn’t have the courage to look at him, especially after those words. Those words meant Theo had accepted her feelings. Although he didn’t confirm their relationship, it still meant that Theo was preparing to move on from his past and continue to that stage.

This was a huge leap for Theo, who never thought about relationships. He became even more conscious like she desired.

While Agata reflected on her mistake, Theo frowned and asked, “Hmm… Now that I have browsed their information, they seem to be a respectable influence. Other than Agata’s family, they don’t make many enemies.”

“Yes. Among the top ten influences, they openly wage war only with the Mota Family and the War God Family. But since the War God Family is stopped by their backer, the Mota Family needs to take care of them alone.” Lorenzo confirmed his statement.

“I see… What will happen if they manage to swallow that business? What was the name again?”

“Pata Corporation. If they manage to swallow this corporation and eventually acquire the Mota Family. They will probably make Agata marry whoever is in charge to blackmail the Mota Family to cooperate with them.

“This way, they will have enough strength to swallow a few other top ten influences. In other words, absorbing the Mota Family will result in them checkmating all forces other than the War God Family and the Church.

“Italy will soon experience turbulence… So, I’m afraid the role of the Mota Family is big in this situation.” Lorenzo explained.

“Why don’t those groups ally themselves to cripple the Safulli Group?” Theo asked.

Agata was the one who answered the question. “My family has been talking about it, but their demands are ridiculous and we can’t afford it. In the end, they leave us behind to fend for the Safulli Group alone.

“If we can’t defend ourselves, they will attack Safulli Group together. If we can defend ourselves, they will attack us and swallow us. So, yeah, we’re at the edge right now.” Agata explained with a troubled expression.

“Hmm, that’s interesting. The situation is dire enough for your family…” Theo glanced at Agata.

Agata looked away.

“Alright, alright. I will stop picking on you.” Theo shrugged. “Anyway, I can see the situation right now. This situation feels like the calm before the storm.”

“Yeah, I agree.”

Theo thought for a moment. “Well, I have an idea, but before that, let me see what you have in mind.”

Theo’s glance startled her. Agata took a deep breath before explaining, “My father can hold them back for at least three years. By the time I finish my study under Sir Leonardo, I might be able to help him.

“It will be even better if we can find another alternative. So, my original plan was to go overseas to receive their support… They should be able to trust me a bit because I have learned from Sir Leonardo.

“Yeah, I was planning to ask for leave for a few months to handle the situation after finishing my training,” Agata explained her previous plan.

“That takes too long.” Theo sighed in disappointment. “I will rate it 3 out of 10. First of all, like how you can search for an alternative, they can do whatever they want during that period.

“By the time you get one, their plan is already solid as a rock. So, what you need is a factor of surprise.

“Second, I will obviously not let you act whatever you want. I may even pick another ally that can force your Father to surrender earlier.

“Third, you underestimate the influence who dares to pick a fight against the War God Family. They’re either too confident with their backer or crazy, assuming they’re not dumb…” Theo explained his take on Agata’s plan. “If it were me, I would have ended it within a month, but I need to ask you what outcome you want in this battle? Do you want to destroy them?”


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