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God of Tricksters – Chapter 683: Bullet Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 683 – Bullet

“Hmm…” Theo mumbled as he had seen the sharpness of his sword.

When the third monster attacked him, the vines emerged from the ground to capture it. However, the beast managed to avoid it, only to find his movement had been predicted by Theo.

In that instant, the monster’s head was flying.

Ava and Agata immediately came out. Agata looked at the blue sword and asked, “How do you feel?”

“Hmm… I don’t know.” Theo scratched the back of his head. “As expected, because I haven’t grown accustomed to using a sword, I don’t know what movement I should use to ambush them.

“Even a slight step will prove to be fatal later…” Theo frowned. “Although there’s not much to change, I really need some time to adjust my movement.”

“You can use these five weeks to get used to it. How’s that?” Agata asked.

“Yeah. I think it’s good enough. There is also the fact that I can’t shoot.” Theo sighed.

“Well, shooting is related to your Control, right? The bullet is made of your Magic Bullet and Control after all.”

“Indeed. I can move them according to my will, which is good enough for the time being. As for the shield… we can wait for later. Now that we have new power, I’m planning to challenge a Supreme Rank Monster next… Of course, the one who just evolved.

“Back when we joined hands with Ana and the others, we could kill several Supreme Rank Monsters, but the majority of the damage came from Lorenzo, Ana, and the others.

“So, yeah. I want to see whether our strength is enough to kill a Supreme Rank Expert or not. Though, this is just for the last day, considering we can’t afford to get injured before that to maximize the efficiency.”

“I have no problem.” Agata waved her hand with a calm expression. “Instead of focusing on that, I think we should find another monster to test your Sniper Rifle. I want to see the power.”

“I do too.”

After coming to an agreement, they continued their journey, planning to take down a few more monsters.

Ava pointed to several directions where only one or two monsters resided in that area.

Since Theo planned to test his weapon, Agata was the first to make her appearance.

The monsters skillfully attacked them, but Agata’s pink smoke was more versatile, capturing the monsters in an instant.

“Here you go.” Agata pointed at the monsters that her pink smoke had restrained.

She had hit them hard enough to make their consciousness fuzzy, so there would be no resistance.

Theo was thankful for her cooperation and immediately turned his sword into the sniper rifle.

The weapon had a long barrel to increase the accuracy of his bullet. But considering it was mostly made of the spear’s material, the sniper rifle also had a blue color.

Theo took a deep breath and gained some distance from the monster before pointing at them.

Inside the weapon, twenty Magic Bullets were formed. He could only make the smaller version immediately because the barrel was perfect for containing them.

After that, Theo merged all those bullets into one long bullet.

Before firing at the monster, he added air and covered the bullet with his Magic Power, trying to create an even more powerful shell.

When he pulled the trigger, there was a lever that pushed the Magic Bullet out. Due to its material, the lever touched the Magic Bullet without exploding.

As soon as the bullet was out, Theo regained its full control again.

“Wha—!” Theo was surprised as his aim was slightly raised. “There’s no recoil and I have pointed it straight… Why does the Magic Bullet keep rising?”

He blamed it on his inexperience and immediately controlled his Magic Bullet. The bullet immediately shifted its aim and hit the monster on the stomach.


A powerful explosion occurred, producing a shock wave that cracked several trees. The monster’s stomach was obliterated in an instant with its blood scattered on his back.

“…” Agata widened her eyes and looked at the surroundings. “There’s so much destruction. How much power did you put into your Magic Bullet?”

“The usual amount. I just combined them together and increased its power with my control…” Theo scratched the back of his head.

Because of the shock wave, the smoke disappeared, freeing the monster.

As if it was scared of Theo’s firepower, the beast immediately ran away, thinking it wasn’t worth it to avenge his friend.

“Well, this is the most powerful Magic Bullet I’ve ever seen.” Theo sighed, not knowing what to say about the Magic Bullet.

“I can’t really move because I need to concentrate, but a normal sniper doesn’t even need to move, so this is a perfect weapon for me. Also, I’m planning to do another thing…”

Theo raised his sniper rifle and pointed it to an empty space.

He fired one more time and released his Magic Bullet. Unlike the previous one, the Magic Bullet split into twenty before hitting a tree.

“This… Isn’t this the one you learned from Lorenzo?” Agata was surprised to see this again.

“I actually thought this would be perfect for my gun.” Theo shook his head. “Hence, it became one of my reasons why I chose a gun instead of a crossbow. All I need to do is control the bullets, which I can do without moving.

“Though, it’s still too much for me…” Theo let out a long sigh.

“Still, that’s a pretty good idea.’ Agata nodded with a serious expression. “Maybe we should continue training with this weapon?”

“Nah. Although it was my first time handling a weapon like this, I got a good grasp of it.”

“Anyway, should we continue hitting the enemies like this?”

“No. Let’s find a bigger one. I will mainly use my sword, so I will be counting on you most of the time. If I had my clone, you wouldn’t have a problem like this.” Theo shook his head.

“Haha. Okay, let’s continue then.” Agata nodded and pointed to the next area according to their map



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