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God of Tricksters – Chapter 681: Agata’s New Technique Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 681 – Agata’s New Technique

The next day, Theo received the report from Agata and immediately dispatched his clone back to Italy to submit it.

It would take five days, so he couldn’t utilize all his power during this whole time.

At the same time, Agata also suggested one thing.

She thought about it after finding ten monsters. The monsters were standing on their two legs, making them look humanoid enough for them to practice as if fighting a human.

When they were not far away from the monsters, Agata said, “What do you think about using them as our practice targets for this newfound strength? To be honest, I want to test how effective my current technique is…”

Theo thought for a moment and turned to Ava. “What do you think, Ava?”

“I don’t plan on utilizing my Moon Constellation yet as they’re still unstable because of the sudden increase in my power.” Ava shook her head.

“Alright. You can use all those ten monsters to test.” Theo agreed with Agata’s plan.

“Got it.” Agata smiled as she was fired up, wondering what she could do when she changed the way she utilized her illusion smoke.

She couldn’t use her Uerila Dimension yet as she hadn’t grasped the extent of that power. It also required too much Magic Power, so it wasn’t suitable in a fight like this.

She would only use it if necessary, such as in a life and death situation.

Now that she had acquired Theo’s agreement, Agata took a deep breath and announced. “Alright. I’m ready.”

“Good. Should I grab their attention first?”

“Yes, please. I haven’t mastered it yet, so it will be a bit slow.”


After taking another look at them, Theo walked toward the monsters.

“!!!” The monsters turned their heads to see Theo standing with his spear.

Sixty Magic Bullets came out of thin air and flew toward them.

The monsters skillfully dispersed, avoiding the Magic Bullets.

They even had the leeway to make their way toward Theo.

Seeing the monsters moving in different directions, Theo took a step back and raised his spear, preparing to attack them after Agata utilized her new technique.

To his surprise, one of the monsters suddenly tripped.

“!!!” Theo widened his eyes as he lowered his vision, finding vines on his legs.

Unlike Agata’s previous technique, she incorporated the natural environment. In fact, the vines might have been there this whole time as she had been camouflaging her pink smoke into those vines.

And the moment the monster stepped on it, she moved the vines to trip the monster.

The latter spared no time in spinning his body and cutting the vines that tied his legs to the ground.

Theo took this chance to use his Blink to appear before the monster while swinging his spear.

The monster managed to regain its balance and stand up, so Theo planned to make a small maneuver before killing it.

Little did he know, Agata’s role had yet to end.

The monster suddenly dropped to his knees, allowing Theo to cut the monster’s neck.

“!!!” Theo killed the monster without hesitation while glancing over the monster’s feet.

The monster only cut the vine that connected its feet to the ground, not the vines that were circling around its ankles.

Those vines turned into spikes and pierced the legs. Although there was a limit to its size, the spikes managed to incapacitate the monster.

“Did I just kill it so effortlessly?” Theo widened his eyes in amazement. ‘Unlike her previous smoke that had only one form, she incorporated the environment and tried to stick the smoke to the body. This resulted in a sneak attack…

‘Is this the power of the shawl?’ Theo glanced back at their hiding spot before sucking a cold breath. ‘What actually happened when I was with Dourner?’

Unfortunately, Theo had no time to think as the other nine monsters had turned back to attack him.

Suddenly, the trees extended their branches to the side, making it like a spike.

Agata didn’t hold back in this one as she used several trees to make the branches come at them from all directions.

Some of them got impaled by the branches and stuck inside numerous branches. Some of them were fast enough to run past it while the rest leaped into the air.

Theo hurriedly shot those who stuck and killed them before confronting the three that had arrived before him.

He was struck by multiple punches and took a few steps back.

It was at this moment Ava appeared on top of the floating monsters and kicked them toward those who attacked Theo.

Some of them collided, leaving only one monster that could keep Theo in check.

Theo smiled and covered his spear with Magic Power Expansion.

Suddenly, vines and chains emerged from the ground and grasped the monster’s wrists and ankles, stopping him.

Theo spun his body and dodged the monster, making his way to the fallen monsters.

He ended up hitting two monsters and slicing them. After that, he kicked the bound monster from behind and launched him into a tree.

He continued killing the others. Since a few seconds had passed, the monsters managed to throw a fist, but Ava struck a monster’s head, knocking it down.

At the same time, spikes appeared from the ground and pierced two monsters and one hand.

Theo used that chance to deliver the killing blow to the rest of the monsters.

His job wasn’t done as there was one more monster that he kicked earlier. The monster had already recovered and appeared behind him.

Agata’s chains immediately came out while Theo had already sent his Magic Bullets toward the monster. Both chains and Magic Bullets came out of the ground at the same time.

The Magic Bullets ultimately killed the monster right after Agata bound the monster with her chains.

Since the monsters had died, Theo looked at Agata with amazement. “Did you just do that? Seriously?”

“It took a bit more concentration since I needed to program their shape every time… I also used more Magic Power than the spikes, but yeah, I did that. What do you think?”

“Perfect.” Theo gave a thumbs up.

Agata made a big smile while adding, “Why don’t you try your new weapon too?”


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