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Chapter 669 – Drinking Contest

After a brief exchange with them, Theo looked at the dragon with observant eyes, trying to figure out the mystery himself.

However, the dragon noticed his intention and said, “There’s no need for you to know about this with your current strength.”

Theo closed his eyes for a moment as if he was disappointed.

“Though, I can give you one hint. You should have your own rules, right? Just keep following that path and you can find the truth.” The dragon smiled.

“Rules…” Theo frowned, remembering the three rules Loki gave him back in the Grand Gaia Competition.

‘Is that the reason you told me to obey the rules? You didn’t get mad at me when I broke the rule because you wanted to incorporate the rule into my life?’ Theo asked inwardly, confirming his suspicion.

[Correct. It’s related to this rule, but it’s a more complex process.]

‘So, you’re preparing me for this complex process?’


Theo was very curious about the real truth, but he soon realized he wouldn’t get anything from them. So, he looked at the dragon and asked, “So, is there any difference between those who possess the Order and those who don’t?”

“Hmm…” The dragon looked Theo in the eyes and smiled. “Yes. You will realize it when you start understanding your own. Maybe if you meet me again after reaching Supreme Rank Expert, I will give you more information.”

“Sir!” Dourner raised his voice. “This is rather inappropriate. They keep disturbing the Order this whole time. If we let them acquire this knowledge, it will be extremely dangerous.”

Agata was confused as she had never heard anything about Orders. She only heard Ava mention it once and that was it.

Theo, on the contrary, asked, “Are you sure about this? Isn’t this the one keeping the balance of this world?”

“Yes. Though, the moment you learn it, I can monitor you as long as you’re around. If you come to bite my hand, then I will have no choice other than to kill you myself to solve this problem. Of course, your places and those on the other side will face the calamity too.”

“Sir, I don’t know why you favor him.”

“It’s just a whim. Many of my peers have given a bit of their understanding regarding Order and Authority to humans. And from what I can see, they’re doing it, so those people can actively protect them.

“On the other hand, this kid will understand the Order and Authority very soon, and he will be a bit different than those humans. He will protect them passively, and that’s what I want.” The dragon shook his head.

“There is no proof!” Dourner kept denying it as he didn’t believe Theo.

“Then, how about challenging him? If he wins, you will acknowledge him and give him some reward. If you win, I won’t give him any knowledge and expel them from here immediately. If they say anything regarding this place, they will face my wrath. So, what do you think?”

“Him, challenging me?” Dourner narrowed his eyes. He didn’t believe Theo could win against him. He harrumphed and said, “I am not going to bully you. If you can defeat me in something, I will agree with this.”

[What a retard.]

[Beat him hard.]

[All according to the plan. Beat him with your best ability.]

[I believe in you.]

“…” Theo’s eyebrows twitched and said inwardly, ‘You all seem to be rather energetic today.’

However, no one replied to him after that, making an awkward internal silence. He sighed and looked at Agata and Ava.

Agata was full of curiosity about this Order and Authority, but Theo said, “Sorry, I will try to explain it to you later.”

Ava, on the contrary, kept looking at the dragon as if she wanted something from him. The dragon also noticed it and smiled, “If your friend wins, I will give you something special.”

“!!!” Ava raised her eyebrows and glanced at Theo. But she soon shook her head and said, “No. I won’t take advantage of him.”

The dragon smiled and said, “That’s precisely why.”

Theo thought for a moment and asked, “Are you sure you want me to choose the competition?”

“Of course. I don’t like bullying the weak.” Dourner snorted. “I acknowledge that your eyes are quite good at understanding things, but I will beat you at your best.”

Theo suddenly smiled as he asked, “I have heard that dwarves like to drink, no?”

“Of course.” The dragon was the first to answer. “I come here to drink. Though, I was the reason why they know you’re here. If not, they wouldn’t realize it until it’s too late.

“I have seen you with that Leonardo, so I guess he will come to this place and meet Dourner. If Dourner uses his everything, he should be able to defeat him, but I don’t wish for such a peaceful place to be destroyed.

“That’s why your presence is a blessing in disguise as they can patch up the crack… Even I don’t know the cause, but that’s not important…

“Now that you’re here, I’m just going to give you a present for telling us that crack.” The dragon smiled.

‘So, you’re the culprit.’ Theo’s eyebrows twitched. Still, it didn’t change the fact he could turn this incident into his own fortune if he could utilize it well.

“I understand. Thank you for granting me this opportunity.” Theo nodded.

“Do you have any plans, Theo?” Agata asked. Ava also looked at him curiously, wondering how Theo wanted to defeat Dourner.

After all, Dourner was not only a King Class Monster, his strength was supposed to be equal to Leonardo according to the dragon. Hence, fighting him was something they should avoid at all costs.

Still, there was one thing that bothered them. They didn’t understand why Theo asked about drinking.

Little did they know, Theo had prepared them a huge surprise. He smiled and looked at Dourner with confidence.

“I love what you said earlier… I acknowledge that your eyes are quite good at understanding things, but I will beat you at your best… was it? In that case, I have decided on this small competition.”

With a smirk on his face, he stated. “I want a drinking contest.”

[God of Mischief is pleased with your choice.]


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