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God of Tricksters – Chapter 659: Continue Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 659 – Continue

After returning to their camp, as Theo suggested, they were resting after a lot of work they put in to defeat the Dryad while killing more than a hundred monsters.

The monsters had yet to realize the Dryad, their leader, had died, so they continued to fight one after another like the competition.

Theo and Agata were watching them under the dark sky.

“By the way, I have a question,” asked Agata while sitting next to Theo, recalling the plan where Ava pretended to be controlled.


“Have you ever thought about what you are going to do when you find yourself in a situation where there’s no escape?”

“Hmm? In the worst case scenario huh…” Theo scratched the back of his head. “I always do my best to avoid this so-called worst case scenario by creating a few backup plans.

“But if I do indeed face that kind of situation, I only have one last thing to do.” Theo raised his hand and pointed at his own heart. “Just hit them with everything I have at that time.”

“So, you’re going to drag them down?”

“No. I am just going to make them believe that and escape by utilizing my clone.” Theo shook his head.

“I see. But I might be there or even Ava… Never mind, I shouldn’t ask this question. It was inconsiderate of me…” Agata shook her head and let out a long sigh as if she was disappointed in herself.

Theo raised his head and smiled, “Depending on the situation. Maybe it’s because of my upbringing that I think like this, but for now, I can’t picture myself dying for someone else.”

Agata fell silent, understanding Theo’s trust issues. She had heard about his family, so she knew Theo couldn’t bring himself to have an intimate relationship with someone else.

That was why he had her as his assistant, Ava as his partner, Lorenzo as his friend, and Leonardo as his elder. There was simply no family.

“Is that so? Thank—.” Before she finished, Theo added, “Of course. If there is a problem, I am going to solve them or at least take revenge for them. That’s something I should do no matter what.”

Agata nodded and smiled. “Thank you for sharing your answer.”

“No problem.” Theo waved his hand and said, “I just want you to know that I will never give up.”

“That might also be the reason why you’re so valuable.” Agata looked him in the eyes and continued, “I think everyone shares the same opinion as me… When they know you a bit better, they know that you’re someone who will do everything you can until the last second. That’s why we can put our trust in you.”

Theo didn’t say anything more and Agata also stopped the conversation, not wanting to make the situation awkward.

She then went straight to her Skylink to start making the report.

The next day.

They started hunting the remaining monsters one by one. Even though they had faced each other yesterday, no one realized it.

Theo didn’t care about their reaction as he simply continued hunting them down.

As expected, since their leader had died, the monsters began to scatter around the area as if they didn’t plan to fight each other anymore.

Although it was just speculation, Theo believed the Dryad promised them a position as her trusted aid, mount, or even her spouse for interspecies sex, so the monster was fighting this fiercely.

Now that the tournament ended after the Dryad’s death, the peace was soon restored, and the monsters lived like the usual days without making any unnecessary conflict.

This proved that the Dryad was the sole reason for the monsters to fight each other. Hence, they concluded the investigation and wrapped the mission up after killing another five hundred monsters in the area.

After that, Agata handed the report to Theo, and the latter headed straight to the city with his eagle form, so the monsters didn’t get suspicious and attacked him for no reason.

Theo eventually arrived back on Earth and submitted the report to the War God Family.

As soon as he got the confirmation from the War God Family, Clone Theo disappeared, regrouping with the main body.

They had several Skylink for the sake of the report, so they didn’t mind leaving some behind. This was Theo’s plan in completing the mission without making the War God Family wait for his return to receive the full report.

Meanwhile, the real Theo, Ava, and Agata made their way to their next destination, Rioan Mountain Range.

On the way, Theo and Agata solved various missions, especially subjugation and item gathering missions. Considering they were ahead of schedule, they took their time in all these missions.

It took them ten days to reach the mountain range even though they were supposed to arrive in six days.

Theo and Agata immediately scouted the area, especially the mountain where the crevice appeared.

They set up a camp not far from the crevice and started reading the current information they had.

Agata, Ava, and Theo were sitting in front of each other as they started their discussion.

“According to the present situation, the crevice appeared two months ago and some monsters immediately came out of the gap. They were level 430, so we should expect monsters around that level in this place.

“There was a group ahead of us that checked the safety of the crevice. There seemed to be a vast dark tunnel inside the area. They didn’t venture too far, but they indeed fought several monsters at the same level.

“Also, they didn’t find any poison gas or anything dangerous other than the monsters. They believed the tunnel would lead them to a magma chamber, but they had no definite proof.”

“Okay.” Theo looked at Ava. “Your ears will be crucial in this investigation, Ava.”

“Understood.” Ava nodded and asked, “Still, is there any reason why the mountain cracked in the first place?”

“No. We’re investigating that matter right now.” She shook her head.

“Then, just explore the cave with the night vision. If there’s an indication of danger, I will send my clone forward first.”

“Sounds like we’ve got a plan…” Agata nodded in agreement.


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