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Chapter 653 – Running Away

As soon as they reappeared behind the monsters, Theo turned around and summoned his Magic Bullets, shooting the monsters that were already down because of the previous bullets.




A series of explosions hit the monsters as Theo found himself killing a few more monsters through the notification. Obviously, he didn’t believe Rare Class Monsters would be so easy to defeat, so he assumed the ones he killed earlier were just Normal Class Monsters.

“We’re escaping from here,” said Theo while looking around a few times as if he was checking something. He never once glanced at the hill after this because he didn’t want them to know he had set up a base there.

“Where?” Agata had some suspicion as well. Theo wasn’t someone who needed to look around a few times since one time was usually enough for him. This alone made her doubt Theo and soon found out that he never glanced at the hill. Hence, she asked to confirm their target.

“Just go to the grassland and then keep going until we cross the other forest,” Theo explained his plan.

“Ehm…Understood.” Agata didn’t understand the instructions as she was confused whether Theo wanted them to go back to the base or not.

“Anyway…” Theo thought for a moment. “Eliminate all the monsters behind us.”

“Roger that.” Agata nodded.

Ava suddenly raised her head and looked to the right as if she had noticed something. However, she soon realized what had happened and turned around, looking at the monsters from Theo’s shoulder.

She raised her feet and shot a bolt of lightning.

Theo also planned to attack them and summoned a hundred Magic Bullets.

Seeing the two planned to obliterate the enemies, Agata released her pink smoke and formed numerous spikes, surrounding the monsters behind them.

Some monsters jumped up to avoid them, but Theo’s Magic Bullets soon rained them down.

The Magic Bullets once again pinned them to the ground while Ava finally released the bolt of lightning.

The lightning sparked and formed an electrical sphere that electrocuted everyone within. The power of the spark was also strong enough to burn their skins.

“Grr…” The Dryad was gritting her teeth when she saw they managed to slow down the monsters. She never thought Theo would be able to escape from that encirclement.

Her vines then emerged from the ground and flew straight to Theo and Agata, trying to strike them down.

“Agata. It’s time to do it,” shouted Theo while targeting the enemies.

Theo used his Magic Augmentation and Magic Power Expansion this time. With all this power, Theo struck the air with his spear, creating a powerful air current that tried to blow them away, including the vines.

Agata had poured her pink smoke right before Theo struck the air, resulting in the air current bringing her pink smoke.

She then changed their forms to knives and used her Awareness to strengthen them.

The monsters couldn’t react fast enough, especially since they were under Dryad’s influence.

The blades stabbed some of them on the head or any other weak spots.

Agata even got several notifications.

“It works.” Agata smiled and happily informed Theo.

“Sorry, I struck the air too early. If not, you would be able to send more blades.” Theo shook his head in disappointment.

“Well, you’re too harsh on yourself.” Agata chuckled.

While Agata was celebrating their success, the Dryad couldn’t share the same opinion, considering she couldn’t do anything to Theo and Agata.

‘What’s wrong with them? There were many monsters who almost caught up, but they skillfully delayed them this whole time.’ The Dryad gritted her teeth. ‘Do they know our weakness?’

The Dryad was frustrated because she couldn’t hit them even once while her army started decreasing.

“I won’t let you get away.” The Dryad raised her hand as several monsters howled to the sky. “Since you are running in the grassland, you have no more roof to protect you.”



Several high-pitched cries resounded in the grassland.

Theo and Agata raised their heads and found several flying creatures hovering above them.

“Tsk. She’s utilizing the terrain advantage to attack us from above. This way, she can decrease our speed, allowing the monsters to catch up.” Agata gritted her teeth, searching for a solution in her head.

On the contrary, Theo had already decided as he shifted his direction. “Go back to the forest.”


The two changed their directions and tried to enter the woods again. Since they couldn’t go back to the previous forest, they planned to hide on the other side. The grassland was pinched by two forests after all.

Still, running to the forest took time, considering how vast the grassland was. Even though there were no monsters standing in their way, it would still take them three minutes before they could catch up.

“I’m going to deal with the flying monsters,” Theo shouted. “Ava, watch my back.”

“Kyu.” Ava nodded her head and asked, “Should I transform?”

Theo paused for a moment and ultimately said, “No. There’s no need for the time being.”

“Okay.” Ava then raised her feet, preparing to shoot them down.

After that, he said, “Agata, you’re going to stop them. Can you do that?”

“If it’s only for a few minutes, yes,” Agata answered with confidence as she began releasing more pink smoke.

As soon as he got their confirmation, Theo raised his hand to the sky before an eagle appeared out of thin air.

“Huh?” The Dryad widened her eyes as she never expected to find another one. However, she was perplexed as the eagle seemed weird. “The Magic Power… It’s very similar to his.”

Before she could think, Theo had already released the eagle to the sky as it flapped its wings to fight all ten monsters that were going to attack them.


Eagle Theo released a loud cry to grab their attention before using his Magic Power Expansion to cover his talons.

He flew to the first bird that looked like a sparrow and raised his talons, preparing to attack it.

The latter also did the same, planning to defeat Theo alone.

Their aerial battle had just begun.


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