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Chapter 637 – Commotions

At the same time as the Wind Emperor started moving around, many influences decided to take advantage of the situation.

In a certain port in Russia, a group of men gathered.

“The Wind Emperor has begun his move. We’re going to report it to the main family.”

“The Griffith Family is in trouble. But wasn’t Ray Griffith Theodore Griffith’s father?”

“Don’t you know he hates the family?”


“If that’s the case, is the son trying to ruin the Griffith Family?”

“I think so. However, according to some news, his father is also doing the same to suppress the elders.”


“So their goals are aligned?”

“Yeah. What should we do now? Should we change sides or just declare our independence from the Griffith Family?”


They all started discussing their next move and this didn’t happen only in Russia. Many influences under the Griffith Family had begun their discussions as well, considering the Griffith Family couldn’t promise their usual stability in this troubled time.

Even Theo’s master, Nina Eilric, had received the news from her Eilric Family regarding this movement. They really wanted to know Nina’s opinion because Nina was closer to Theo and Ray than any of them.

Unfortunately for them, Nina didn’t care about this conflict and chose to remain silent.

Many big influences, including the Star Group, were watching this chaotic situation created by an 18 years old young man. Although they didn’t believe that he was the sole culprit of this move, they believed Theo had a fair share in creating this trouble. They were surprised that the War God Family had produced such a monster and even more shocked when they soon found out that Theo wasn’t tied by the War God Family.

After witnessing Theo’s capability, they obviously didn’t want to miss the chance to acquire someone that might become the future Leonardo. After all, Leonardo himself managed to create several big influences with his consulting alone, so it was worth it to pay a hefty price to acquire Theo when he was young.

Many news outlets all around the world began to give information about many big movements in the world. But they never mentioned a single word about Theo since they were paid to keep his identity a secret by their own backers. They did it to avoid letting many people know Theo’s existence so that they could get him for their own benefit.

And this matter didn’t stop with only those influences. It affected countries, especially those who chose not to form a friendly relationship with Theo.


“And now you have seen what he can do, and it’s now too late to do anything. I told you back then.” Cheng Han, Cheng Sui’s father, made a smug smile as he had already given up the case. His son had been asking him to convince them to take Theo in, but they didn’t accept his words.


The British Royal Family began their discussion again. The prince asked, “Is there any progress with our search?”

“We haven’t found a single person who can upgrade a person’s skill.”

“Double the personnel right now. We can’t miss this chance again.”


Shibuya Mami was sitting in front of Laust Lange. She chuckled, “Look at your friend right now… He’s the center of attention.”

“I have nothing to do with him anymore.”

“Aren’t you glad that you’re not his enemy anymore?”

“I can’t deny it. After all, with a single word from him, you all can simply throw me away.” Laust shook his head.

“That’s certainly true. You may want to pick up the pace, lest you will miss your chance to have your revenge.”

Laust fell silent, knowing that Theo might kill his father now. However, he also knew that Theo wanted to have his revenge personally, so Theo wouldn’t be using his influence to settle this matter. He sighed, “I will be going back to my training.”

“Calculating his growth, I’m afraid your father only has two years to live.”

“I will surely become a strong Supreme Rank Expert before that.” Laust nodded with a serious expression as he walked away.

While many influences and countries were discussing him, the real culprit, Theo, was sitting on his couch while taking a closer look at the news.

“Phantasm Group has separated themselves from the Tric Group and will begin their restructuring.”

“The Wiold Company has taken a multi-million deal with the Phantasm Group.”




Theo was watching the news as Agata, who was standing next to him, said, “They should be related to the Griffith Family.”

“Mhm.” Theo nodded and asked, “What are you going to do after this?”

“What do you mean?” Agata tilted her head in confusion.

“It’s obvious that they’re going to target me after this. And you, my assistant, need to put your life on the line if you want to keep following me.” Theo looked at Agata in the face. “That’s why this is the perfect time if you want to draw a line with me. After all, your own family may get destroyed because of my actions from this point on.”

This statement questioned whether Agata still wanted to pursue him. Theo showed her that chasing him would put her life on the line, so he gave her the option to give up right now.

“I… I have my own resolve. Although it’s just on the surface, my family has ‘disowned’ me. Well, we are still contacting each other like usual since it’s just a pretense. However, it means I can’t use my influence to help you anymore. If you’re still fine with me becoming your assistant, please don’t fire me.” Agata looked Theo in the eyes, showing her resolve.

“…” Theo closed his eyes for a few seconds and sighed. “You’re a fool, aren’t you?”

“If that’s what you think about me, then I shall accept it.”

“Ugh. I don’t feel like arguing with you.” Theo waved his hand and said, “Whatever. Since you take the jobs, I’m going to be responsible for you as well. I will also try to protect you with all my resources in exchange for your trust.”

“Hehe, I hope that in the future, it can grow from exchange to unconditionally.”

“…” Theo looked away as he couldn’t say anything back.

Suddenly, Leonardo’s laughter echoed in his ears.

“Hahaha. You two lovebirds are amusing as usual. Still, you brat… you should say something about this if you want to make such an interesting move. To think that you are causing this ruckus with a single picture and two sentences.” Leonardo laughed as he continued, “The empress wanted me to deliver her message to you. She said, ‘Fuck you, brat.’ Hahaha. I lost my sh*t when I heard it.”

[God of Mischief is also satisfied with your performance.]

Theo smiled upon that message but still shook his head. “Well, the effect is beyond my imagination, but I think I will do just fine.”

“Do you want a consultation from me? I will do it for two devices you possess…” Leonardo smirked.


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