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Chapter 628 – Super Team


With that shout, the group instinctively ran forward.

They slipped past numerous monsters and arrived next to the giant’s right foot, finding a group of six jumping into the air to avoid another slap.


Everyone other than Theo and Lorenzo dropped their jaws as their eyes intertwined.

“Nella Griffith!” Ana drew a gasp and understood why Theo wanted to direct them here.

Theo turned to Lorenzo, signaling him to do everything for him.

Noticing his gaze, Lorenzo misunderstood him again. He thought Theo might want to collaborate, but it was still too much for him to say anything to the Griffith Family.

Lorenzo shouted to Nella. “Oi, does your team plan to go back?”

“!!!” Nella frowned, not knowing why Theo didn’t want to talk to her.

At the same time, the other Griffith Family Members seemed to dislike Theo as they kept glaring at him.

Still, their situation wasn’t that good either. She asked, “What are the terms?”

“I will be carrying you guys with my Teleportation. In exchange, I’m going to ask you guys to help us fend off the monsters.”

“Not enough. One Poison Fruit!” Nella rejected it and added a condition.

“We can’t give you the entire fruit. The most we can give is one tube of the extracted juice.” He shook his head.

“Fine.” Nella didn’t hesitate to take the deal and pointed at the giant. “Kill this giant for me and give us the card. We will have a deal.”

“Got it.” Lorenzo agreed and asked Theo, “So, how should we deal with this?”

“I am going to rearrange the groups. We will split the group into four.” Theo raised four fingers. “I, Lorenzo, Ana, Alea, and Nella shall be fighting the giant. The Griffith Family, Russia Team, and the War God Family will take one direction each and handle the monsters coming toward us.”

Hearing that command, Ana said, “Zhilov. You’re in charge of the team. Don’t mess up, and I don’t want to hear any objections.”

Zhilov gritted his teeth. The only reason why Theo didn’t choose him must be because of the earlier problem. However, he had been pushed to the very edge and had no choice other than to accept this unless he wanted to fall off the ‘cliff.’

He snorted and moved to the left, leading the other three to block the monsters.

“Liza, I leave it to you. Ava, protect her,” said Theo gently with a bit of worry in his voice.

Agata didn’t say anything regarding his choice. She simply nodded her head and stopped, handling the monster coming in their direction.

Lorenzo also asked Felice. “Help her. Luka and Velio too.”

Felice nodded and glared at Luka and Velio as if ordering them to help or she would beat them up.

Having no choice, Luka and Velio shrugged and followed the battle plan.

On the contrary, Nella’s tone was strict and full of arrogance. “Get your asses over there. If you don’t like this plan, you’re free to do whatever you want. I just want to tell you that I’m not going to be responsible for your sorry lives anymore.”

No one dared to rebuke Nella, considering Nella had been the golden child in the Griffith Family. She even received personal teaching from Ray Griffith because of her talent. Despite the fact all of them were successors, the family seemed to have agreed that Nella would be the next family head.

Hence, they turned around and positioned themselves accordingly. Even with the unwillingness creeping inside their heart, they needed to obey her order.

Suddenly, the giant’s hand slammed the ground again, forcing Nella to leap to the side and regroup with Theo’s group.

Since Nella was obsessed with this monster, she should know how to handle him, so Lorenzo asked, “What do you know about this monster?”

“It behaves like a human and attacks us with its hands and feet. It can transform the fingers into tentacles, so be careful. Other than that, the skin is freaking hard. We can only use our speed to gain an advantage over him. Just be careful if he shoots a breath, it’s going to be a poison breath. That’s all.” Nella explained in a straightforward way.

Theo understood her explanation and ordered. “Alea, your eyes will be the key. Observe his body and try to search for his weak point. Ana, you’re going to distract the enemy and hit him hard.

“Lorenzo, you’re going with me to confuse him and attack any spots that seem to be weak spots. As for Nella, just beat the crap out of him.”

“You’re not confusing me with a barbarian, right?” Nella’s eyebrows twitched.

“Nope. I just trust your ability, or am I wrong?” Theo looked at her with a poker face as if he had already won the argument.

“Tsk.” Nella clicked her tongue and said, “Fine by me.”

They saw the hand coming again and went separate ways. Theo placed his hand on Lorenzo’s shoulder and used his Blink, sending them behind the giant’s body.

Meanwhile, Alea had already used her Swift Hind to reach the monster’s foot and struck it.

Ana saw the fingers turning into tentacles and trying to hit both her and Nella. Hence, she snapped her fingers, and snowflakes appeared in front of the tentacles.


The snowflakes burst out of ice fog, freezing the tentacles. In the end, the tentacles started retreating.

Ana didn’t let this chance go and hit the tentacles with a wave of ice snakes. The tentacles dropped to the ground, so the giant planned to retract his hand.

Unfortunately for him, his hand was already stuck with the snow because of another attack from Ana.

Since Ana managed to stop him, Nella leaped into the air with a smirk. She looked at the broad chest and punched the air in front of her.

“Fist Saint Style, Twister.”

The Magic Power flew like a drill as the pressure made a small indent to the inside, albeit it wasn’t enough to injure it.

Even then, the power was enough to make the giant body tilt to the back.

“Oh. I will be scared if I need to fight this kind of team…” Ana smirked as she looked at Theo, Lorenzo, Nella, and Alea.


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