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Chapter 626 – Failure

Looking at the six fruits, Theo pointed at himself then to the furthest fruit. He then pointed at five more people, assigning them to their target.

These five people were Alea, Zhilov, Ana, Felice, and Agata. After that, he looked at the rest and pointed at his eyes before turning them to their surroundings as if telling them to watch out for their surroundings.

They all agreed with Theo’s arrangement and moved accordingly.

As soon as Theo waved his hand twice, the group instantly picked up their pace and rushed to the tree.

When they arrived, they leaped to the trunk and used it as their foothold to move around the branches to get what they wanted.





Four people managed to grab the fruits. They were Zhilov, Ana, Felice and Agata. They all looked at Theo and Alea to complete their missions before retreating, and this would become an easy job for them.

Unfortunately, fate changed for the worse as a loud howl echoed in their ears.

“!!!” Not only the six people on the tree, but the people on the ground also heard that sound.

The sound was followed by a huge crack that appeared in the middle of the snow as Theo instantly stopped what he was doing and pointed at the northwest while glaring at them.

Without him saying anything, they all knew that they were in deep trouble and needed to run as soon as possible.

All six of them immediately jumped toward the direction Theo pointed at with their fastest speed.

Suddenly, another colossal crack appeared on the snow as a green-colored root emerged from the snow, reaching the sky.

It then slammed the snow next to them, barely missing all six people that stole the fruits.

They all just wanted to scream while running, but no one made a single comment as they all had one thought.

‘Escape without making much noise!’

Theo gulped down and kept glancing at the root behind him while shaking his head in disappointment.

A few of them saw Theo’s expression while cursing, ‘We’re in this situation, and you’re still getting disappointed for not getting the fruit?’

They all wondered what kind of heart Theo had.

Theo ignored them and caught up to Lorenzo, saying in a low voice. “Don’t use your Teleportation yet. The Poison King doesn’t seem to be fully awake yet, so we should continue this way until we reach a safe distance. Of course, we can utilize our power to kill the monsters that are coming at us.”

Lorenzo nodded with a serious expression as roars and howls began to resound in the entire area.

“We only got four of them, but it’s better than nothing. I don’t even know why there’s a sudden loud howl…” Theo clicked his tongue, looking very annoyed.

Since Theo had started talking, Ana opened her mouth. “You’re still talking about the fruits? Lives come first!”

She felt frustrated because Theo didn’t seem to panic even though their lives could end at any moment.

Before Theo could reply, a few monsters spotted them and roared, alarming the others.

“Just continue. We’re going to break through using our speed. Except for Lorenzo, no need to hold back.” Theo commanded.

Luckily, Theo’s instruction seemed to be spot on, so Ana didn’t complain anymore, knowing Theo still knew what their priority was.

Another root came out of the ground and slammed them, albeit missed them again.

The group was trembling because they knew the Poison King was about to wake up completely.

“Lorenzo. There’s no time. We shouldn’t waste any more time. Just use your Teleportation. Even if we need to force our way out later, it’s better than dying here.” Ana shouted in anger.

Lorenzo wanted to do the same, but Theo hadn’t given his permission. Hence, he decided to ignore her.

But the situation soon changed when another root came out. This time, the root moved according to their movement as if it knew their location.

In other words, this one would certainly hit them.

Since Lorenzo didn’t plan to use his Teleportation, Ana raised her staff, planning to hit the root.

Theo took the first move as he said, “Lorenzo!”

“I have been waiting for this.” Lorenzo smiled and snapped his finger. “Teleportation.”


The roots hit the snow as they had disappeared, leaving the place.

Theo and the others arrived at a random location since this wasn’t a part of their plan.

“Kh!” Theo gritted his teeth. “This is my failure.”

Theo didn’t care about his pride and admitted his mistakes. “Not only were my plans useless, but I couldn’t even get the fruit.”

“No, Theo. This wasn’t your fault. We would never think a monster would howl with that timing.” Lorenzo stopped him while looking around.

“Even after being so confident, this is the result. You can’t even get anything.” Zhilov finally got his chance to spite.

“Oi, Zhilov!” Ana gritted her teeth.

“What? I didn’t say anything wrong. He continuously attacked me with all that confidence, yet, he didn’t get anything.” Zhilov snorted. “He infuriated me.”

“That’s enough. I am not going to argue with you. All we need to do right now is to escape. None of us want to die here.” Ana stopped him in anger. The real problem was that one howl that messed up their plan after all.

While they were arguing, monsters kept coming as Alea said, “I also didn’t get one. In that case, I should bring the rear as a punishment.”

“!!!” As soon as Zhilov heard her statement, he was bewildered. If the empress knew that he was trying to put the blame on the empress’ disciple despite the fact the roar was out of their control, his family would punish him.

“No, no. I didn’t mean that.” Zhilov wanted to correct his words, but Theo stopped him and said, “I couldn’t care less about your opinion. If you still want to survive, we need to go north until we leave this place. Lorenzo will teleport us as soon as he can do it.”

“We need to act as quickly as possible so the Poison King can’t catch up with us.” Lorenzo agreed without hesitation.

Theo’s statement shifted the mood again as they had no choice other than to follow him.


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