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Chapter 616 – Unexpected Reunion

Another month passed by so quickly as Theo had gotten used to the cold with Leonardo’s help.

At the same time, he also used that chance to finally upgrade his Metamorphosis and replace his Three Great Defense.

He had one skill that stuck in his mind. He even used most of his money to get the skill from an auction. Obviously, Agata was the one who went there.

Skill: Metamorphosis (B)

Effect: Moderate Transformation. The user can transform into another creature according to the detail in the user’s head. Limit: 15 Forms.

Skill: Illusion Destruction (B)

Effect: Allow the user to turn other skills into an illusion. Power is limited.

Theo deemed these two skills would be useful in the next mission, so he had no hesitation in acquiring them.

Before leaving the mansion, Theo couldn’t help but smile when he looked at his status.

Name: Theodore Griffith

Status: Hero

Level: 362

EXP: 159,599/ 2,061,887

Blessing: God of Mischief

Skill: Blink (B), Clone (B), Illusion Construct (B), Illusion Destruction (B), Illusion Manipulation (B), Magic Augmentation (B), Magic Bullet (B), Magic Power Expansion (B), Metamorphosis (B), Telekinesis (B)

Attributes: Strength 480, Endurance 306, Agility 301, Vitality 306, Magic Power 600

Free Attribute Points: 0

He turned to Agata, who had a smile on her face, ready for the mission. “Let’s go.”


The car drove them right outside the teleportation gate, where Lorenzo, Felice, Luka, and Velio had been waiting for them.

“Oh, the stars have finally arrived.” Luka made a small grin.

Theo looked at him and shook his head. “I apologize for making you wait.”

“I was joking.” Luka raised his hands in defeat, never expecting Theo to still lower himself to apologize. At the very least, the previous win didn’t get into his head.

“Anyway, I am going to teleport us to the camp right outside the Dark Poison Swamp. We’re assuming with the rate of the snow, everything will be completely covered in a day.” Lorenzo stopped them and explained.

“Okay. Let’s go.” Theo nodded.

Since he had given the confirmation, the group entered the gate.

As soon as they registered their identities in the city, Lorenzo used his Teleportation Skill to send them to their destination.

They arrived in just a few hours as Lorenzo could teleport them every three minutes for a certain distance.

Theo immediately checked their surroundings while looking at their legs buried under the snow.

His vision was filled with trees covered in snow. Staring at them made one heart peaceful, but they couldn’t stay there for a long time.

So, Theo said, “Lorenzo. Let’s just go by foot from now on.”

“Yeah. It’s going to take fifteen minutes from here.” Lorenzo agreed while opening his Skylink to check their location. “Though, Luka can lift us all.”

“Eh?” Luka wanted to complain but still did it.

However, before they took off, they heard a female’s voice coming toward them.


Theo turned around and saw the blue-haired girl that he hadn’t seen for a while.

The girl was floating a few inches above the snow and leaped toward him as if trying to hug him.

“I miss you!”

“…” Theo closed his eyes and used his Blink to appear behind her, letting the girl dive inside the snow head first.

“Nella Griffith…” Lorenzo frowned, never expecting the Griffith Family to come here. “Why are you here? There should be no one from the Griffith Family coming to Italy.”

“Are you underestimating us?” Nella smirked before she flew to Theo. “I am here to see Theo while participating in this event.”

“I believe I have made it clear that I won’t have anything to do with the Griffith Family.” Theo was displeased by this action, so he wanted to question Nella.

“As I said, I am here just to meet you.” Nella smiled. “I am wondering if you have changed your mind.”

“Huh? I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“I’m talking about my marriage proposal…”

“Marriage—!” Luka dropped his jaw in disbelief.

“Proposal?” Lorenzo also never heard about this, so he wanted to say something, but all the words stuck in his throat.

Agata was the first to speak, albeit with a distorted face. “Theo… Is the reason you never accept me because you are into incest?”



Theo and Nella answered at the same time. Obviously, Theo said ‘no’ as he immediately clarified. “She’s the only one thinking this way. But still… To think she is declaring it in front of everyone. It’s embarrassing.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. We’re seven generations apart, so it’s okay for us to marry.”

“And I already said, I won’t have anything to do with the Griffith Family. You’re already out of consideration with just the fact you’re from that family.” Theo shook his head.

“Eh? But love can overcome anything.”

“No. It can’t overcome my rationality.”

“But still… I want to abandon my teammates here to join you guys. Do you think it’s possible?” Nella asked playfully.

“Nope. I don’t agree.” Theo shook his head.

“Eh…” She pouted, trying to make Theo change his mind. “Come on.”

“Are you trying to anger me or something?” Theo’s eyebrows twitched.

“Of course not. I already said I will always be your family.” Nella smiled.

“Not anymore.” Theo shook his head. “I don’t wish to get entangled with my past again, so piss off.”

“Okay. There’s no need to talk about the past. Let’s talk about the future.” Nella didn’t give up, but Theo already glared at Lorenzo, signaling him to teleport them away.

While shaking his head helplessly, Lorenzo snapped his fingers and sent them to another place close to the meeting point with Russia’s team.

As soon as they got away, Lorenzo made a small smirk and teased Theo. “To think you two have that kind of relationship…”

Agata looked away as if showing her disappointment.

Theo sighed and took out a small piece of paper from his pocket, tossing it to Agata. “Read this.”

“This is…” Agata read the note and was taken aback.

“I expected it, but… yeah.” Theo sighed.

“What is it?” Lorenzo wanted to take a peek, but Theo stated with a firm tone. “Only you can read it.”

Agata hurriedly crushed the note and handed it back to Theo. “Here. Sorry.”

Theo put it back inside his coat while Agata closed her eyes with a disturbed expression, recalling the note.

‘I am supposed to be controlled. Play along.’

Theo couldn’t help but make an awkward smile. “I guess… This event is going to be troublesome.”


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