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Chapter 563 – Enchanter

“Oh. This is Giordo’s famous freestyle blade and enhancement.” Sheira slammed the table, becoming excited about Giordo and Theo’s fight. “Giordo is known to be able to use all parts of his body as his weapons or create a blade in those areas, allowing him to defeat his opponent without letting them know how to deal with him.

“And Theo is experiencing this kind of confusion right now! He also has a problem with their level gaps, so will Theo be able to fight back?” Sheira shouted with eyes full of energy before turning to Leonardo. “Still, what do you think Theo will do to escape from this situation?”

“Escape?” Leonardo tilted his head in confusion. “Why should he escape?”

“Eh?” It was Sheira’s turn to be confused. She didn’t know why Leonardo asked that question when Theo was at a disadvantage. “Giordo must have reached level 400, right? Rumors said he’s even higher. And without any prior knowledge, Theo shouldn’t be able to defeat him.”

Leonardo waved his hand, stopping her and telling her that she was wrong. “No, he doesn’t need to escape from this fight. In fact, Giordo should be the one running away. Don’t you see him creating a spear out of nowhere?”

“That is a skill, right?” Sheira was stunned by Leonardo’s statement. However, the latter remained silent with his smug smile as if implying otherwise.

In that instant, Sheira realized what was going on and shuddered. “That’s not a skill, but Magic Power? Doesn’t that mean his level of Control… has reached Master Level? He’s barely 18 years old and has already achieved Master Level Control?”

Leonardo shrugged. “That’s the state he first came to this country.”

“First…” Sheira opened her mouth wide in amazement. “He has spent three months here and with the fact you’re teaching him strategy…”

“Oh, boy. I don’t feel like moving from his house since he keeps impressing me.” Leonardo chuckled.

Sheira sucked a cold breath, knowing if what Leonardo said was true, the one who might need to run away wouldn’t be Theo, but Giordo.

She turned around, looking at the screen again when Theo used his Magic Bullet to bomb the area.


The explosion launched Giordo around, giving Theo enough time to process everything.

He recalled the skills Giordo used earlier.

Skill: Sonic Enhancement (C)

Effect: Increasing an item or object’s speed by giving a boost equal to the force created from a Sonic Boom.

Skill: Blade Enhancement (B)

Effect: Sharpening or Strengthening a sharp blade and extending its range depending on the amount of Magic Power poured into the weapon.

Skill: ChannelingEnhancement (C)

Effect: Increasing an item or object’s toughness by giving a boost equal to the Magic Power.

Skill: Body Metabolism Improvement (C)

Effect: Allow the user to increase the body’s performance by increasing the metabolism.

Theo narrowed his eyes and muttered inwardly, “So, my opponent is an Enchanter. He can improve his body, weapon, and even some objects. On the other hand, his blades didn’t give me any information, so it must be…”

He took another look at Giordo’s long sleeves and pants, realizing there were some devices beneath them like his Ring of Honor and bracelet.

“He can fight me with his body, creating a chain of attacks that leave me useless. In that case…” Theo took a deep breath, formulating the plan to defeat Giordo.

He also realized that everyone in this place was much stronger than those in Thersland. They had been fighting at a different level the whole time, so it was no wonder they could dominate the Grand Gaia Competition.

However, Theo was someone who had overcome that gap and came third in the ranking. This kind of gap had disappeared in his eyes.

“Now I understand why you’re strong… I just want to ask one question. What is your rank among others?” Theo asked.

“Tsk. You’re asking something annoying!” Giordo’s voice echoed behind the smoke.

Theo hurriedly ducked down before a crescent-shaped golden light flew past the smoke, cutting it into two along with the trees behind him.

The shock wave from the light also blew the smoke away, revealing Giordo’s appearance. He was floating in the air with his foot on the side as if he kicked the smoke. And the blade beneath his shoe just proved that action even further.

“I am not going to tell you.” Giordo clicked his tongue and looked down on Theo.

“Is that so? Then I won’t use my clone to fight you.” Theo smirked as if he underestimated Giordo.

For someone as strong as him, Giordo obviously didn’t like that statement. “You just barely reached the Hero Rank and you’re talking like that to me. It seems you have that pride for becoming the MVP in the Grand Gaia. I have one piece of advice for you, never underestimate the people from the War God Family.”

As soon as he said that, he leaped toward Theo with a dagger in each hand. He swung the right one to Theo’s neck.

When it was about to hit him, Theo disappeared.

Giordo hurriedly spun his body to stab the presence behind him with his other dagger.

Theo saw this coming and kicked his hand, forcing Giordo to turn around.

However, Theo’s attack had yet to end. Magic Bullets looped around his body and attacked Giordo from the other side.

The latter had no choice other than to abandon his dagger and change it into his shield, only to find something different from the bullets. He instinctively leaped to the side and saw how the Magic Bullets curved a few times to avoid his shield.

If he didn’t escape, the bullets would have killed him.

Not liking the attacks, Giordo swayed his body backward as if he tripped. He used that momentum to send a kick from below, trying to injure Theo, but the Magic Bullets miraculously curved one more time.

“What? It can turn again… You have reached Master Level Control?” Giordo gasped and formed a shield but covered all directions other than his back because he soon saw the Magic Bullets curve another time to avoid his shield.

Luckily, with this kind of shield, it would certainly protect him and he would only end up with his back slammed to the ground. Still, he couldn’t help but say, “Motherf—”



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