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Chapter 554 – All Parties Gathered

Hearing the driver’s words, Theo gently opened the car’s door and came out. Fresh air with a cool humidity from the lake filled his lungs, brightening his expression in this hot summer.

“Ehmm…” Theo stretched his hands upward while looking around, wondering what he should do next.

As he expected, there were two people wearing a white t-shirt with the War God Family’s symbol on their right chest. The emblem was two swords crossing each other in front of a shield that had a halo.

They had been walking to his position the moment they saw the car, so they almost arrived after he saw them.

“Welcome, Sir Theodore.” The man said while lifting a blue box.

The woman next to him hurriedly opened the box and took out a white watch, a drone, and sunglasses. “These are for you. The sunglasses will transmit everything you need, like your objectives, map, or condition. It also has a tracker to make sure the drone is around you. So, when you arrive at your location, please activate the drone.

“There is an expert that will help you, so please don’t worry, the drone won’t hinder your movement or give away your location. As for the watch, it’s for something else. You will understand when the competition has started.”

Theo nodded and grabbed the sunglasses first, putting them on.

Suddenly, several screens appeared in his vision. They showed this place’s map and terrain, Theo’s current objective, the time limit, and the route he needed to get there.

“Hmm, this is convenient.” Theo narrowed his eyes. “As expected from a more developed country… The technology in Thersland can’t be compared to those in this country.”

Without waiting for them to say anything, Theo put on the watch and took the drone. “Okay. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” The man nodded while the woman smiled, “Good luck.”

Theo walked a few steps and came to a halt, checking the map.

There was a red dot with a message telling him to go there. And the tournament would start in an hour.

He knew this place would soon become the gathering place of many people, so he ran toward his destination, preventing anyone from following him.

His target location was at the slope of the hill. Although it wasn’t the best to fight, he could cool down under the tree, waiting for them to arrive.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t see what was going on because Ignazio’s place was a bit too far from his current position.

After him, Ignazio and Mara made their appearances. They put on everything as soon as possible before Ignazio pushed the wheelchairs to an open area.

“Are you sure about this, Sister?” Ignazio asked with a worried expression.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Mara waved her hand with a smile before her wheelchairs started to float. “I have mastered Telekinesis, so my mobility is good. Although it’s quite tiring to use it continuously, I don’t plan on giving my position to any other people.”

“I understand…” Ignazio sighed, knowing he couldn’t stop his sister from participating. He saw her crossing the lake with her Telekinesis.

Only after he couldn’t see her anymore did Ignazio turn around, heading to his destination.

Surprisingly, Ignazio was on the same hill as Theo, but he was slightly below and on the other side, so Theo couldn’t see him passing.

Another important figure soon arrived. He was none other than one of the top three below Supreme Rank, the bald guy.

He came with his friend, the fatty.

“Fatty, you should come to me later, okay?” The bald man smiled while wearing his sunglasses.

“Of course. Luk, I am your assistant, so obviously, I am going to help you.” The fatty nodded with confidence.

“Okay. I will trust you about it. I will be waiting for you… Lio.” Luka nodded and started running in a certain direction, going around the lake to reach his destination.

The fatty, Velio, smiled and waved his hand. “Yep. Just wait for me.”

Just like him, the last one to arrive was a man and a woman. The woman still had a cold face as nothing mattered to her.

“Come on. Smile…” The man wrapped his hand around the back of her neck and placed it on her shoulder.

“Can you stop doing this?” The woman glared at him.

“Hahaha. Fine, fine.” The man raised his hand while putting on his sunglasses. However, the moment he finished, he didn’t see his woman anywhere. “…”

He was speechless for a moment and shook his head helplessly. “She keeps trying to hide her true desire… Cute.”

After putting on everything, he finally ran toward his destination like everyone else.

In the War God Family’s mansion, Sheira was already excited to see how the competition would turn out.

“Everyone is ready for the competition. There are only five minutes left before the competition begins.” Sheira turned to Leonardo. “Do you have anything to add, Sir Leonardo?”

“Haha, the participants already know what they need to do. All I can say is that with all the people watching this competition, they need to perform well or they will become an embarrassment.” Leonardo smiled. “I have no intention of laughing at them, and I don’t care whether they disappoint me or not. I just want them to do this seriously.

“This is a battle they need to win no matter what. I hope that everyone, who watches this small competition, can pay attention to what they do. I’m sure they will be useful to you because they’re the next generation of my War God Family.”

Leonardo didn’t forget to slip in some promotions for their service, reminding them that they could commission their people to help their problems.

“Thank you for your words.” Sheira politely nodded while waving her hand to the camera. “Everyone, this is it! The biggest competition we have had in a while, the War God Family’s assessment. 24 talented people are standing in their positions, ready to showcase their abilities.

“Will they be able to become the star of this competition? Will they perform like they usually do? Let’s watch their battle!”

After saying that, Leonardo took out a red button from his pocket and pressed it while saying, “The first competition, Start!”


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