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Chapter 519 – Regret

Not hesitating anymore, Theo closed the door.

Seeing Theo’s back, he soon got overwhelmed by the emotion, remembering the scene when his parents told him the plan.

17 years ago.

“Why?!” Edward shouted and rose from the couch. He was looking at his parents, who wore the same expressions as his.

“You want me to leave Theo? I may not be a Supreme Rank Expert right now, but I should be able to reach it sooner or later! I have learned many things from Father, so I can definitely get stronger!” Edward complained out loud.

Ray closed his eyes. “I have explained the reason to you.”

“Suppressing his talent? We can simply live a normal life. Even if Father and Mother go to the Griffith Family, I can protect Theo just fine! I can assure you Theo won’t think about becoming stronger! I will provide him security!”

Although he had heard about it a few months ago, he never expected that the plan was to harm Theo.

Not only did they want to suppress Theo’s talent, but they also wanted Theo to suffer his childhood alone. At the same time, this would just invite bullies. They even forbade him to protect Theo openly, providing Theo some security in his life.

“Unfortunately, it can’t be done.” He shook his head. “In Thersland, you need to be at least 15 years old to get the license to go to the other side. Only at that time can you start getting stronger. During that time, Theo will definitely touch this area, and it won’t be long before his talent is recognized locally. Can you watch Theo 24/7?”

Edward opened his mouth, having so many complaints. Yet, not a single of them came out. “There… There must be another way to solve this problem! I can understand the plan to suppress Theo’s talent and give the information to the War God Family to take care of Theo afterward…

“I perfectly understand that with this plan, Theo can reach Supreme Rank within three to four years. But this is too much! Why? Why do you need to hurt him to protect him? Suppressing his talent doesn’t necessarily need to hurt him!”

Ray let out a sigh. “It’s to make him stay away from the family. As long as he is not someone from the Griffith Family any more and I maintain my position in the Griffith Family, there won’t be a need for another exception to accept Theo and bind him with this curse anymore.”

“Even so, there’s no need to do something like this! I can tell him the information about the Griffith Family! What? You are not going to tell me this is not proper, right? I am, in the end, an outsider from the family’s perspective. It’s not going against the rule if I research everything by myself and tell him about it!” Edward kept insisting on protecting Theo.

However, Ray continued explaining everything. “And what? In the very end, it will lead Theo to the family. Whether it’s a war or his own choice, the price he will need to pay is enormous. Not only that, this curse will bind him and his descendants.”

“That doesn’t mean anything! Theo can get stronger there and take over the family, destroying it from the inside! I have learned to know something like this from Mom!” Edward denied him.

Ray maintained his calm and said, “The moment he entered the family, Theo would lose his personality or even his emotion because he may be brainwashed by a certain elder. If the family makes another exception and invites him before adulthood, we won’t even have the power to fight them because Valerie and I haven’t reached Mythical Rank yet.

“As much as I hate to say it, we can’t fight a few top Mythical Rank Experts from the family by ourselves. Even if I become the leader of the Griffith Family, I can only become the puppets of the elders and former leader… Even if we pull the War God Family into this, the Griffith Family can simply buy enough time to solve the matter by sending the vassal families to intercept them. You don’t know the extent of the power of the Griffith Family.

“That’s why you may be underestimating them right now. On the contrary, I have seen what they are capable of. If there is a peaceful solution, I really want it. Unfortunately, this is the reality. Why can the Griffith Family stay hidden for hundreds of years? If not for their strength, connection, and background, do you think they can do it?”

Edward bit his lips. “Still… Are you going to change Theo? Theo played with me yesterday. Two days ago, he noticed my trouble and consoled me even though he had yet to understand it. Three days ago…”

Edward looked down and started crying. “Theo… Theo is a good child. Why? Why does he need to suffer? This is the child that you two have given birth to after fighting for so many years? Are you going to be this cruel to let him live like this?!”

Valerie bit her lips and closed her eyes. Her expression was filled with regret, but even after thinking about it for a few months, this was the only solution to solve it.

Ray rose from his seat and approached him. He patted his shoulder and said, “Just blame your parents. It’s fine. We deserve it. Hate us… Everything can be solved if you hate us.”

“There… There must be something…” Edward bit his lips and clenched his fists. Tears flowed uncontrollably as he remembered the first touch he received from Theo in the hospital.

“We won’t ask for your forgiveness. Just hate us… Even if you come to me in the future to kill me, I won’t even raise my hands. Just please… Please do this for us…” Ray tightly hugged him. “I’m sorry.”

Remembering that scene, Edward couldn’t help but drop to the ground. His hands barely supported him on the floor as he clutched his head. Tears started dripping as his body began to shake.

“Aaah!” Edward cried… He felt his heart was crushed by an invisible hand. He cried and shouted, “Aaahhh… Sorry! Sorry, Theo! I’m sorry… I couldn’t disobey them! I’m sorry… I couldn’t be a good brother!”


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