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Chapter 503 – Unexpected Encounter

Two weeks later.

Theo was standing next to the river.

He had been camping in this area for the past two weeks. Not only did the river cross three areas, but it also provided some sort of security, considering no dinosaurs came to the river.

They all went to drink at the other end, which was the lake.

Hence, Theo managed to stay in this place comfortably.

Of course, he hunted the dinosaurs most of the time. In short of two weeks, Theo had killed almost a thousand dinosaurs in total.

He only needed seven more levels to reach his target, making Theo fired up. However, he would never expect that his peaceful situation would be broken in an instant.

When the sun was about to set, Theo had put down all his luggage next to the river and planned to wash his body. He put down his mask and took out a few necessities.

When he was about to enter the river, Theo saw another figure emerging from the forest at a fast speed.

He had purple hair resting on his shoulders. His body was muscular and his arms contained several sword wounds. But the one that shocked Theo the most was his face.

The moment he turned around, he found his face familiar. His deep purple eyes reminded him of Laust.

As soon as their eyes intertwined, the man recognized his face. “Theodore Griffith…”

After getting involved with Laust for a long time, Theo had recognized all the Lange Family members. And the one before him was none other than the first son of the Lange Family, Ben Lange.

‘Again?!’ Theo cursed his luck for having another encounter in the river like this. However, unlike the previous time, Theo didn’t have Ava that could warn him from all this.

He, in fact, had realized Ava had helped him more than he thought.

Ava had been notifying him of any nearby humans, allowing him to avoid all of them most of the time. She also fought together with him and gave the EXP to him. Last but not least, he had a friend to talk with, making the journey not boring.

Now that Ava had left him, he had been on edge this whole time.

The moment he recognized that face, Theo used his Blink to reach his bag and ran away.

Ben Lange widened his eyes and gasped. He glanced to the forest behind him for a moment and turned around, chasing after Theo.

“What is this?” Theo gritted his teeth, cursing his bad luck. “Why did I meet him out of all the people?”

Theo remembered the information about Ben Lange. It was said he was close to the Supreme Rank, and people thought of him as the person who would make the Lange Family rise.

His fame managed to fight Laust’s fame evenly.

That was why Theo knew Ben Lange wasn’t someone he could fight at this time.

“I need to escape.” Theo took a deep breath and used his Telekinesis to fly away.

Looking at the increase of Theo’s speed, Ben’s shoes began to glow. His speed became faster as Ben continued chasing Theo.

“Wait!” Ben Lange shouted. “I want to talk to you!”

Theo glanced back and saw Ben Lange keeping up with his speed, making his heart beat rapidly.

There was no way Theo would believe Ben Lange wanted to talk to him instead of killing him, considering the damage he had done to the Lange Family.

Hence, Theo maintained his speed without even glancing at him.

Because Ava wasn’t with him, Theo didn’t know any place to hide from Ben Lange.

‘Where should I go?’ Theo gritted his teeth and looked around. ‘Fighting him is impossible. The moment I stop, he will certainly kill me. I shouldn’t talk to him either…’

Ben Lange furrowed his eyebrows. Even then, Ben certainly wanted to talk to Theo, so he shouted once more. “Oi, Theodore Griffith. Stop for a moment! I just want to talk to you!”

Theo summoned his clone and sent him back.

“Magic Bullets.”

Both of them used their Magic Bullets and released them upon Ben.

“Tsk.” Ben clicked his tongue and pulled his sword.

The wind gathered around his sword as he waved his sword downward, releasing all the wind in a fan-shaped area.

The wind clashed with the Magic Bullets and destroyed them upon impact.



The Magic Bullets exploded and dispersed all the wind.

Clone Theo made his way between them in order to stop Ben Lange.

Even Ben stopped for a second, knowing Theo could control his clone as if it was his own body.

“If you really want to talk, you can talk to me,” said Clone Theo, buying time for the real Theo to escape.

Ben didn’t know whether Theo could hear it or not, but he had a few things to say to Theo.

“First of all, I believe you can hear me through your clone…” Ben took a deep breath and hurriedly said his pieces, dispelling the confusion as soon as possible. “I want to thank you for changing Laust for the better. He has been a miserable child this whole time because of our family situation. Seeing him change and have a clear goal in his mind makes me very happy.

“That’s why I want to thank you.” Ben looked Theo in the eyes with a solemn face, showing he wasn’t lying.

Clone Theo squinted his eyes, not knowing whether this was true or not. “I didn’t help him.”

“Yeah. I know about your conflict, and I’m glad that it has been resolved. However, the Lange Family… No! My father has been investigating you this whole time.

“After getting your identity, he seems to be planning to kill you after your birthday. That’s why I want to ask you to leave Thersland before your birthday because he may kill you! He also has your address right now, biding his time in order to capture you!”

Theo raised his eyebrows, surprised by the revelation. He never met Ben this whole time, but Ben’s feelings for his brother seemed to be genuine.

However, that thought immediately shattered into pieces the moment he heard another voice coming from behind.

“Young Master Ben! Please wait for us!”

Five people ran toward Ben before recognizing Theo.

“Theodore Griffith!”

“The number one in the wanted list!”

“Young Master Ben is going to kill him!”

Hearing those words was enough for Theo to come to a conclusion.

He instantly released his killing intent and covered his hands with Cannon Blast, glaring at Ben.

“As expected, you’re going to buy time with all those bullsh*ts!” Theo shouted in anger.


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