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Chapter 501 – Dinosaur Mountain Range

The next day.

Theo finally saw the Dinosaur Mountain Range from up close. The Mountain Range covered various places from the mountains, hills, valleys, and a few plains.

It was called Dinosaur Mountain Range because the monsters or dinosaurs around the mountain became more active during the night, meaning roars from the mountain would be heard continuously.

The mountain itself didn’t even reach one thousand feet, and Theo could find several monster nests at the peak. One of them was supposed to be related to his mission, which he refused in the first place.

“No way I’m gonna steal an egg,” Theo muttered and shifted his attention to the plain next to him.

The vast plain was said to host more than a thousand dinosaurs, so it would become the perfect hunting spot for him, considering there was also a river not far from the plain. He planned to rest around there while hunting on this plain.

Without hesitation, Theo made his way to the plain, only to find a dinosaur standing in his way.

The one that stood before him was a four-foot-tall green dinosaur. The body itself was thin, allowing a swift movement through a forest area like this.

The dinosaur also wasn’t as long as he expected—Only six feet long.

Its teeth seemed to be small but sharp.

The moment their eyes intertwined, Theo knew the fight was inevitable.

“Ra!” The dinosaur let out a small roar and charged forward, nimbly moving through the obstacles like trees, ground, and roots.

On the other hand, Theo maintained his calm and raised his Skylink to check the dinosaur’s name. He also summoned his clone and asked him to take care of the dinosaur.

Name: Velociraptor

Level: 370-380

A small but quick dinosaur. Love hunting in a small group.

“Well…” Theo smiled when he saw this. “People thought dinosaurs had gone to extinction due to the meteor, but later they thought they had been staying in this place. This also proves the connection between Earth and this world. Either way, they are my sources of EXP, so I don’t need to hold back.”

Theo raised his vision, staring at his clone that stopped the Velociraptor’s charge.

He raised his spear and used his Flowmotion to go through the woods before emerging next to them.

“Cannon—” When Theo was about to hit the dinosaur, he sensed two more presences coming from behind.

Theo clicked his tongue and ducked down, finding two long necks that almost bit his shoulders.

After that, Theo waved his spear from the side, knocking them by hitting their leg.

The dinosaur seemed to have some pride as they quickly roared and leaped back to the ground.

At the same time, the two opened their mouths. On the left side, green-colored light filled his mouth. On the right dinosaur, Theo found blue light.

Theo instinctively used his Blink to avoid it again.

Without any obstacle, the two released a roar to their own friend.

The green light turned into a small horizontal tornado, while the blue light was water that gradually froze upon getting exposed to the air.

The dinosaur that fought his clone covered his body with lightning and hit both of their attacks with his tail, repelling them off.

“Roar!” It also sent a threat to them as if asking them to stay away.

“Well…” Theo narrowed his eyes. “A dinosaur that can use elements. Great.”

Theo sighed, knowing the battle would become harder from this point on. However, there was one thing that made him happy.

“Magic Bullet.”

I wenty Magic Bullets flew past the trees and hit the dinosaur on the right.




The Magic Bullets exploded, and the force blew the dinosaur away, hitting the other one.



The dinosaur screamed in confusion. The left one blamed the right dinosaur for not having a distance, while the right one pointed at Theo, who was the culprit.

“Yeah. This is it… I love my Magic Bullets. It’s literally my main offensive ability.” Theo smiled, “I won’t be hindered by firepower anymore like when I hunted those ants.”

Theo hurriedly charged toward the fallen dinosaurs before his clone noticed some movements from the one before him.

The dinosaur turned his head to the left while opening his mouth.

It turned out the dinosaur wanted to help its friend by stopping Theo.

Clone Theo quickly pulled his spear back as the dinosaur became closer to him. After that, Theo raised his foot and hit the dinosaur’s bottom jaw with his knee, closing the mouth.

“!!!” The dinosaur was speechless and surprised at the same time, glaring at Theo, who interrupted him.

“You don’t like it?” Theo smiled and summoned Magic Bullets.

This time, he showed the dinosaur he could hurt his friends too.

The dinosaur gritted his teeth and waved his tail, smacking all the Magic Bullets that were targeting his friends.

“Wow.” Theo was indeed surprised to see that level of intelligence from the dinosaur, but he couldn’t stop.

The real Theo had arrived before the dinosaur and struck them with his spear.

The dinosaur seemed to have extraordinary skin because it managed to repel his spear with its hands, not claws.

The spear was hit from the side and missed its target.

After that, the dinosaur leaped to him and tried to beat his neck.

Theo sneakily moved his other hand and struck the dinosaur’s body with his Cannon Blast.

The Cannon Blast dispersed and launched the dinosaur away with a few wounds on its body due to the energy ripping the skin apart.

The other dinosaur didn’t take this attack kindly and moved to the side, trying to bite Theo’s leg.

Theo used his Blink to appear on top of the dinosaur, thrusting his spear.

Surprisingly, the dinosaur found him again, and ice spikes emerged from his skin, covering his back.

Theo’s strike ended up hitting those spikes, and its power was distributed evenly.

After that, the ice dinosaur whacked his tail like that of a whip, hitting Theo from the right.

The latter managed to stop it with his shield, but the force pushed him several feet back.

Theo landed on the ground perfectly, but the two dinosaurs also had regrouped and charged at him together.


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