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God of Tricksters – Chapter 481: Warning Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 481 – Warning

“Well, you can say it’s true. However, I need to warn you that he is a shapeshifter.”

Hearing Nikita’s words, Maya fell silent, knowing the danger of a shapeshifter.

“He can turn into a tiger, an eagle, and a fish. This is a perfect skill to ambush people, giving him an extraordinary advantage as an assassin. After all, he could use his skills while doing so.”

“I know. The moment he loses it, I am afraid it’s going to be dangerous. That’s why I am planning to go back to the country to discuss it. If we acquire him, we will gain enough benefits. We just need to make him comfortable there.” Maya nodded in agreement…

“How do you make him comfortable? Money? I don’t think he’s that greedy. He wants money but won’t take too much risk. Woman? Do you remember what happened between him and the world’s most beautiful woman, Agata?”

“Well, how about we create a home for him? We just need to make sure he feels at home.”

“You need to seriously consider the Griffith Family then.” Nikita shook her head. She had no idea how to make sure Theo stayed in their country.

“Let’s talk about it after we return. I’m sure if a few people think about this matter, we can come up with something. Besides, there is a time for the contract. We need to consider it thoroughly.” Maya sighed. “Besides, it’s not like we can kill him…”

“We can. As long as you send me, I will definitely kill—” Nikita stopped for a moment and raised her vision, looking through the ceiling. She seemed to sense someone on the roof.



Someone suddenly knocked on the door, alarming them.

“Who are you?” Nikita quickly made her way in front of Maya while raising her guard. She felt tremendous pressure coming from the outside.

A woman’s voice resounded through the door, warning them. “I am here to warn you. If you want to kill my disciple, I will erase you right here and now, even if you are the Young Miss of the Star Group or the leader of the Starry Group.”

“Your disciple?” Maya frowned and remembered another rule. “The Griffith Family’s Master Competition. You’re the master who won that competition as Theo’s master?”

“It seems the Young Miss knows about the competition. I’m just warning you to avoid an unnecessary fight.”

Maya sucked a cold breath and looked around, wondering if Theo’s master had checked their room or not.

After realizing she hadn’t done anything, Maya reassured Theo’s master. “Don’t worry. I prioritize his life as well. I’m sure you also know that we will face a troublesome situation if Theo becomes a bad guy…”

There was no answer as Maya continued, “I apologize for my subordinate’s thoughtless remarks. And I can promise you that we won’t harm him.”

“I hope so. I don’t care whether he will become those who walk in the light or control the situation in the dark. As long as he is alive, it’s good enough for me.”

“I understand. I shall be careful from now on.”

“Okay then. Just remember, no one can touch him as long as he stays in Thersland.”

“Thank you for the warning.” Maya nodded. Her heart beats rapidly, not knowing the other party’s existence. She only knew the one behind the door was a Mythical Rank Expert as it was the basic requirement for the Griffith Family’s Master Competition. In addition, Nikita seemed to feel the power that might be equal, if not stronger than her.

She knew it wasn’t the best choice to fight his master in this situation, so Maya quickly de-escalated the situation.

After getting the answer she wanted, the presence behind the door disappeared and Maya finally fell on her butt, sweating.

“Niki, be careful of what you say.” Maya took a deep breath, trying to calm her heart down.

“I apologize.” Niki gritted her teeth and bowed to Maya.

“Either way, there is a chance he can escape, especially since his master is around. On top of that, his brain is on a different level, so I don’t think it’s wise to go with that plan. If he grows up while hating us, we will face a catastrophe, understand?”

“Yes.” Nikita took a step back and nodded.

“Anyway, I will give my report to my grandfather. You should also do the same.” Maya waved her hand.

“Understood.” Nikita turned around and went to another room.

Meanwhile, Maya laid down on the carpet while staring at the ceiling.

“The Griffith Family… They truly have cruel rules and traditions. Still, it’s not easy to fight them, even for my Starry Group. I really need Grandpa to step in…” Maya raised her hand and called her grandfather.

Suddenly, a white-haired old man appeared on the screen. He had a stern face and said with a strict tone. “Do you need anything from me? Have you given up and decided to go to another matchmaking session seriously?”

“No, no. I am just asking you to prepare a large sum of money later.”

“For what?”

“Theodore Griffith.”

“…” The old man fell silent and thought for a moment. After a moment, he asked, “Is he that strong?”

“His current self is already strong enough. I will be equal to him if I have all my toys… Or that’s what I think. Hence, I want to call off our bet.”

“So, you lose this bet?”

“Of course not. I’m just calling it off. I just want you to know that it’s a high-risk, high-return investment. However, if you don’t invest in him, we won’t know about the future.”

“So, he is stronger than you. I understand; I will make some preparations.” The old man nodded a few times as if he understood something.

“What do you mean he’s stronger than me? No!”

“You always say you are stronger than others. Since you just said you will be equal to him, then it must mean he is stronger than you.”

“What do you take me for…” Maya shook her head helplessly.

“A proud girl… Maybe too proud.”

“Fine, I don’t care. I won’t meet anyone in the next three months.” Maya pouted and ended the call.


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