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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1764: A Devil in Human Clothing Bahasa Indonesia

Thirty minutes later.

South Dakota.

“We need backup! We don’t have the ability to fight them.”

“What do you mean?”

“We don’t need any normal personnel. What we need is the Transcendent Level Experts of this base.”

“What? Why do you need all of them?”

“The enemies this time are the three Transcendent Level Experts under Theodore Griffith. Do you expect us to fight them with this personnel? We also need to bring three experts so the rest can apprehend the others and stop those weapons.”

As soon as he heard that report, he immediately turned on the emergency line and spoke, “We need the authorization to mobilize the three Transcendent Level Experts as we’re fighting three experts under Theodore Griffith.”

The one who received the call was stupefied because their mobilization required the president’s authorization.

But they had heard about the situation. It was clear that Theo had broken the laws of possessing a weapon of this level. It was clearly threatening the stability of the base.

Before, they couldn’t really act because Theo hadn’t broken any laws. But since he had given them this opportunity, he instantly informed the president.

It didn’t take that long for the president to hear the report and he immediately authorized the mobilization.

“Finally, we have the chance to crush him.” The president smirked and said, “Since those three are there, we will also mobilize the Time God… no, we should capture his fiancee instead of those three. This way, we can make him obey our commands.”

The president immediately ordered them to move, not caring whether Theo fought for them or not.

Since the opportunity had arrived, he would take advantage of it. As long as he got Theo under his command, there was nothing to fear anymore.

The stability of the base would also be guaranteed since Theo had no choice but to obey them if he wanted his fiancee to be safe.

Coincidentally, the World Tree seemed to make a different move as well.

All of a sudden, the World Tree emanated green light from all over its body. The green light gradually gathered in front of the tree, forming a humanoid body.

Although it was a body, it only resembled a human. Other than the structure, everything was green.

Theo frowned because this was the first time the World Tree showed something like this.

Surprisingly, the green figure spoke to him. “Theodore Griffith. I have heard a lot about you. You are one of the humans I can respect. However, do you think you’re capable of stopping me?”

Theo smiled. “I told you earlier that you’re going to die here. Why do you even bother asking whether I’m enough to stop you or not?”

“You’re crazy, Theodore Griffith. No one dares to say they can kill an Authority Level Figure easily. You and I know that we have our own trump cards to keep us alive. You might be able to kill that shark before, but it’s because you’re fighting it together with your clone.

“This time, you haven’t even unleashed your clones.” The World Tree snorted as if thinking he had gained the advantage.

“Hoh? Bold of you to assume I’m the real one.” Theo smirked.

“Haha, you don’t need to play such a joke with me. I know you’re the real one. Whether you believe it or not, it’s up to you.”

“If you think that way, then it’s fine. Just make sure you don’t say you’re tricked by that person later.” Theo smirked. “After all, who knows if I have fooled someone or not.”

The World Tree fell silent for a moment before shouting, “In any case, you’re the one who will lose this battle.”

“We will see.”

“It’s fine to have such confidence, but I know that you don’t have any Kings or Queens helping you in this battle. I might have some trouble gathering all my kin, but even I have a single King under me. And he will be the one to end this battle… Blame your people for telling me all your Kings and Queens are standing by there! And they will be occupied with three Other Kings from your place.

“Hahaha, humanity is so foolish. When you’re here fighting me to save humanity, all those people are trying to backstab you by capturing all your people. I pity you, Theodore Griffith.

“If you were born in another race, you would be an excellent saint that would lead your people to prosperity. Unfortunately, you were born into the most foolish race. I’m not talking about their intelligence or awareness. I’m talking about their greed and heart.”

Theo wanted to say something, but he suddenly heard another explosion from the side. This time, it didn’t come from the bullets. Instead, it came from another tree on the ground that was releasing a purple-colored Magic Power. It was clear that this was the King Class Monster the World Tree was talking about.

“See?! With this, no one will be able to stop us! Even if you’re confident in taking me on, you will still need a lot of time to do that. By the time you’ve finished, all your people will have died as well!” The World Tree smirked.

Like the World Tree said, the people in South Dakota also had gathered their strength. Two of the Transcendent Level Experts from the base had gathered. Even though the Great Magician didn’t want to do it, Theo had clearly broken the laws, so he had no choice but to do this.

“Good. We now have two of them here. We only need one more and we can capture all of them!”

The people were happy since they finally had some strength to fight back.


Both the tree and those people had forgotten one thing. Humanity, foolish? Theo knew about it more than anyone else in this world. That was even the reason why the God of Mischief chose him in the first place.

That was why one of the people from the CIA came and shouted, “This is not good! We can’t contact the King of Fighters. He is also not in his residence!”


While the people were confused by the sudden disappearance of the King of Fighters, the latter actually appeared on Theo’s battlefield.

“Echo Fist!” With his roar, he punched forward, causing huge destruction that ultimately blew away the King Class Monster from their side.

“!!!” The World Tree trembled and saw the King of Fighters on Theo’s side. “What?!”

“It seems that you misunderstand something. I know how foolish humanity is more than anyone else. And I don’t consider their weakness as my weakness. And why does a being like you believe in their foolishness?

“A famous person once said, you need to fool your ally to fool your enemy. But since my ally is already a fool, I don’t need to fool them anymore since my enemy is already fooled by their foolishness.”

A huge grin appeared on Theo’s face. The World Tree trembled when he heard Theo’s words. Theo knew humans were fools, so he took advantage of their foolishness to fool him and all the spies inside the base.

To use the weakness of his kin to outsmart his opponent, the World Tree gasped, looking at Theo as if he was a devil in human clothing.


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