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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1757: Plants Bahasa Indonesia

“!!!” The moment they heard the confirmation, all of them stood up and hurriedly rushed outside.

Theo used his Telekinesis to lift them up in the air so that they could get a good view from above.

Although they hadn’t seen anything yet, Isaac had alarmed them.

“Not good! I can see a few lines of Magic Power extending underground!” Isaac shouted.

“How many are they?” asked Theo while taking out his weapon.

“There are seven lines, each containing the Magic Power of a Mythical Rank Monster!”

“!!!” All of them widened their eyes in shock, wondering if they had heard it correctly.

Theo immediately gave the command. “I need all of you to go back to your—”

Before Theo finished his words, Eleanor shouted, “Not good. They’re coming! Six… ten… no, 20 of our men have been killed!”


Not long before Eleanor informed them, the soldiers from Haivan’s army were patrolling the area.

“Is there truly any monster coming here?”

“It’s said to be planted. But they’re just normal trees, right? If they’re monsters, they have attacked us this whole time.”

The soldiers had a light-hearted conversation as if looking down on the plant monsters. They were in a group of five, so they had enough people to react to any kind of threat.

But they weren’t Supreme Rank Experts, let alone Mythical Rank Experts.

The roots of Mythical Rank Monsters moved underground so fast that these people didn’t have enough to react when they sensed the fluctuation of the Magic Power.

“This is…”


Before they tried to alarm the group, multiple roots emerged from the ground, piercing their bodies and heads.

All of them died.

Only the mice Eleanor spread managed to survive. In fact, the only reason why it survived was because the trees didn’t consider them as humans. The one mouse that died earlier was pure coincidence.

There are going to be more and more casualties at this rate!” Eleanor shouted while looking into the distance.

Before Theo said anything, he pointed forward. “Look.”

All of them turned around and saw a few shadows in the distance. The shadow formed the shape of a tree, so there was no need to confirm it anymore.

“They’re coming. I don’t know how many monsters are coming right now, but I want all of you to fight according to the plan.”

“Understood.” All commanders, including Kayla, received the order with resolute faces. There was no need to speculate anymore since the enemies had appeared.

“Eleanor. Retract all your mice right now since it won’t be wise to alarm them. Also, can you inform the Mafia Queen to get ready?”

“Yes.” Eleanor immediately went back to the ground so that she could send a mouse to inform the Mafia Queen, who hid in a secret location.

“Jeff, you are to predict their movement with your knowledge about plants. Isaac, you do what you need to do. As for Ergene, make sure they’re safe, OK?”

Jeff paused for a moment and asked, “Do you think I should make some simulation to trap those plants by creating fake paths?”

Theo smiled. “That’s even better. But the enemy believes they have ambushed us, so make sure to do it secretly.”

Isaac snapped his fingers as if he got excited by this new enemy. “Hehe, I can research plants. Now that I think about it, can’t you increase the number of your Attribute Points by absorbing the herbs? Since herbs are plants, can’t we make something that increases our strength?

“That’s right. The herbs contain a lot of Magic Power, while cooking meat will disperse the Magic Power… I don’t know if this is possible, but if I think about those plant monsters… I think it’s possible for us to increase our strength by combining both the beast and the plant.

“Ah, this is good research.” Isaac smirked, seeing all the possibilities.

Theo smiled, feeling blessed by good subordinates. Though, he believed this research could only benefit him, who still had access to the system. Even so, this was different from Theo’s way of using an artificial artifact to boost his power, so it also meant he could bypass the system if Isaac succeeded in this research.

“Do what you need to do. I’ll be looking forward to the result.” Theo nodded and sent them back to the ground.

After that, he looked into the distance with a serious expression, knowing the plants were coming.

More and more plants became visible from a distance. Some trees were only a few feet high, while some trees reached as high as fifty feet.

However, their opponents this time weren’t only trees. On top of those trees, there were vines, flowers, and even grasses.

“Are you serious?” Theo gritted his teeth, not knowing what to say about the incoming monsters.

Unlike the beasts, they seemed to have the ability to work with each other. It was proven by how they carried some smaller plants on top of their bodies so that they didn’t get killed by the bigger ones.

“Don’t tell me… The ones attacking us this time are at least Rare Class Monsters?” Theo frowned. “Starting from Rare Class, the intelligence of the monster is opened, allowing them to coordinate with each other.

“If that’s the case, I’m afraid the monsters coming this time are at least Rare Class Monsters.

“Ah, the Normal Class Monsters might not be able to move yet. They can only cultivate by photosynthesis or anything… When they reach Rare Class, they can do something like this.

“If that’s the case, the battle will become even more atrocious because the enemies this time are similar to a group of elites.” Theo’s expression became serious. “If the World Class Monster comes… judging how hard the trees move around, I think there will only be one King Class Monster among them. But I’m sure there are at least a hundred General Class Monsters. I might have underestimated the plants.”

The moment Theo came to the realization, he hurriedly moved toward the enemies as if trying to stop them by himself.


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