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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1749: Craze Bahasa Indonesia

“Hmm? He is the one commanding the army?” An old man frowned while glancing at a young soldier who sent the message.

“Yes, Sir. There is no confirmation yet, but he has sent an offer to help.” The soldier confirmed it.

“So, the battle will require at least fifty thousand people and there will be five commanders who handle ten thousand people each?”

“Yes. As the letter said.”

The old man frowned. “I’ve just retired after the last battle. And now they’re inviting me back…”

The soldier looked down, having no words to say. On the one hand, he was ashamed that he had to ask a veteran like him to come back to the battlefield. On the other hand, he was only following his task.

Surprisingly, the old man smirked and said, “Fine. I will agree to this arrangement if the famous Theodore Griffith is the one commanding the army. This is the first time I can see how talented that young man is.

“Besides, having this battle as my last battle will surely be a blast. I won’t have any regret retiring after that.” The old man thought for a moment. “Then, tell them to revoke my retirement for a bit.”

“!!!” The soldier raised his eyebrows and saluted. “Yes, Sir… Lieutenant General Haivan.”

All the soldiers sent by the headquarters also received a similar response from the veterans who would act as the five commanders.

They all wanted to see what kind of battle Theo would show them if they agreed to this battle plan.

Although they weren’t famous worldwide, these five had a big reputation in the military.

So, when the soldiers heard they gathered once again to fight one last battle, the soldiers were shocked and wondered the reason.

Unfortunately, they didn’t know about Theo’s participation, or they would become crazy. But they were sure about one thing. The five generals were chosen as the Supreme Commander, so there would be an even bigger person that would lead the army.

Fighting in such an army would surely provide a lot of things like connection and experience.

So, they were trying to find a way to participate in the battle. A lot of soldiers even requested them to open more slots for the soldiers.

The preparation was going crazy.

However, there was another thing that made people go insane.

It was the opening of Theo’s upgrading skill session. This was the event they had been waiting for, more than the event that gathered all experts from all corners.

They all wanted to upgrade their skills to strengthen themselves, but as expected, there were many recommendation letters that had spread among them.

The first day was dedicated to the ones who had received their recommendation.

And as one would expect, the first one to arrive was the most enthusiastic person among the people who received the recommendation letters. The one who had chosen him when the others didn’t dare to do it, Grace.

Theo and Grace were sitting in front of each other.

“It seems you have been camping outside since two days ago…” Theo said, not knowing what to say about this girl.

“I’m your fan, Sir!” Grace admitted without hesitation.

“Hoh? You’re a fan of mine? If the Great Magician heard it, he might cry, you know.” Theo shook his head helplessly.

“You don’t have to worry, Sir. I’ve told my father about it and he told me I have great taste.” Grace smirked.

Theo ignored that remark and glanced to the side, reading the information about her. “Also, from the information… I saw a lot of praise for you. It seems that you’re a bit special.”

“No, no. I was just following my rational thinking and got lucky with my decision.” Grace shook her head. “I also heard that Sir Theo was raising an army to fend off the monsters. Is there any chance for me to join your battle?”

Theo shook his head as soon as he heard her questions. “Sorry, but I’m not planning to bring anyone outside the army.”

After a while, the president realized the reason why Theo only wanted the military to get involved.

There was a conflict between them previously because of an unknown military guy and Ary. So, Theo gave this opportunity to them to mend their relationship.

He knew that the President would ask Theo to forget about that incident and allow the military to participate in his session as well.

Of course, Theo informed Rea to agree to it as she handled the rest of the negotiation.

Ultimately, they had agreed that in exchange for agreeing to his request, the military got a quota of ten thousand men, which was a significant number, especially after what happened between them.

This was the reason why Theo demanded five generals from them. With five different armies, they could choose two thousand people each to get their skills upgraded.

What made the soldiers go crazy was that Theo would be upgrading the skill twice, increasing their skill ranks by two ranks.

The rest of the soldiers had the opportunity to upgrade their skills as well, but the treatment was far worse and more challenging. So, all of them wanted to be one of the ten thousand people.

In that instant, there were a lot of soldiers who wanted to join the battle, believing they had the power to get those opportunities.

Of course, there were people questioning Theo’s motive, considering he could upgrade those people’s skills first since it would make the casualty less.

However, most of the rumors were blocked by the fact that he upgraded their skill twice. The treatment was different, so the requirement was also different. They had to fight for opportunities.

Even if they slapped Theo with “for the people,” Maya’s statement of how Theo was treated by humans made many of them ashamed.

Luckily, there was no incident when Theo upgraded his people skills. Ergene was acting as his bodyguard, but she was simply protecting the normal people from Theo, not the other way around.

She stopped anyone that dared to overstep their bounds. And thus, the session lasted for a total of ten days before Theo completely disappeared from the base.


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