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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1742: Choice Bahasa Indonesia

A few days ago.

Ever since the test started, there were multiple monsters in human clothing that tried to escape from this facility. They sometimes formed a small group or worked alone.

“Capture him!”


Theo looked down at the ground, watching how a few people were restraining a guy on the ground.

“It seems they have captured another one.”

Theo muttered as he continued watching the monsters trying again. They never succeeded because the guards were too strong.

However, Theo actually noticed something from them.

“Hmm… Why are they running in the same direction every single time?” Theo frowned, looking at the horizon. “It seems that the laboratory is that way. Even if it’s not, there must be a second group that is working in the second laboratory that way.”

From that point onward, Theo just continued observing their movement. After he was so sure that the monsters were running in the same direction, he finally began to execute his plan, which was to find the monsters’ hideout.

Theo used his ability to escape from all these people together at the time another group tried to escape.

He copied their appearance and continued in that direction while spreading his Awareness, trying to find out a secret base or a certain group.

And as expected, he could find them. Tricking them into going back into the laboratory was nothing but a simple matter to him. He didn’t even have to try hard, and they ended up leading him there.

As soon as they reached the laboratory, Theo immediately scanned the entire room, trying to figure out the basic information such as its size and if there were other people who managed to stay alive.

Unfortunately, there was no one who stayed alive after this brutal attack.

Of course, there was no way Theo would reveal everything the moment he got to the laboratory.

Instead of crushing these monsters, Theo, who disguised as one of them, asked, “What’s happening here? Have you destroyed everything?”

“Of course, we have destroyed everything. Those humans can do something miraculous with this technology, so we have to destroy it so that they won’t be able to gain our information.”

Theo thought for a moment, trying to understand how the monsters were talking to each other.

After getting that confirmation, Theo fell silent, following them to do whatever they wanted in order to get some information.

“So, how long are we going to stay here?” One of them asked.

“We don’t know about that yet. But what’s the situation over there?”

“They’re conducting a test to determine whether they’re humans or not. The test will be held for another few days and the quarantine will last for another week after that.” Theo explained.

“This is not good. It’s too long. By the time they have finished, I’m afraid we won’t be able to come out anymore because they will be searching for us.”

“Then, what should we do?”

They were frowning, trying to figure out the best option they could take in this situation.

“What if we try to escape when they begin to transition from the test to quarantine?” Theo suggested.

“Huh? Why do we have to move on that day? Do you know something?”

“I don’t know much, but I have been observing them. When they’re trying to conduct the test, there are so many people busy preparing their equipment. That should be the same case when they’re leaving…

“So, we’ll try to make haste when they’re busy. I believe this is our best shot.” Theo explained his plan, obviously not planning to escape for real.

However, the others seemed to trust his opinion, considering Theo was the only one who had seen what was happening on the site. It was clear that his opinion mattered a lot. So, they were considering their options clearly.

After a back-and-forth argument, the team decided to follow Theo’s plan.

“Alright. There were a few arguments before, but it seemed the best way to escape was to utilize their busy schedule to sneak out.”

Although not all of them agreed, the majority decided to use this option.

Of course, some of them chose not to go and stay here for a while longer because they were scared of Theo’s movement.

They didn’t realize the person in question was actually among them.

Theo had two options in this place. First, he could help them in getting away and sneak into their nest. Or he could kill them here to gather the information they left in this place.

Of course, Theo could send his clone to their nest to lower the possibility of him being killed in that nest, but Theo also considered the safest option.

If Theo used his clone, the clone wouldn’t be able to join him in a battle against what was going to come.

“…” Theo contemplated it seriously, considering he had to fight against a Saint without his clone. He still had no confidence in beating a World Class Monster by himself since the clone was the greatest skill he had.

This might be the hardest decision Theo had. On the one hand, if the clone completed its mission, the future battle would be easier. On the other hand, if he had to recall the clone, he would have to face a big problem.

After some discussion, they split up to get their own room to live in for the next few days. Theo entered a random room that seemed to be the control center.

“…” Theo furrowed his eyebrows because he thought of something.

‘This is quite dangerous, but if I do this right, I might be able to deal a significant blow to the enemy.’

Theo used a few hours to reconsider his decision. But no matter how hard he tried, the result was telling him he had to send out his clone.

‘It seems I have to challenge a World Class Monster without a clone. I also can’t level up anymore…’

Theo let out a long sigh but still sent his clone out instead of his real body. He was simply staying there for a while before sneaking out.


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