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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1735: Proof Bahasa Indonesia

“This is…” The people were shocked when the doctor opened the kid’s body. There wasn’t a single bone or organ inside. There was only red liquid like blood, but it didn’t seem to be blood.

But to their surprise, when they checked the red liquid, it was concluded to be blood. Even the machine said the same thing. And the worst part was the fact that this was a human’s blood, except for the fact that it shouldn’t have belonged to the same person.

“What? The DNA in their blood and their skin cells are different?”

“Then, no human interior features and blood belong to a different body… With all these facts, they are truly monsters.”

“In that case, what kind of monster are they?”

The people were confused. They had just experienced a huge war and now they had to take care of the infiltration.

“How many monsters have entered this base?”

“Not good. We have to lock up the entire facility. We need to make sure those monsters can’t spread even more.”

“Then, we have to—” Before they could discuss what happened, the human kid who was being inspected suddenly released a wave of Magic Power.

“!!!” The King of Fighters was the first to react as he smashed the glasses, trying to save the doctors as well as capture this monster.

Suddenly, a red-colored creature came out of the stomach. It looked like slime, but the red creature gradually formed that of a spider as if it was trying to imitate the real spider.

“A slime? A mimicry?” The King of Fighters frowned.

“This is…”

“It’s dangerous.”

“What’s that monster?”

“We don’t have any data about it.”

“Is that a normal slime? But the Skylink can’t detect any name… Does that mean it hasn’t been discovered yet?”

“This is not good. Don’t tell me, this monster comes from a deeper region that we haven’t explored yet?”

“We, humans, have only explored around ten to twenty percent of the other world. But before we can even explore everything, it has crumbled.”

“Then, this monster is an unidentified monster…”

The King of Fighters didn’t exterminate the monster immediately. Instead, he observed the monster and tried to figure out the monster’s characteristics to capture it.

However, he forgot about something.


Suddenly, a huge explosion occurred in the stand, alarming everyone.

“!!!” They widened their eyes and turned their heads around, finding Theo planting Azka’s head on the ground.

It was clear that Azka was supposed to be near the glasses so that he could witness everything. But it turned out he was using the moment of distraction to escape.

All the bodyguards of those important leaders had raised their guards as if they were planning to fight. But seeing how Theo managed to suppress Azka, they thought it wasn’t necessary anymore.

“Why is he running away?”

“Isn’t it obvious why? Everything has been revealed, so there’s no other way other than escape.”

“But doesn’t that prove they are monsters?”

“I think that’s not all. It also proves that the Vice President is in this.”

“So, the monsters and the Vice President are mingling with each other?”

“Isn’t this like Theodore Griffith’s case? He once brought an army of monsters to help the union.”

“You fool. They are two different cases. Theodore Griffith once brought an army of monsters to help the union from the outside. The monsters never entered the city. Meanwhile, the Vice President was trying to smuggle them in and when that happened, no one knew what would happen to this base.”


The people began to think carefully while glancing at the Vice President, who turned out to be the culprit.

It was at this time the King of Fighters’ voice echoed in their ears.

“My speculation is that the Vice President is using this event to smuggle them in. With so many experts from all influences participating in this event, it will be easy for them to become your agents. When this event is over, the monsters will become a part of our society. And at that time, we can only prepare for the worst case scenario.”


They shuddered in fear. If what he said was true, the monsters would get a huge opportunity, considering they could gain a lot of information from various organizations.


“So, without the King of Fighters, their plan would succeed and we would have to suffer a massive hit… Why do I feel like the monsters are learning?”

“They can’t be considered monsters anymore.”

Suddenly, Maya stood up and said, “May I get everyone’s attention.”

The people turned around, staring at Maya, who seemed to have critical information.

“This is the information from Theo himself after observing a lot of monsters from all over the world. He has met more World Class Monsters than anyone in the world right now. You might only know two, but it’s definitely more than that.

“He has found out that the monsters can’t be called monsters anymore. Instead, we should call them an intelligent race, like us, humans.

“I know that your ego doesn’t allow you to consider them like that, but I’m merely speaking of facts.

“It’s true that most monsters are still acting with their instinct. But if we’re talking about General Class Monsters or above, they’re capable enough to create a concrete plan, especially King Class and World Class Monsters.

“After fighting many King Class and World Class Monsters, Theo noticed that they could create a plan to trap you in, especially in their territory. And now, they’re trying to invade our territory.

“So, we can kind of understand why they’re sending spies like this. Though, after relaying the information to him about this matter, he is giving me two statements.

“The first one says, ‘The enemy this time has evolved even more than your average monsters. The fact that they’re sending spies among us means each monster has the ability of a General Class Monster. And if they’re mixing some low level monsters, it’s clear that they’re not General Class Monsters anymore. Instead, it’s probably an evolved monster.

“And the second one…”


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